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tulle skirt, trench coat & Gucci Loafer

31. August 2016


ENG: When Sandra and Benni has visited us 1.5 weeks ago in Hamburg, we have shot this look. At the moment I am a huge fan of tull skirts, especially with regard to this object I am so in love with the color and small details. Furthermore I am wearing a simple and stripped oversized shirt as well as my favored trench coat being available in sale at present. The correct fit, color and material are great, therefore I can highly recommend this trench coat. :-)
In order to give this look the suited „Aylin style“, I have decided for my beloved Gucci Princetown loafer and I am so happy, that I have ordered the black version in the end because it harmonizes always so well with different kinds of looks. The small Gucci Dionysus bag is the perfect matching colorful rounding from my point of view.

Do you like the combination?

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Coliac shoes – Streetstyle Hamburg

21. Juli 2016

Sometimes a rather simple outfit can be the right choice, when matching accessories provide the eye-catcher. In this case I am talking about my new pearl shoes from Coliacwhich ensure lots of conversation topics at almost every event. Probably I have never got so much positive feedback on a single pair of shoes so far but I have to admit, that I am also totally in love with them.

Today I am combining these shoes with an easy jeans having a fringed hem as well as a simple off shoulder dress being draped to a knot below. My Chloé Faye bag and the new, purple mirrored Ray-Ban sunglasses complement the simple look perfect from my point of view.

Do you like the look and the conspicuous shoes ?

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army jacket & rainbow shoes

13. Juli 2016


ENG: As I was walking through the inner city of Hamburg in the beginning of this week, I have suddenly detected this beautiful army jacket. I am obsessed with the color combination, the oversized cut as well as the embroidered 3d patches on the jacket. The situation is similar with this dress, when I am including a product in my heart, I am frequently a recidivist and wear the product more than one time very soon, what can also be reflected on the blog… sorry for that! :-)
Suited to the dress and the colors of the jacket, I have also decided for my Chloé Rainbow sandals.

Do you like the combination with the jacket?

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Fashion Week Berlin #1

29. Juni 2016


ENG: It is always great being in Berlin, it is even more beautiful, if there is Fashion Week in the city at the same time. On Monday, our first day on-site, I have decided for this look being a casual and chic mix. For the first time I could wear my new lace dress as well as the yet also unworn Rainbow sandals from Chloé. The casual input results from the fact, that I have also grabbed my green colored parka with patches as perfect counterpart to the white lace dress from my point of view. Even the sandals in combination with the Chloé Drew bag arise a further perfect match in my opinion, so that finally there is a cool and versatilely applicable look.

What yo you think about my first Fashion Week look?

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pink bomber jacket in Paris

22. Juni 2016


ENG: As we strolled through Paris last week, we have spontaneously shot this very casual look with my pink colored bomber jacket. As suited shooting location we have decided for a side street of the Avenue Montaigne being of my favorite streets in the whole city. I am combining the bomber jacket from Mango with a casual shirt, a skinny jeans as well as my extremely comfortable slipper from Miista as the perfect footwear for such a city trip. My classical Saint Laurent bag is kind of a rule-breaker and gives the rather casual look a certain portion of elegance.

Do you love Paris as well? What do you think about this look?

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Streetstyle Paris – Chloé Faye

19. Juni 2016


ENG: What can I say?! Paris is and remains a beautiful city making your dreams come true and holding surprises at every corner. For me it was the fourth time being in the city of love and it was definitely not the last time, maybe I will be there again already in autumn. Now I would like to introduce my today’s look being very comfortable for a city trip from my point of view. This time I am wearing the small variation of the Chloé Faye bag, that I could borrow from Fashion4aday for a few days.
On Snapchat (Aylin_Koenig) I have already expressed my enthusiasm for the idea of Fashion4aday, it is about the opportunity to borrow high-quality bags for a definite period with special occasions (wedding, birthday, holiday etc). Based on the fact, that the purchase of such a bag should be well considered, this manner creates a possession for a certain time, in addition to that the wearer can decide, whether the bag is really the right one and if it meets the own needs. The processing is very pleasant, the package is loving and stylistically confident designed. Even for me it was probably not the last time for acquiring such a bag, the next Fashion Weeks will definitely come.

What do you think about the idea and my look?

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white dress & balenciaga boots

12. Juni 2016


ENG: A few days earlier I have got a delivery from Storets with some beautiful pieces inside. Via Snapchat (Aylin_Koenig) I have already introduced my new achievements and would like to do the same here on the blog.
Amongst other things I have got this beautiful summer dress in white being casual and comfortable likewise. Based on the fact that I could wear my Balenciaga boots day-to-day, I have decided this time to combine them in kind of stylistic inconsistency with the rather girlish dress. Furthermore I am wearing a destroyed oversized denim jacket being adorned with a Chanel brooch. In order to get more color within this look, I have finally picked the summery Chloé Drew bag.

I am totally in love with this look – What do you think about the compilation?

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beige, pink & blue – Hamburg

10. Juni 2016


ENG: Today there is a further look from Hamburg with my new destroyed jeans from ASOS. Different than usual I am wearing this time a rose colored body with a beige-hued vest above. In general I prefer oversized tops based on their ability to flatter one’s own hip section through leading the focus on other body parts. With regard to this look I really like the interaction with the vest, especially with regard to the color combination. Finally as suited foot wear I have decided for the new Zara sandals, that are able to upgrade not only this outfit from my point of view.

What do you think about the compilation of this look?

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Balenciaga Ceinture Boots

5. Juni 2016


ENG: Ohh how beautiful it is! After a long time of waiting I am now the proud owner of these beautiful Balenciaga boots, that I closed directly in my heart. I have to admit, that the price of these shoes is not the cheapest one, therefore it was a long decision making process, in addition to that these boots are sold out most of the time. As this week the package finally arrived at my home, I was exuberantly happy, these boots will definitely get a special place within my shoe cabinet. Besides the Balenciaga boots I have also decided for a simple dress as well as the from my point of view suited Saint Laurent bag to complement the outfit. A casual look being suitable for diverse occasions.

What do you think about the boots? Do you like them or do think this pair of shoes is too dense? Enjoy your sunny Sunday.

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