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trend report | bag shoulder strap

19. November 2017

ENG: Based on several requests concerning my shoulder straps for bags, I’ve decided to use this topic as today’s trend report. There are lots of different straps, that can be adapted individually and have the potential to upgrade any kind of outfit. My first strap was a Fendi model being one of my most preferred accessories for a long time, even today I’m regularly using it based on its ability to add that certain something within my outfits. For sure this Fendi version is rather expensive, so that I’ve made a wide-ranging selection in different price categories. Especially the current straps from Aigner belong to my favorites, I’m owning a model in red and a nude one with gold colored studs. I’m really a huge fan of shoulder straps as their specifications regarding the particular design, color and material mix are able to be the perfect outfit add-on. Especially during the cold and dark season straps ensure a certain portion of color and guarantee a trendy style and of course individualism. Below you can find a selection of my current favorites and I hope, that even for you is an appropriate model available. Enjoy rummaging!

What do you think about straps? Do you share my enthusiasm for this trend? Happy Sunday to all of you!

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trend report | belt bags

12. November 2017

ENG: Once again I’m delayed with a new trend report, this time due to the fact that I’ve been in Munich this week for the fashion press days. More information about my time, meetings and experiences in Munich is going to be part of tomorrow’s ‚weekly focus‘. Today’s focus is completely on the good old belt bags, for me an it-piece this season after the first trend of this bag variation in the 90’s.
My first model of such a belt bag was the dark red Prada being able to be used in three different wearing options based on its functionality. You can choose between the elegant clutch, a casual shoulder bag with a gold colored strap or even the cool and hip belt bag. At the moment I’m still looking for a nice vintage model from Chanel – let’s look and see, if it works in the near future. Below you can find a selection of different belt bags, I hope you can find your own favorite, especially when thinking about the upcoming Christmas time. :-)

Happy Sunday to all of you!

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Friday trend report | faux fur coats

3. November 2017

ENG: Brrr… at the moment it’s pretty cold in whole Germany. I’m a huge fan of the cold and dark season in this sense, as there are lots of opportunities to wear thick coats and jackets as the perfect foundation for great outfit combinations. This year faux fur is kind of a must-have for me, you can find lots of different models in diverse shapes and designs. One of my personal favorites is the model from & Other Stories based on its great processing, the design of the pattern as well as the modern cut. In general the quality of faux fur jackets and coats is a really good one from my point of view, therefore I would now like to introduce a selection of my personal favorites. It’s a wide range of different types, so hopefully everyone of you is able to find her/his own favorite. I’m very excited about your feedback and wish you a lot of fun with the following pieces.

Enjoy your weekend!

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Friday trend report | autumn color red

27. Oktober 2017

ENG: Autumn has finally arrived in Germany and many leaves have already changed their colors in red and orange. In order to get the perfect fit with the current nature, there is one special fashion rule this year – RED! For a long while I’m a huge fan of this color and therefore different, red colored pieces belong to my current wardrobe and clothing style like the Gucci loafer, a Dolce & Gabbana bag or even a vinyl pants. For me shades of red are able to add that certain something within an outfit, from this purpose there is a clear rule: Have the courage to choose conspicuous red, no matter if it’s a coat, dress, sweater, bag or even a pair of shoes. Below you can find a selection of my current favorites and I hope, that you can find your own it-pieces.

What do you think about the trend color ‚red‘? Have fun with the following items and enjoy your weekend!

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Friday trend report | vinyl pieces

13. Oktober 2017

FullSizeRender 73

ENG: Even this season vinyl pieces belong in every women’s wardrobe. No matter if it’s a pants, skirt oder coat – everyone should own such a piece at home. Not only the material itself but also the many different colors pleased me enormously because vinyl pieces are the perfect foundation for fashionable outfit combinations during the cold season. My personal favorite is the combination of a vinyl pants with a thick knitted sweater, for me a really nice material mix and the ideal condition for a hip and everyday use autumn look.
Based on the many questions on Instagram concerning my pants, I’ve selected my favorite vinyl products today and I hope, that I can be an inspiration source and decision support for this „trend“ as well.

What do you think about vinyl products? You can gladly leave your feedback. I wish all of you a relaxed autumn weekend! Continue Reading…

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Trend report | teddy coats

7. Oktober 2017

FullSizeRender 69

ENG: After one month of Fashion Weeks I would now like to go back to my old routines and this means it’s time for a new „trend report“. Based on your positive feedback on such reports in the past, I would like to continue this rubric with a one-day delay, from next week on you can expect every Friday a blog post about current and hip „it pieces“.
The delay is due to the fact, that I was invited from Intimissimi for a special event in Verona yesterday. I visited the legendary and impressive ice show last night and was also part of the new autumn/winter collection launch. More details about this journey and yesterday’s show will follow within the new „weekly focus“ on Monday. With regard to the cold temperatures in Germany as well as the cool conditions during the ice show, I decided to wear a teddy coat, that is also the starting point and centre for today’s trend report. This season such coats belong in every women’s wardrobe from my point of view. They combine comfort and style like no other coats and even my first picture on Instagram with a Teddy coat generated so much positive feedback. Hereinafter you can find my current favorites and I hope, that you share my enthusiasm for this „trend“. Have fun with the following pieces, I’m sure, that there’s something for everyone.

