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white & grey | Valentino Rockstud Spike bag

28. Januar 2018

ENGEven though I have already posted two Instagram-photos with this look, you guys were interested in even more details, which is why I decided to write a little blogpost about it, too! I was asked many times where I find the dresses to layer my looks and, to be honest – the answer isn’t even that difficult. :-) What’s important for these looks is that you use a dress with a soft and flowing material. This dress, for example, I found at H&M Trends about a year ago and I wear it with a grey knitted jumper, as well as my beloved Alexander McQueen Platform Sneakers. I think the look is very feminine, especially in combination with the new Valentino Ruckstud Spike bag in white, while the sneaker and my ACNE beanie along with the jumper create a cool change in style.

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Summer in Hamburg

24. Mai 2017


ENG: Finally the weather in Hamburg is consistently good, so easy summer dresses can be grabbed from the wardrobe and worn without any problems. I am already looking forward to the season of summer dresses and its stylish combination opportunities.
Maybe you have recognized, that I stood in front of the camera last winter with Laura for the current Tom Tailor „EveryWearYouGo“ campaign and it was really a lot of fun. Today I am wearing in this context a relaxed summer dress from the collection and I have so say, that it is very comfortable and can be combined in plenty of different options. In this case I decided for an oversized used denim jacket and my new Gucci sneaker being an achievement from the London Heathrow airport. The matching color rounding of this summery and suited to daily use outfit belongs to the Valentino bag.
Have you actually noticed, that Laura and me took over the Instagram Stories account from Tom Tailor last Friday in order to show you our preferred spots in Hamburg? In keeping with the campaign’s motto „EveryWearYouGo“ we have started the day with a breakfast at the Literaturhauscafé and coffee at the Alsterperle before heading to the inner city of Hamburg. Take a look at the new collection, there are several appealing and hip pieces for this season.

What do you think about my look?

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Los Angeles focus 18 | 17

12. Mai 2017


ENG: We are back from Los Angeles and have spent the first nights in our flat. I love to travel, discovering new places, being on the move but also to come home after every trip. L.A. is definitely an impressive and multifaceted city, whose contrast between wealth and poverty is huge in many places, so there will remain memories with mixed feelings for me. Within my last „weekly focus“ I have already told about my favored places in this city, therefore we just had to drive to Santa Monica once again during the last week for enjoying the sun and ocean. In addition to that we have visited the Universal Studios due to my last weeks‘ birthday and it was really excited to get behind the scenes impressions from big Hollywood productions and to discover the Harry Potter attractions. ;-)

Favorites of the week

To Do: After a longer time of traveling there are tasks and obligations, that were left behind and have to be dealt with during the next days. Nevertheless there are already some new, promising events and projects, to which I will tell you more about pretty soon. :-)

Your favorite post of the week: Girls Day in LA | Melrose Avenue

New In: Oh well, I felt totally in love with the latest adidas Originals collection, so that I had to buy this shirt in rose and baby blue in Los Angeles. In this context I have also ordered the appropriate adidas hoodies in the same color (rose & blue), you know my preference for oversized hoodies in any variation. Even in L.A. I fell victim to this passion and have ordered the red and pastel-colored hoodie from the brand Champion based on a much cheaper price, than in Germany. Last but not least I could also find suited Gucci sneaker after a long search at the Heathrow airport in London and even here I could save more than 200€ towards the price in Germany for the same model. All in all I am very happy with my new achievements.

I have tried to capture our time in Los Angeles in small film sequences and have already „produced“ a video for getting a personal impression of our experiences and feelings. Take a look inside and leave your honest feedback about positive, negative or even missing things, you would connect with such a film.

Have a lovely week!

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Rodeo Drive | Pink Prada Mules

30. April 2017


ENG: We are already two weeks in the USA and have spent most of the time in Los Angeles. One of the most impressive spots is definitely the Rodeo Drive with its beautiful boutiques and the luxury cars competing with each other relating to PS and design. Especially before and at sunset the light between the palms, boutiques and streets is fantastic and perfectly suited to photo shootings, so we just had to take the opportunity for capturing a new look.
A few weeks ago I got these gorgeous, pink colored Prada mules and now I am pretty happy, that I could wear them for the first time. I have combined the shoes with a simple jeans, an embroidered hoodie in grey, my Valentino bag as well as with an appropriate strap from Fendi. As matching completion I decided for the Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses and I have to say, that I am just loving those summery outfits. For me a chick and casual look with a high comfort factor likewise.

What do you think about this look? I wish all of you a nice Sunday.

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layering look with Valentino Ruckstud heels #mbfwb

22. Januar 2017


ENG: WOW – a very exciting week draws to a close, I was allowed to visit cool shows and events complemented by wonderful conversations in Berlin. I am pretty happy about the last few days and of course I have taken the opportunity to shoot some of my Fashion Week outfits, of which I would now like to introduce the first one.
In this case I am wearing a whole H&M look added by my beloved Valentino Rockstud heels as well as the beautiful Chloé bag from Net-A-Porter. Layering looks are still very stylish from my point of view and it is almost every time the perfect combination for cold temperatures. For me a casual and suited to daily use street style look, that definitely belongs to my favorites during the last few days.

What do you think – Do you like this outfit as well? Have a cozy Sunday.

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Valentino heels & black hoodie

18. Dezember 2016


ENG: On Thursday we have been to Berlin for the first „Place to Be Influencer Award“ and were allowed to spend a great evening there. The next day we have used the time in order to shoot a look with my new Valentino heels. I am just loving the combination of chic and casual, therefore I have decided to connect the Valentino shoes with a destroyed jeans, a black oversized hoodie as well as a beige colored coat, also oversized cut. For some of you the look maybe appears unusual or even doubtful but for me I really like the break in style because the outfit is versatile and very comfortable. I have got the Valentino heels with 50% off and I was so happy about it, that I had to use them directly. :-)

Do you like the look?

I wish all of you a contemplative 4. advent and a stressful start into the christmas week.

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