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New York Fashion Week #3

14. September 2016


ENG: At the moment I am very addicted to pleated skirts, even with regard to this exemplar I am totally in love. I have worn this look during the Serena Williams Fashion Show as an invitation from Otterbox. The show and collection were great, even Anna Wintour was interested and has visited this cool show. :-)
Do you know the Otterbox Smartphone cases? I really like to work with them together and have already collaborated with the company during the Berlin Fashion Week. This time I have decided for the transparent glitter case from the Symmetry Clear series with a hard fit and protection around the smartphone connected with a huge style factor. Drop over should you be interested in a new case. :-)
For today’s look I have decided for a polished pleated skirt in combination with a thick oversized cardigan. Furthermore I am wearing my new sandals from No.21, that I have found at the online shop Avenue 32. As further accessories I have chosen the Chloé Faye bag as well as the reflective Ray-Ban sunglasses.

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New York Fashion Week #2

11. September 2016


ENG: Yesterday we were strolling through the „Financial District“ of New York with passing the famous „Wall Street“ and walking along the pier across from the Statue of Liberty. „Downtown Manhattan“ offers a really impressive setting and is likewise the initial point for my second look from this year’s New York Fashion Week I would like to introduce now.
With regard to this outfit I have decided for a copper colored slip on dress in combination with a Gucci belt. At the moment I am totally addicted to these loose dresses, especially against the background of the tropical weather conditions here in New York, it is the perfect choice of clothing. As suited belt accessories I am also wearing the black Gucci slipper as well as the classical Saint Laurent bag.

Do you like this look?

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New York Fashion Week #1

9. September 2016


ENG: Is it possible to speak about the breathtaking New York for a while?! We are so overwhelmed by this gorgeous city and its friendly residents. At almost each corner and crossroads a streetstyle shooting is possible, no one is watching at you in a weird way because there are so much photographers and camera teams working in this crazy city – love it!
For my first fashion show from Noon by Noor I have decided for a casual look. I am wearing my beloved fur slipper, a rose colored satin skirt as well as a loose Calvin Klein shirt. Who of you has recognized my Chanel earrings with the marble pearl ball? I am just loving them at the moment and send you all the best from this incredible place.

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weekly focus #35

5. September 2016


ENG: A very time-consuming week with the last preparations for the upcoming Fashion Week in New York and lots of different events is over. On Thursday evening I was in Berlin in order to celebrate the launch of the new collection from EDITED X LUMA GROTHE, that is now online available. For me a successful, minimalistic collection, therefore you should drop over at the EDITED online shop. On Friday there was my boyfriend’s birthday, we have spent the evening at the „The George Restaurant“ being one of our favored locations in Hamburg. After a short trip to our families for celebrating the birthday together, I headed to Berlin once again for the Bread & Butter because Sandra from Black Palms and me were invited from Tommy Hilfiger for introducing the TOMMY X GIGI collection.

Favorites of the week

To Do: While this post is getting online, I am probably already on my way to the Hamburg airport for taking a flight with Laura to Rotterdam until Tuesday evening. You can follow me there via Snapchat (@Aylin_Koenig), it will be worth it. During the night from Tuesday to Wednesday we finally have to pack our bags for New York based on the flight to the States Wednesday morning. I am super excited about our first time there and all the positive spirit, that is going along with the city that never sleeps.

Your favorite post of the weektulle skirt, trench coat & Gucci Loafer

New In: Shortly before such a Fashion Week I always get the feeling of having no suited clothes in my wardrobe but of course this is not the case. Nevertheless I have ordered different things last week. Based on the fact, that I am the owner of some slip on dresses as well as oversized sweater, I have finally decided for a simple GUCCI belt and I am already looking forward to the great combing opportunities with it. In addition to that I have ordered a MIU MIU sunglasses at Zalando and I hope it is the right decision because most of the time I am wearing the Ray-Ban Round Metal, therefore I am very excited about the fit of the MIU MIU variation.
At Asos I have decided for three different dresses in rose, yellow and gold, at Avenue 32 for the cute No 21 sandals and last but not least an oversized denim dress.

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tulle skirt, trench coat & Gucci Loafer

31. August 2016


ENG: When Sandra and Benni has visited us 1.5 weeks ago in Hamburg, we have shot this look. At the moment I am a huge fan of tull skirts, especially with regard to this object I am so in love with the color and small details. Furthermore I am wearing a simple and stripped oversized shirt as well as my favored trench coat being available in sale at present. The correct fit, color and material are great, therefore I can highly recommend this trench coat. :-)
In order to give this look the suited „Aylin style“, I have decided for my beloved Gucci Princetown loafer and I am so happy, that I have ordered the black version in the end because it harmonizes always so well with different kinds of looks. The small Gucci Dionysus bag is the perfect matching colorful rounding from my point of view.

Do you like the combination?

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weekly focus #34

29. August 2016


ENG: Last week was pure summer in Germany with lots of sunny and warm days. I have started the week rather quite based on unfinished work from the time before my trips.
At the weekend we were heading to Munich for the Stylight Pre-Wiesn event with some other cool blogger and we had definitely a great time together. We were allowed to sleep in the Mandarin Oriental and based on the perfect weather we could spend a large part of our time on the hotel’s rooftop with an own pool. This was probably the best place for enjoying the sun during that weekend.
The actual event took place Saturday evening and has started with a dirndl fitting hosted by Angermeier – admitted in the first instance it was very unusual for us to wear such „costumes“ but all in all it was also a lot of fun. At this point I would like to say thank you again to the whole organization team.

