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outfit | spring time in Hamburg

22. April 2018

ENGDo you know what makes me incredibly happy at the moment? The weather we currently get to enjoy in Hamburg! Unfortunately my mood is completely dependant on the weather, which is why I have mood swings all the time when its grey and cold for days and days on end. Most of you probably feel the same way after a long winter, though.Since almost the entire week gave us warmth and sunshine though, I was finally able to wear summer outfits again, without the fear of catching another cold or the strange looks of other people. I would like to show you one of those looks in today’s outfit-post. The highlight of this look is my new caftan from the H&M Conscious Collection, which officially started last Thursday. The caftan is not only an absolute eye-catcher, but its comfort and the numerous ways of combining it convinced me straight away. In this case I went with a combination of shorts by One Teaspoon, a statement shirt by Saint Laurent and western boots by Isabel Marant. Take a look at the new H&M collection, there are so many stylish and popular pieces.
I hope that I can show you many more summer outfits here on the blog soon, because I have enough ideas for cool looks and trendy ‘It pieces’ in my mind already. But now I am of course interested in your opinion too:

How do you like this look and would you generally like to see more outfit-posts on the blog?

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weekly focus 13 | 18

19. März 2018

ENGWith every week we are slowly getting closer to spring. Even Though the last couple of days have been absolutely joyous in terms of sunshine, it is still extremely cold and windy here. We have spent the entire last week in Hamburg, since we had two interesting events here on Wednesday and Thursday. One of them was the presentation of the PANDORA Shine-Collection, which definitely is one of my favorite jewellry collections based on their optics and quality. In addition to that we were in the Hamburg Store of italian brand ‘Fabiana Filippi’, which is mostly known for exclusive knitted products, modern designs and high-quality fabrics on Thursday night.
Other than that we are still in the process of furthering our wedding preparations and getting our apartments ready for spring. I can’t wait to leave the house in dresses and spend my free time on our balcony, but I guess most of us feel this way. :-)

Favorites of the Week: 

To Do: We will be in Amsterdam for an event by the wonderful lingerie brand Marie Jo on Wednesday night. I am especially excited for the stay, because the bloggers like Lena and Liberta wil be there as well and we will hopefully have a great and exciting time. From Thursday on we have a number of events in Hamburg, where I will of course take you via my Instagram Stories. In addition to that we are currently planning a trip South, since we haven’t been in the sun in what feels like ages and we are longing for some warmer days. I would love to just produce ‘summerly content’ on Instagram 24/7 and get your opinion on dresses and summer trends. About a year ago we went on a trip to the Maldives – but who knows where our planning will take us this year. The Maldives are definitely worth a trip. ;-)

Favorite post of the weekParis Fashion Week | Street Style

New In: Since the sun has been back in Hamburg a couple of times now, which has me planning my balcony a lot! I found some wonderful products on Westwing and found a little Sofa over the last weekend that I really liked. You should definitely take a look at, where you can find the new outdoor line since the past weekend. We have also ordered a little bench for our hallway, which I am incredibly excited for already, too.
Since so many of you asked about my beige Fabiana Filippi dress, I have linked it in light blue and cream down below. The looks as well as the quality of it are absolutely recommendable – I definitely love it!

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white & grey | Valentino Rockstud Spike bag

28. Januar 2018

ENGEven though I have already posted two Instagram-photos with this look, you guys were interested in even more details, which is why I decided to write a little blogpost about it, too! I was asked many times where I find the dresses to layer my looks and, to be honest – the answer isn’t even that difficult. :-) What’s important for these looks is that you use a dress with a soft and flowing material. This dress, for example, I found at H&M Trends about a year ago and I wear it with a grey knitted jumper, as well as my beloved Alexander McQueen Platform Sneakers. I think the look is very feminine, especially in combination with the new Valentino Ruckstud Spike bag in white, while the sneaker and my ACNE beanie along with the jumper create a cool change in style.

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weekly focus 02 | 18

9. Januar 2018

ENG: A very relaxing week is behind us where we were able to take out some time to heal our colds and aching throats, which means that this week I can fully focus on new projects and posts for you. Apart from the every day business we are intensely working on the newsletter for the end of the month and we also made some progress in regards to our wedding during the last few days. If you want to find out more about our Newsletter you can sign up on the homepage of my blog and take the chance to partake in an exclusive Designer-Sale.

