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Fashion, Favorite Looks x Aylin Koenig x Italy

1. August 2018


ENGAfter what feels like forever, I finally want to publish an outfit post again, and at the same time get back into my old routine.  When asked if we were up for a joint project, of course I said yes straight away. The selection at is enormously big, and barely any online shop in the premium- and designer industry has a choice so large, while maintaining this level of great service. Within Germany, a package will usually get to you within 1-2 days and returning it is possible within 30 days without any problems.
Let’s get to my mediterranean look now, which we shot in the oldtown of Saló by the Lake Garda. You know my passion for oversized dresses, which is why I was so happy to find this dreamy dress in a royal blue by ‘Three Graces London’. I combined it with my deeply loved Balenciaga slingback pumps in tweet, which I had on my wishlist for weeks already. They are just the perfect shoes, since they can’t only be worn in summer, but also during the fall or even winter with little socks. The classic bamboo bag is the best finish to the Mediterranean look I believe, for the ambient for the Lake Garda. Besides all the dreamy, white dresses, that are currently hanging in my closet, I am really happy that I went with some colour this time- what do you think? Of course I also went all the way with my accessories and wearing my beloved Balenciaga ear clip, a classic Ray Ban pair of sunglasses, differently coloured dior bracelets and much more. To me the look is only then ready, when all the details are perfect. :-)

Now it’s your turn – how do you like the look? I am really always so happy to get your feedback.

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Fashion, Favorite Looks

black & blue in Ibiza

7. Juni 2018

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ENGTo me there is almost no shooting location more beautiful than the old town of Ibiza. Every little street has their own, very special charme and combines ‘the new’ with ‘the old’ in a unique way. I love wearing simple and comfortable clothes when I am on holiday, but I still think the look needs a special piece to it. For today’s outfit I went for a oversized kimono with dots, loose denim shorts and a knotted top. In addition I wore my beloved Gucci Princetown Loafers, which I have neglected for a while and the perfect Gucci bag, which I borrowed from dear Karin.
Unfortunately I can’t find it online anymore, but I will keep my eyes open, since its perfect to combine in any outfit, and can be worn crossbody and as a belt bag.

Have you been to Ibiza and do you like this look?

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Fashion, Favorite Looks

Bally retro sneaker with an all white look in Ibiza

3. Juni 2018


ENGWe are currently in Ibiza, which is one of our favorite islands ever, since everything just comes together in the best way possible: the mediterranean flair, the positive attitude of the people, the historic old town with its little cafes and boutiques, but even in terms of fashion and lifestyle Ibiza is just unbelievably inspiring.
The small streets of the old town are the perfect surrounding for photo shoots, which is why I put the newest addition to my closet to work straight away.
In this case it’s a pair of the new Bally retro sneaker, which are available in a new design after their first edition in 1974. Bally was founded in 1851 in Switzerland and has been a premium seller of high quality women’s and men’s shoes for a long time.
The wide range of Bally products includes besides exclusive shoes bags, accessories and even clothes. Personally I am a great fan of the variety and quality of the shoes, which is why I wasn’t able to choose between the designs again. Eventually I went for the ankle top version The Vita Parcours’ and I am really happy with it. The sneaker is incredibly comfortable, made from soft leather and with a pleasant footbed. I am also a fan of the idea behind the shoes, as well as the design, which is why I went for a stylistic inconsistency with the outfit combination: A white, long skirt with slit and the simple shirt, worn with a knot are the perfect accessories for me to create a look and still preserve the charme of the retro sneaker. To make the look perfect, especially on an island like Ibiza, I decided to add my beloved leopard print headband and the obligatory pair of sunglasses. Take a look at Bally’s retro sneaker collection, which is a mix of classic forms and modern details and really cool designs – I think the pieces are incredibly well designed and something I can only recommend. Now back to you:

Do you like the combination of the look and how do you feel about the sneaker? I am always excited about your feedback!