Favorites of the week

To Do: This week everything is focused on the last preparations for the New York Fashion Week. It is sometimes still weird, that already next week we will fly to the States for the first time. Besides my boyfriend’s birthday, that will be connected with a small family party, I will probably also head to Berlin for a cooperation, more detailed information about it follow soon.

Your favorite post of the week: weekly focus #33

New In: A trip to Munich should always be linked with a walk through the inner city. Together with Laura and our boyfriends we have realized such a city walk but without a special target. At the moment I am very interested in velvet products and especially the Gucci Marmont bag is one of my favored products for some time past. Considering the bag online, I was always unsure, if the color’s bag could be too red but as I have held the bag in my own hands, it happened around me. Laura can confirm, that I had goose bumps on my whole body, so that I am now the proud owner of this great velvet bag from Gucci. :-)

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long dress & MIU MIU Ballerina

26. August 2016


ENG: Summer is finally back in Germany and fortunately even in Hamburg. Actually I was already focused on autumn but now I am indulging myself in the sun and warm days concerning my daily outfit choices.
Recently I have got this truly dreamful dress with the perfect cut from my point of view. In this case I am combing the dress with the MIU MIU ballerina based on their matching color and the straps as kind of an eye-catcher as well as for getting a casual touch within this look.

Do you like this combination?

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weekly focus #33

22. August 2016


ENG: An exciting and time-consuming week is over and I would like to tell you something about it. Last Tuesday everything has started with Tom Tailor and the production of a digital campaign as kind of support for the autumn/winter collection. In fairness it was an unfamiliar feeling to work at such a professional set, speaking in front of a camera and a whole team but it was really a lot of fun, more about it will follow soon here on the blog.
On Wednesday I was heading to Mallorca for a short trip with some other blogger (Laura from Designdschungel Marina from Marinathemoss, Maggie from Hoardoftrends, Luisa from Style Roulette and Milena from Milenalesecret). We were allowed to sleep in a luxury hotel and we could not stop being astonished concerning the great and quite hotel position. Due to the following cooperation partner we had an amazing trip and therefore I would like to say thank you: ECCO, Home24, Vero Moda, Paulas Choices as well as Vöslauer Wasser.
After landing in Hamburg on Friday evening we have celebrated our inauguration ceremony in relaxed atmosphere with our friends. Even Sandra and Benni came from Munich to spend the weekend with us in Hamburg and it was really the perfect end of an exciting week.

Favorites of the week

To Do: The week is starting with comparatively less obligations, so that I can focus myself on already existing projects and further travel plans. However at the weekend I am going to fly to Munich based on the Stylight invitation for the Pre-Wiesn.

Your favorite post of the week: Weekly Focus #32

New In: Last week it was rather quite concerning my shopping activities based on the different appointments, just a package from Otto has reached me with the following items: a casual summer coat, a dark green, fluent trench, black Adiletten as well as the Adidas Stan Smith in white/blue made of fabric.

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weekly focus #31

8. August 2016


ENG: Holiday – no holiday – holiday – no holiday?! Last week there was just one topic but unfortunately we have nothing found so far. Despite this fact we are still willing to find a suited and available destination. Apart from that it was actually a rather productive week with regard to the blog, I had some interesting meetings and we have finally got it to enter a tennis court. In fact my boyfriend and me have met for the first time in our former tennis club, in the course of our study-related move to Cologne I have neglected my tennis activities. This time we have played on a tennis court at the Aspria Alstertal and as you can probably already imagine, it was a lot of fun. :-)

Favorites of the week

To Do: The best thing this week?! Of course – my beloved Lauri is coming back from LA and I am already looking forward to meet her again after more than five weeks of abstinence. I think this is the longest time we have not seen each other. In addition to that there are some meetings and events, that have to be planned because next week will definitely be exciting… ♥

Your favorite post of the week: black/pink & Gucci Jordaan Loafer

New In: I have received a small package from Chicwish and I am especially happy about the nice off shoulder pieces in terms of this oversized dress in dark blue and white, the turquois colored dress with red tassle at the  fringe as well as this stripped blouse. You see how addicted I am still towards off shoulder pieces.
Furthermore these crazy furry sandals from Topshop belong to my current favorites, very cool or?! Unfortunately Gucci is and remains „my“ online shop, this time I just had to order these fell occupied loafer in rose for INSPECTION, the delivery should reach me today or tomorrow and I hope (respectively my purse), that I do not need them. Or do you mean the black and simple version would be the better choice? ;-)

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chloé rainbow shoes

7. August 2016


ENG: Two weeks ago I have received a wonderful package from Storets with this very cute oversized dress. The reason for being so happy about it?! It matches just perfect to my beloved Chloé Rainbow sandals because the straps of the dress have similar colors like the sandals. In order to get a more casual look I have furthermore decided for the very comfortable and stylish Levi’s destroyed jeans, as appropriate rounding I have also grabbed the matching color Chloé Drew bag. A casual and hip summer look with a high feel-good factor. :-)

What do you think about the combination within this look?

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