Favorites of the week

To Do: We will be spending most of this week in Hamburg, before going to Berlin next week. The Fashion Week is coming up now and we still have a few things to prepare. I am especially excited for fashion week, because our team member Sarah is accompanying us, which means that we can produce even more exciting content for you.
But even before that we have another exciting date coming up, which is the visit of the Musical “The Lion King”. We watched it for the first time about ten years ago and as a great Disney-and Musical-Fan I am really excited for the show.
Apart from that I have spent my day with the amazing Kathleen, who put some life and structure back into my hair; you can find out more about that in today’s Instagram-Story. I get asked about who does my hair all the time, which is why I can only recommend Kathleen’s Instagram-Account.

Favorite post of the weekMax Mara oversized coat & Gucci belt

New In: I found this wonderful ‘oversized’ coat by Max Mara at Vite EnVogue, as well as an amazing pair Aquazzura Heels and a Dorothee Schumacher fur jacket. I have integrated the Max Mara Coat into a look last Sunday and wrote a blog post about it too, and the heels and fur jacket will be put to use during the Fashion Week in Berlin next week.

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Max Mara oversized coat & Gucci belt

7. Januar 2018

ENG: Happy sunny Sunday! The sun has been shining the entire day here in Hamburg, which honestly just felt so good – so we took the chance to take some photos straight away. With this outfit I would like to introduce you to my absolute favorite vintage find – this oversized Max Mara coat, which i spiced up with a Gucci belt. In combination with a black knitted sweater, a pair of Jeans, Gucci sneaker and the denim Chanel bag, this look isn’t only perfect for every day and every occasion, but also playful and stylish at the same time. The color combination of black, white and blue works well every time too, which is why I like to wear it to all kinds of events and occasions. Now I’m curious what you think:

Do you like the combination of ‘oversized’ coat and statement belt?

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pink & red | Edited oversized coat

8. November 2017


ENGGood morning from Munich, which is where I am for the Press Days at the moment. I arrived yesterday and was able to give you some impressions of what my next few days are going to look like, which I will – of course – do the next couple of days too. I still want to take the chance to show you another fall-look, that immediately puts me in a great mood due to its color combination. Even though I’m a fan of wearing earthy colors in fall and winter, the combination of red and pink is lovely and super trendy. I am specifically talking about the combination of a pink Edited the Label coat with red Gucci shoes, which probably sounds a bit daring at first, but to me makes a great connection. In order to make the look not too wild, I styled it with black vinyl pants and a black hoodie from Broken System. To finish this look I added a Chanel bag, that fits perfectly to the color of the coat and adds a bit of glamour to it.

Of course I am excited for your feedback, so -how do you like the look and color combination?

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Max Mara teddy coat | Self-Portrait dress

5. November 2017

ENG: I’ve fallen in love with a new piece, that I wouldn’t like to miss any more: the Max Mara teddy coat. This item is just predestined for me based on its fantastic oversized cut and the ‚on point‘ design. On Instagram I’ve already posted my look with the Max Mara coat for today’s blog post but your feedback during the week was positive in such a way, that I would now like to go into details.
The outfit itself consists of a dark blue Self-Portrait dress being converted in a skirt through the combination with a short knitted sweater and a Gucci belt. Furthermore I’m wearing my beloved ankle boots and the small backpack from Louis Vuitton, everything connected with the Max Mara teddy coat ensures that certain something within in this look and guarantees an incredibly high wearing comfort. For sure the individual prices of this outfit are relatively high but the combination of boots with oversized coats in general is very trendy this season and with the appropriate jeans you’re dressed in a stylish and suitable for everyday life manner from my point of view.

What do you think about this look? Enjoy your Sunday!

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black & beige | Fendi slides with socks

31. Oktober 2017

ENG: Today I would like to introduce a look, that is able to divide my user’s opinions based on the interaction of slipper with socks. Even last season I was a big fan of this combination, therefore I was even happier as my new Fendi slides arrived yesterday. I have already several variation possibilities in my mind but let us start from the very first beginning with the following outfit.
In detail it is all about the connection of the Fendi slipper with slightly transparent and black colored socks, even the combination with thick wool socks would be likewise suited. Furthermore I have decided for a cloth pants in black, a loose knitted sweater and an oversized, beige colored coat. The whole look is combined in matching colors with the slipper, just the small Prada bag ensures a certain spot of color. From my point of view this outfit is the perfect mix of style and protection against the cold temperatures outside.

What do you think about this look? Wish all of you happy Halloween!