Which one is your favorite teddy coat? Even in relation to future trend reports, you can gladly leave a feedback, which items or „it pieces“ you would like to see here on the blog. Enjoy your weekend! Continue Reading…

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Friday trend report | Fashion Week pieces

2. September 2017


ENG: The international Fashion Weeks are going to start soon and I’m already so excited about the first one in New York from the 7th September on. This time I’ve already got an invitation for my favorite designer at the moment and I’m so looking forward to the runway show. Currently we’re still dealing with the organization for the upcoming weeks but by now I can already promise, that it will be a very exciting and eventful time. Of course I will also take some time on a regular basis to look for interesting pieces in several online shops and for creating inspiring looks.
Today I would like to show you my current Fashion Week favorites with pieces, that I’m already owning or that come into consideration as new items for the upcoming weeks. From head to toe everything is possible, so in the near future I will sometimes introduce rather fancy and extravagant outfit combinations but never leave my original clothing style. Nevertheless you can expect an exciting mix of outfits until the end of this month, to cut a long story short:

Here you can find my current favorites. Have fun and happy shopping!

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Friday trend report | velvet bags

11. August 2017


ENG: Even if the summer in Northern Germany is rather a disaster so far and hardly perceptible, we’re getting closer to autumn and my passion for velvet step by step, always think positive and look forward. ;-) For me the most typical material during the cold season is velvet. Whether it’s in terms of bags, dresses, shoes or even tops, velvet is an essential part in autumn and winter.
Last year I couldn’t resist to purchase my beloved Gucci Marmont bag and even two weeks ago I felt in love again, this time with a dream bag from Prada in green. Today I would like to show you my current favorites of velvet bags and I’m sure, that everyone of you should find a suited model. In case of queries to single bags or even velvet products in general, you can gladly leave your feedback below.

Happy shopping and a nice weekend to all of you!

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Friday trend report | statement shirts

28. Juli 2017


ENG: It’s Friday and therefore time for my second trend report as a new weekly routine here on the blog. At the moment statement shirts are kind of an it-piece, on almost every runway worldwide you can find those shirts with smart slogans or logos. For me I’m totally addicted to this trend for some time past, so I’m really looking forward to the huge selection with high-end and low budget pieces as well. There are lots of stylish combining opportunities with jeans, skirts or shorts, almost everyone should find a suited piece based on their versatile application possibilities. Hereinafter you can find a selection of my current statement shirts favorites, have fun and happy shopping! :-)

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Friday trend report | kimono

21. Juli 2017


ENG: From now on you can find every Friday on a small trend report with my current favorites from a specific assortment or collection. A weekly routine similar to the publication of the „weekly focus“ reports on Monday, that will hopefully get the same positive feedback in the future.

What do you think about this idea?

Today I would like to start with kimonos based on their flexible applications. There are lots of different colors and designs, one of my most successful Instagram pictures is that one with the conspicuous, green colored kimono from Zara. I wore it in the beginning of this year at the Fashion Week in Milan as well as a few weeks ago on Ibiza. In the meantime I have got a new one, that I will post later this day on Instagram because I am totally keen on the kimono’s cut and color. Stay tuned, it’s worth it. :-)

Here you can find my current recommendations. Which one is your favorite and are you equally obsessed like me?

DE: Ab sofort soll es auf jeden Freitag einen kleinen Trend-Report geben, bei dem ich meine jeweils aktuellen Favoriten einer bestimmten Produktpalette oder Kollektion zusammentrage und vorstelle. Eine wöchentliche Routine also, die ähnlich zur Veröffentlichung von „weekly focus“ Beiträgen am Montag etabliert werden soll und hoffentlich genauso positiv von euch angenommen wird.

Wie gefällt euch die Idee?

Starten möchte ich heute mit Kimonos, die vielseitig und in allen Farben und Formen einsetzbar sind. Eines meiner erfolgreichsten Instagrambilder ist tatsächlich dasjenige mit dem auffälligen, grünen Kimono von Zara, den ich sowohl zu Anfang des Jahres während der Mailänder Fashion Week, als auch vor einigen Wochen auf Ibiza getragen habe. Aktuell trage ich bereits eine neue Errungenschaft, die ich euch gerne heute Abend auf Instagram vorstellen möchte, da ich von Schnitt und Farbe absolut begeistert bin. Bleibt also dran, es lohnt sich. :-)

Hier nun meine aktuellen Empfehlungen an Kimonos. Welcher ist euer Favorit und seid ihr genau besessen davon, wie ich?

Aylin  ♥

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