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trend report | scandinavian interior

11. August 2019
scandinavian interior home

scandinavian interior home

DE: So gerne wie ich euch Teile aus unserer Wohnung zeige, dachte ich, es sei an der Zeit auf das Interior-Thema ein bisschen genauer einzugehen. Wie ihr wisst, bin ich gerade beim Thema Möbel ein großer Fan von Geradlinigkeit und klaren Linien. Genau aus dem Grund gefällt mir der skandinavische Stil so gut, der momentan in vielen Einrichtungshäusern und Onlineshops zu finden ist. Der Trend inkludiert jegliche Räume und Einrichtungsstücke von Bücherregalen, Sofas, Dekoration, Esstischen bis hin zu Kissen und Bilderrahmen.
Ob durchsichtiges Plexiglas zusammen mit Holz, großen Vasen, einheitlichen Farbschemen oder Designs angelehnt an Trends der 50er – ich habe für euch meine momentanen Einrichtungs-Favoriten im skandinavischen Stil zusammengestellt. 

Wie immer interessiert es mich total, wie ihr diesen Trend findet: Habt ihr selbst etwas in dieser Stilrichtung in eurer Wohnung oder findet ihr die klaren Linien eher ungemütlich? 

Aylin ♥

Lifestyle, Trend Report

trend report | home love

7. Februar 2018

ENG Every time I show our apartment on Instagram Stories I get asked if I don’t want to show more from our four walls. We are indeed planning a couple of new projects for our home which would also include a short video: Would you generally be interested in something like that? Maybe you have also seen that I have my own, little interior-shop at, where all of the products we currently have at home are linked to.
There is nothing better, than coming home after an event or a longer trip to a beautiful home, where with the right bits and pieces I can create an oasis of well-being. Following this I have put together a couple of pieces from our apartment and I hope you enjoy browsing through them. Maybe some of you will even find something fitting for themselves.

DE: Jedes Mal, wenn ich unsere Wohnung auf Instagram Stories zeige, erreichen mich wahnsinnig viele Nachrichten, ob ich nicht mehr aus unseren eigenen vier Wänden zeigen möchte. Tatsächlich planen wir für die Zukunft neue Projekte rund um unsere Wohnung, wozu auch ein kleines Video gehören würde: Hättet ihr hieran grundsätzlich Interesse? Vielleicht habt ihr auch schon mitbekommen, dass ich auf der Startseite von einen eigenen, kleinen Interior-Shop besitze, wo all unsere Produkte, die wir aktuell zuhause besitzen, verlinkt sind.
Für mich gibt es nichts Schöneres, als nach einem Event oder einer längeren Reise nach hause zu kommen und mir mit den richtigen Produkten eine kleine Wohlfühl-Oase zu schaffen. Im Folgenden habe ich euch ein paar Teile aus unserer Wohnung zusammengestellt und wünsche euch viel Spaß beim Stöbern. Vielleicht ist ja für den einen oder anderen etwas dabei.

Aylin ♥


home story #1 – Westwing

13. Oktober 2016


ENG: After getting so much demands concerning our new flat and the corresponding furniture, I would finally like to provide a short insight into our new housing. First of all sorry for the delay but to be honest, even after four months in our new flat it is still an ongoing process to establish the single rooms but of course, we feel already so good in it. Finding a new and nice flat in Hamburg is pretty difficult most of the time, especially when considering the fact, that this is not our first common flat, we really wanted to make little compromises. The waiting was definitely worth it because the flat in the old building style with its high ceilings and the wooden floorboards corresponds exactly our imaginations of a dreamful accommodation. It is a lot of fun for me to establish the flat, this is also the reason why I am regularly looking for suited furniture and appropriate interior. Especially at I always find my preferred pieces, this time it is a new coffee table and a lovely bench for the corridor. Westwing offers a wide range of different furniture and from my point of view even the perfect accessories, so that everyone of you should find something suited for the own flat or as a gift.

Now I would like to stop my written introduction and switch to the pictures and impressions. I am really excited about your feedback! ♥

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enliven your mornings

27. Mai 2016


ENG: What about the morning of a full-time blogger? Are there specific daily routines? Today I would like to introduce a typical morning for me.
Every day starts at that time, when my boyfriend is leaving our flat for getting to his workplace. Based on the fact, that we are the owner of a loving and trusting French bulldog, cuddling is an important part of my morning routine. After that I am getting ready for the day in the bathroom and receive the first packages from the parcel carriers. ;-)
Even as a teenager I already got a cup of coffee from my grandmother at regular intervals, of course with a huge milk share. From the start I have loved the full-bodied taste, this very day I prepare myself every morning a big cup of coffee after my bathroom routine. One of my favorite coffees are those from Nespresso based on their great quality, the wide selection and an affordable price-performance ratio. I am drinking periodically different coffee varieties, therefore I would like to introduce my favorite one at the moment, the Nespresso „Envivo Lungo“ with an intensity of 9 as the most intensive Grand Cru of the different Lungo variations. It is predestinated for the enjoyable morning coffee, even with some milk the „Envivo Lungo“ does not loose its intensity and the distinctive flavor. The dark roasted coffee is a composition of precious arabica beans from India and a Mexican robusta. The roasted flavor and the sensual scent remind of oak spice, gingerbread and caramel. With the Envivo Lungo there are now 24 Premium Grand Crus permanent available within the Nespresso coffee product range, 10 capsules of this coffee cost 3.70 EUR from today on.
During drinking my coffee every morning, I am also checking my mails. This part of my morning routine is very important to me based on the fact, that no chief is waiting and the whole responsibility is up to me. An energy loaded kick-start every morning just belongs to me in order to start the day buoyant. As soon as I have answered my mails and prepared photos and posts, I am walking with my dog around the Alster.

What about your daily routines? Are you also a fan of the Nespresso coffee experts?

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Interior – white, copper & pink

25. Mai 2016


ENG: Even if we are already looking for a new flat in Hamburg for some time, I would like to introduce my first interior post on the blog today. After a long search of a nice dinette and working area in terms of a solid and rustic wooden table in endless stores and online shops, we have finally found the appropriate table at IMPRESSIONEN. This shop has a wonderful assortment of interior products, even with regard to the table it was love on first sight because of its nice visual appearance as well as the perfect fit with the already existing living room accessories. As appropriate chair I have also ordered the Louis-Ghost from Kartell with the suited seat fur.
From my point of view there is nothing more beautiful than returning home and feeling well in one’s own four walls. Therefore even fresh flowers in the form of peonies or tulips as well as suited accessories are essential parts to feel comfortable at home. As huge fan of marble and copper in every imaginable form, I have also ordered a heavy, marble colored tablet and a table lamp in copper optic with a concrete foot at IMPRESSIONEN.
The unicorn is an achievement from the Trés Click party last week and I could not resist to place it on the images! ;-)

Besides these preferences I also love rose and white, therefore I always try to integrate these colors through small accents within our flat. After the reconstruction of our dinette, the associated wall was empty and needed an upgrade. In search of nice pictures I have found lots of suited motives at the online shop Juniqe. I could have spend a lot of time within this shop because of its fabulous assortment of nice poster and stationery.

At this point I have a very special highlight for you: With the code“AylinxJUNIQE“ you will get 15% on every purchase at Juniqe! :-)

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