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Lifestyle, Trend Report

Trend Report: Yellow Spring

18. März 2018

ENGSince there haven’t been any terndreports up on the blog in a while, I wanted to get back to it with full spring-energy! None of us will get away from today’s topic in the near future, because it’s the trend color of spring: YELLOW! To me, yellow has an incredibly positive vibrancy around it, that i immediately connect to warm summer days and fresh flowers.
I have added a number of yellow pieces to my wardrobe already this year, which include a blazer, a cardigan and a blouson by Nobi Talai. There are so many ways of combining yellow pieces, and they all seem very fresh and vivid after the long winter. Some people still avoid the color, but all I can say is: Dare to wear it! Especially with white or light blue pieces some wearable and definitely every-day-looks can be created. I am sure that my closet will go in the yellow-direction a but more soon!
Long story short: I have picked my current favorites from various online shops and hope that  you find some pieces as well. Have fun rummaging through them and especially trying them on! :-)

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Fashion, Fashion Weeks

Street Style Milan Fashion Week

2. März 2018

ENG: Bonjour from Paris, the last Fashion Week destination this season with various shows and events. I could already gain great insights and will share all my experiences and trends for the next autumn/winter season after my arrival in Germany here on the blog.
Nevertheless I would now like to introduce my outfits from Milan Fashion Week. Due to the bad weather it was impossible to shoot spring looks, most of the time I was forced to use a layering option but see yourself below. I really hope, that I can show more vernally outfits pretty soon, it is definitely time for warmer temperatures. :-)

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Alberta Ferretti Shirt & Fendi Triplette bag

16. Februar 2018

ENG: From Mallorca to Hamburg and then straight to Berlin and Cologne, that’s what yesterday and today looked like. But I am of course not trying to complain, because we were able to define many details for the wedding during our short trip, about which I will of course keep you posted. As I have already mentioned in the last ‚weekly focus‘, we are in Berlin for a couple of hours today to attend an event by Nespresso and Vogue in line with the Berlinale and we are back on the road afterwards to our previous hometown – for a fitting of potential wedding dresses, and of course I won’t take my darling fiancé here! With the sunny but freezing weather that is present at the moment I didn’t want to keep today’s outfit from you, which is why I took the chance of the first rays of sunlight to take some new photos.
Absolutely rebellious as you know me I am wearing a “Wednesday”-T-Shirt by Alberta Ferretti on a Friday, which definitely is the color highlight in this outfit. I picked up the the feminine color scheme also with the bag, which is by Fendi; the amazing thing about the Fendi Triplette is the color combination, which can be combined wonderfully to various outfits. My beloved Prada Mules take on the blush rose of the bag again and make the outfit perfect. The coat is from the designer collection by ‚HM x Richard Quinn‘ and I think it’s a very special piece especially because of its sleeves. The highwaisted jeans by Closed gives the up until now rather chic outfit an athletic and casual touch and the sunshine makes you want to wear sunglasses too: Here I decided to go for one of my favorite pair by Chloé.

I am always incredibly excited about your feedback and would love to know if you also try to wear two or more pieces of the same intense color in one outfit?

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Lifestyle, Weekly Focus

weekly focus 06 | 18

5. Februar 2018

ENGA turbulent week with ups and downs is over now. Sometimes life throws things at you where values like family and sticking together become more apparent than ever. That is why I had to take a spontaneous trip to Turkey with my dad, and stayed with close friends and family for a while. It was a very emotional week but also exciting, because I flew from Izmir to Copenhagen on Wednesday, to take part in shows and events in line of Fashion Week. Even though my stay in Copenhagen was very short, I am im love with the Scandinavian style and fashion. I have put together my own looks for CHFW in a blog post yesterday and also linked it to the products.
Then, from Copenhagen I went to Berlin and then Leipzig on Friday, where the exclusive Vetements x DHL collection was presented. I hope that you got some insights via IG-Stories from Copenhagen and Leipzig, as it was such an overall emotional and exciting week for me.

Favorites of the Week: 

To Do: This week everything is under the motto “The calm before the storm”. Some things in Hamburg need to be taken care of before we are off to the airport next week. I don’t want to tell you too much already, but we have trips to Mallorca, Berlin, Cologne and London on the list, which isn’t only exciting for the blog, but also for our wedding. I will of course take you on the journey via my IG-Stories, as the days will definitely be promising.
Friday night we have a “Pre-Valentine’s” Event at the Intissimi Store in hamburg, which I am really excited for already, too. Also, I have been getting many messages in regards to my wedding lately; are you guys really that interested in the topic? And are there specific areas in line with my wedding that you are especially interested in?

Favorite post of the weekweekly focus 06 | 18

New In:  Howdy Ho!!! This spring definitely won’t be able to dodge the “Western Style”, as Cowboy Boots and hats are totally trendy in the next couple of months. I already ordered these awesome Cowboy-Boots from Isabel Marant at the MyTheresa Sale, which I could easily wear every day. Either with a pair of jeans or a white dress, the boots make every look better. On top of that I ordered a small, cute Fendi Triplette bag, which is perfect for the warmer days. The new Edited collection is also available as of now, and I immediately ordered this white dress, the red-and-white striped shirt, a white blouse and a pair of mom jeans.

