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29. März 2017


ENG: As you have maybe already recognized, I was invited to Frankfurt by s.Oliver last Saturday in order to celebrate the launch of the new „THE FUSION COLLECTION“. Already a few days before the collection’s presentation, I got a selected piece, that was introduced on my Instagram account last week. It is about a grey colored cropped sweater, the corresponding outfit on Instagram consisted of the sweater in combination with a same-color jeans, Gucci slipper as well as a chunky knit cardigan in grey. As suited accessories I decided for the black Saint Laurent bag and my new, mirrored Miu Miu sunglasses.
The special thing about the introduction of the „THE FUSION COLLECTION“ last Saturday was and is the „SEE NOW BUY NOW“ idea, so that the products were online available directly after the Fashion Show and can be bought in selected s.Oliver stores from this week on. The collection is themed „Athleisure Looks“ and tries to integrate athletic functional clothing in the daily life fashion, from my point of view a very cool, casual but also stylish collection being suited and established for women and men likewise. The campaign’s face is the lovely Karolina Kurkova, she was also part of the introduction and fashion show last Saturday besides some other well known guests like Lena Gercke or Noah Becker. The show took place at the Frankfurt festival hall with almost 2,000 invited people, Barbara Schoeneberger as quick-witted hoster and Max Giesinger as live music act created an exuberant atmosphere during the show, Robin Schulz was the responsible DJ for the after show party. Here can find the pieces of „THE FUSION COLLECTION“ from s.Oliver.

Which is your favorite piece?

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