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weekly focus 42 | 17

23. Oktober 2017

ENG: An exciting Week is over, in which I spent most of time away from Hamburg. We started our travels on Wednesday, when we flew to Paris with Cartier, to take part in a perfume presentation. We were able to get a look at the incredibly inspiring headquarter of Cartier Fragrances and visit the Palais de Tokyo, to see the so called #OSNI 1 Cube, which is a small glass complex, made after the image of a dice. Only two people are allowed to step inside the cube at a time and, walking up a small spiral staircase, you walk straight into a cloud of the new Cartier “L`Envol”. This experience is really difficult to explain, but the presentation was just sensational.
Then, last Friday, we went straight to Berlin to celebrate the new Mercedes Benz X-Class. We were picked up by a shuttle and, up until then, didn’t know anything about the location, since it was a secret event with guest-list-only access. The name of the show was #60minuteswithX and created an amazing atmosphere with live acts like German musicians such as Tim Bendzko, Kool Savas, and Sido. We spent the rest of the weekend with friends and family at home in Hamburg.

Favorites of the week

To Do: This week we are actually not traveling as much as usually, but we have a list of meetings and events in Hamburg. Tomorrow for example, we have an event with Edited the Label, where I will obviously take you with me through my Instagram Stories. Apart from that I am really excited for next Saturday, because Juliane (Styleshiver) and I are hosting a Blogger-Flea Market along with and at Second-Ella in the Hamburg city centre. I am going to connect the official Facebook-Event here and would love to see and meet you from 10am-2pm!

Favorite post of the week: trend report | oversized knit sweater

New In: Last week, I got the controversial Balenciaga triple S Sneaker, that are currently sold out everywhere. I had a large number of questions and enquiries if I might want to sell them. Indeed, the Sneaker do look rather big and “massive”, but that is also just their character and charm. Right now I am still quiet torn whether I want to sell them or not, but will definitely keep you posted through my Instagram Stories. Furthermore, I got the perfect pink knitted sweater from Edited, which I have already shown you here last week. Apart from that we had some rather quiet days, which has me even more excited of Saturday – since it will be the perfect opportunity to make some space in my closet. I will be relentless when it comes to finding pieces for the Blogger-Flea-Market ;-) Continue Reading…

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weekly focus 41 | 17

16. Oktober 2017



ENG: A new week is over and it feels like time is permanently running, probably you know this feeling in a same manner. We spent last week to a great extent in Hamburg with not only several meetings and accounting themes but also in terms of quality time with friends for a long time. In addition to that I was part of the Mango #Committed event last Thursday, the new collection is officially available from today on. For me there are really some nice pieces within the new collection and I’m even happier, that I could already get some items, you can find more about the particular pieces within the ‚New In‘ section. On Friday we moved on to Bremen for visiting the ‚Ischa Freimaak‘ with friends, the biggest public festival in Northern Germany. The last mentionable event last week was the launch of the new and beautiful hair salon of my beloved friend Kathleen, the official salon name is ‚Kathleen Hairdesign‘ and it’s located in Hamburg. :-)

Favorites of the week

To Do: Today my boyfriend and me were the first consumer at Kathleen’s new hair salon, some insights and first results are part of my Instagram Stories today. This Wednesday we’re traveling to one of my most preferred cities worldwide. Can you imagine, which one I mean? You’re right… it’s PARIS. We will stay two nights in this amazing city with Cartier Fragrances, via Instagram Stories I will take you with me to this exciting trip. We expect a varied and fascinating framework program as the contemporary art week takes also place this week in Paris.

Favorite post of the week: casual Edited the Label coat | Chanel sneaker

New In: As already mentioned above, I’ve got a lovely piece from the new Mango #Committed collection in terms of this amazing dress. For the launch event itself, I was allowed to choose a whole Mango outfit and I decided not only for the dotted dress but also for an oversized cashmere sweater and black colored boots. In addition to that I’ve found a new pair of boots from the ECCO shape collection, the shoes combine a high comfort and great style for creating sophisticated looks. I decided for the combination with a ‚fake fur‘ coat and a simple, black colored jeans, that is also part of my Instagram feed from last week. Last but not least I’m now the proud owner of the small ‚Chanel Gabrielle‚ bag in black. You know my preference for bags in general but to be honest until now I didn’t have a simple model in black, I’m still very happy with my decision because the bag can be worn cross body and as one shoulder bag based the two colored (gold and silver) and long strap.

Enjoy your week!

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