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Fashion, Fashion Weeks

Copenhagen Fashion Week

4. Februar 2018

ENG: It was only a brief treat but also a very nice one, my very first stay in Copenhagen this week. From Turkey I took a direct flight to the Danish capital being very impressive concerning the architecture and fashion consciousness. I came across open-minded, courteous and stylish people, so I’m sure my next stay in Copenhagen will follow very soon.
My focus this week was obviously the shows and events in line with the Fashion Week, so below you can find an overview of my looks, that were shot by the great street style photographer Christian (‚The Styleograph‚). In this sense:

What is your favorite look?

DE: Es war ein kurzes aber auch sehr schönes Vergnügen diese Woche in Kopenhagen für die Fashion Week gewesen zu sein. Direkt aus der Türkei ging es am Mittwochmorgen in die dänische Hauptstadt, die nicht nur architektonisch, sondern auch modisch einiges zu bieten hat. Die Leute sind offen, zuvorkommend und sehr stylisch unterwegs, sodass ich definitiv noch einmal zurückkommen werde, um die Stadt richtig zu erkunden.
Da ich vor allem für Shows und Events im Rahmen der Fashion Week vor Ort war, möchte ich euch im Folgenden einige Looks zeigen, die von dem großartigen Christian (‚The Styleograph‚) fotografiert wurden. Viel Spaß beim Stöbern und hinterlasst mir gerne euer Feedback, in diesem Sinne:

Welcher Look gefällt euch am besten?

Aylin ♥

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Fashion, Favorite Looks

white & grey | Valentino Rockstud Spike bag

28. Januar 2018

ENGEven though I have already posted two Instagram-photos with this look, you guys were interested in even more details, which is why I decided to write a little blogpost about it, too! I was asked many times where I find the dresses to layer my looks and, to be honest – the answer isn’t even that difficult. :-) What’s important for these looks is that you use a dress with a soft and flowing material. This dress, for example, I found at H&M Trends about a year ago and I wear it with a grey knitted jumper, as well as my beloved Alexander McQueen Platform Sneakers. I think the look is very feminine, especially in combination with the new Valentino Ruckstud Spike bag in white, while the sneaker and my ACNE beanie along with the jumper create a cool change in style.

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Lifestyle, Weekly Focus

weekly focus 04 | 18

22. Januar 2018

ENGAn eventful week is just behind us now, full of exciting experiences, many events, shows and a lot of hustle and bustle. All three of us went to the capital from Monday to Friday, where we were allowed to stay in the beautiful Hotel de Rome. The hotel is the perfect address during Fashion Week, because many events are in walking distance and the service is just amazing. We were mostly out and about with our beauty partner Catrice Cosmetics, who is also the main sponsor or the Berlin Salon and was responsible for the make-up there, too. The Berlin Salon definitely separates itself from other events with shoes and presentations from amazing designers such as William Fan, Odeeh, Perret Shaad or even Marina Hoermanseder. In addition to that we also had a group presentation at the beginning of Fashion Week again, where the participating partners were able to show parts of their collections beforehand. Catrice Cosmetics were the main sponsor of this event as well, which is why they were responsible for the makeup here, too. I hope that you got loads of impressions and backstage-insights through my Instagram-Stories already!

Favorites of the Week: 

To Do: The new week is starting out quietly, with lots of wedding-topics on our agenda, as well as planning the international Fashion Weeks. Other than that, we will be busy adding the finishing touches to a video project, in which we put together a number of typical Fashion Week moments for you. I will keep you posted and provide more updates to you during the week. :-)
Other than that, the wedding planning costs us both time and nerves – it’s really incredible how many decisions have to be made and details determined, and that even though we do have a wedding planner already! Are you interested in the topic ‘wedding’ and would like to be kept up-to-date on this?

Favorite post of the weekMBFW Berlin | Aquazzura heels & Chanel denim bag

New In:  I definitely sinned the last week and ordered incredible Balenciaga Heels that were on sale, and in addition to that, the Balenciaga Speed Sneaker in blue will arrive at my door today. I still have no idea why sneakers in blue just spoke to me as much, but I already have a combination of a white summer dress and blue jeans underneath that in mind. Our pink Fluente Sofa also has been added too, and makes a perfect and comfortable seating area with a matching armchair.

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