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Calvin Klein & Gucci Princetown Loafer

28. September 2016


ENG: Before I will head to Paris tomorrow, I would now like to introduce a further casual look from New York, that we have shot during the exploration of the lovely district „Soho“. I just adore comfortable and wide tops, therefore I was very happy about my new Calvin Klein sweater in this sensational autumn color. Furthermore I have decided to wear a short jeans skirt as well as my beloved Gucci Princetown loafer, being indispensable within my wardrobe and one of the best investments in the recent past. :-)
Now I have to pack my staff for Paris, via Instagram and Snapchat (@Aylin_Koenig) you can be with me during the next days.

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weekly focus #31

8. August 2016


ENG: Holiday – no holiday – holiday – no holiday?! Last week there was just one topic but unfortunately we have nothing found so far. Despite this fact we are still willing to find a suited and available destination. Apart from that it was actually a rather productive week with regard to the blog, I had some interesting meetings and we have finally got it to enter a tennis court. In fact my boyfriend and me have met for the first time in our former tennis club, in the course of our study-related move to Cologne I have neglected my tennis activities. This time we have played on a tennis court at the Aspria Alstertal and as you can probably already imagine, it was a lot of fun. :-)

Favorites of the week

To Do: The best thing this week?! Of course – my beloved Lauri is coming back from LA and I am already looking forward to meet her again after more than five weeks of abstinence. I think this is the longest time we have not seen each other. In addition to that there are some meetings and events, that have to be planned because next week will definitely be exciting… ♥

Your favorite post of the week: black/pink & Gucci Jordaan Loafer

New In: I have received a small package from Chicwish and I am especially happy about the nice off shoulder pieces in terms of this oversized dress in dark blue and white, the turquois colored dress with red tassle at the  fringe as well as this stripped blouse. You see how addicted I am still towards off shoulder pieces.
Furthermore these crazy furry sandals from Topshop belong to my current favorites, very cool or?! Unfortunately Gucci is and remains „my“ online shop, this time I just had to order these fell occupied loafer in rose for INSPECTION, the delivery should reach me today or tomorrow and I hope (respectively my purse), that I do not need them. Or do you mean the black and simple version would be the better choice? ;-)

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chloé rainbow shoes

7. August 2016


ENG: Two weeks ago I have received a wonderful package from Storets with this very cute oversized dress. The reason for being so happy about it?! It matches just perfect to my beloved Chloé Rainbow sandals because the straps of the dress have similar colors like the sandals. In order to get a more casual look I have furthermore decided for the very comfortable and stylish Levi’s destroyed jeans, as appropriate rounding I have also grabbed the matching color Chloé Drew bag. A casual and hip summer look with a high feel-good factor. :-)

What do you think about the combination within this look?

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the off-shoulder dress

17. Juni 2016


ENG: Bonjour Paris! At the moment I am staying in beautiful Paris for a press trip and had a fantastic first day yesterday, more details about it will follow soon. Today I would like to introduce a further look from my Storets delivery, it is about this dreamful off shoulder dress with its perfect cut, the plaid pattern as well as the color combination of white and red. At the moment I am not only sold on the Storets articles but also being so in love with the Balenciaga boots, that I could wear preferably every day. I always feel so confirmed after a purchase, when there is a feeling of wearing the product 24/7, like in the case of the boots being individually and multifunctional applicable. 

Do you like the look?

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white dress & balenciaga boots

12. Juni 2016


ENG: A few days earlier I have got a delivery from Storets with some beautiful pieces inside. Via Snapchat (Aylin_Koenig) I have already introduced my new achievements and would like to do the same here on the blog.
Amongst other things I have got this beautiful summer dress in white being casual and comfortable likewise. Based on the fact that I could wear my Balenciaga boots day-to-day, I have decided this time to combine them in kind of stylistic inconsistency with the rather girlish dress. Furthermore I am wearing a destroyed oversized denim jacket being adorned with a Chanel brooch. In order to get more color within this look, I have finally picked the summery Chloé Drew bag.

I am totally in love with this look – What do you think about the compilation?

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Streetstyle – Hamburg

8. Juni 2016


ENG: Today I would like to introduce a further Streetstyle look with one of my favorite jeans at the moment. Probably you have already heard about the cool online shop „Storets“ because of its high presence in diverse Social Media channels. From my point of view it is absolutely justified as the fancy products correspond exactly my taste like this destroyed jeans with its great wearing comfort. I am combining the jeans with a black off shoulder dress and my beloved classical slingback pumps from Chanel. I am also a fan of upgrading bags with a bandanna, in this case happened with the Chloé Faye. The good thing about this look?! You can order it 1:1 here. :-)

Do you like the mix of classy & modern?

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