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weekly focus 12 | 17

27. März 2017


ENG: Today I would like to introduce my first weekly focus from our new flat and it feels so great. Yesterday we have spontaneously started with the first packing cases and could already establish a rather homely atmosphere after our wooden floorboards were cultivated once again. During the next days everything will be finished and I am already looking forward to it. As soon as everything is done, I will let you know via Instagram Stories! :-)
Maybe you have recognized, that I was invited to Frankfurt over the weekend by s.Oliver in order to celebrate the launch of the brand’s new Fusion Collection. The event and fashion show were absolutely worth seeing and attractively displayed, the whole atmosphere in the festival hall was exuberant. Soon there will follow a more detailed post about it here on the blog. In addition to that I have visited a lovely friend for getting a hair refreshment and I can highly recommend her for issues concerning balayage, hair densification and cut. She is a specialist in this matters here in Hamburg, so just let me know, should you be interested in her contact data.

Favorites of the week

To Do: Hard to believe but this week we will finally head to the Maldives and my pleasant anticipation is huge by now. Until then, we will try to furnish our flat as far as possible for enjoying the Maldives paradise to the full. As you know it from previous trips, I will take you with me via my different Social Media channels.

Your favorite post of the weekEscada Fiesta Carioca | Tenerife (btw – don´t miss the amazing giveaway)

New In: Before heading to the Maldives, I have got this beautiful beach jacket. Furthermore I have ordered these statement earrings at Mango as well as this blouse at Mango. Unfortunately I have sinned at mytheresa in terms of this amazing, nude colored mules from Prada but this also means: Now all we need is the Spring! :-)
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Amsterdam #Imperfect Event with Esprit

31. Oktober 2016

: A few days ago I have been to Amsterdam with Esprit in order to be part of the collection launch from the #Imperfect campaign. Maybe you have already recognized via Instagram, Facebook or even here on the blog, that I am collaborating with Esprit for introducing the new autumn and winter collection. In this context Esprit has invited all influencer/blogger to a common lunch in Amsterdam to get to know each other. The framework program consisted of a styling session as well as a canals tour through this lovely Dutch city.
The international blogger Gala Gonzalez and Miguel Carrizo are the official faces of the #Imperfect campaign and have also attended the event. The campaign’s focus is the „not perfect moment“ being an essential part of our daily life. Especially these moments belong frequently to the best and funniest memories in retrospect, so that everyone should more think about, whether the pursuit of perfection is always the right decision. Even for me anybody should not take oneself too serious and give more attention to the small things and incomplete situations in life. In this sense try to enjoy your next #Imperfect moment and see the positive aspects in the situation. :-)

DE: Vor einigen Tagen war ich gemeinsam mit Esprit beim Kollektionslaunch der #Imperfect Kampagne in Amsterdam. Vielleicht habt ihr auf Instagram, Facebook oder auch hier auf dem Blog schon von meiner Zusammenarbeit mit Esprit gelesen, bei der ich euch verschiedene Herbst- und Winterlooks vorgestellt habe. Esprit hat in diesem Zusammenhang alle Influencer/Blogger eingeladen sich beim gemeinsamen Lunchen in Amsterdam kennenzulernen. Dabei wurde eine Styling-Session eingelegt, den Abschluss bildete eine Grachtenfahrt durch die zahlreichen Kanäle dieser tollen Stadt.
Die internationalen Blogger Gala Gonzalez und Miguel Carrizo sind die Gesichter der #Imperfect Kampagne und waren beim Event ebenfalls vor Ort. Der Fokus dieser Kampagne liegt in den „nicht perfekten Momenten“, die rückblickend häufig dennoch zu den schönsten und lustigsten Erinnerungen zählen. Wir sollten uns auch meiner Meinung nach selbst nicht zu ernst nehmen und vor allem den kleinen Dingen und unvollkommenen Situation im Leben mehr Beachtung schenken. In diesem Sinne, genießt beim nächsten Mal euren #Imperfect Moment und versucht das Positive darin zu sehen. :-)

Aylin   ♥

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red oversized knit in Paris

30. Oktober 2016


ENG: Crazy, how fast time is running at the moment. I have still some looks left from my time in Paris during this year’s Fashion Week and today I would like introduce such an outfit. This look belongs definitely to my favorites based on its high comfort, style factor and protection against the bad autumn weather.
In general I am not a person with lots of different colors in an outfit, unless it is about pink and rose. ;-) With regard to this red colored Oversized sweater I could not resist and just had to go for it. Under the sweater I am wearing a long, plaid blouse in black and white as well as a Levi’s jeans. My footwear is a black leather version with an open heel, it is the perfect outfit rounding from my point of view based its matching color with the further accessories: sunglasses and bag.

What do you think about this look? Enjoy your Sunday!

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Pink velvet skirt

5. August 2016


ENGFor the new season both materials „silk“ and „velvet“ are very high in demand and I am very pleased about it. As I have discovered this wonderful velvet skirt two weeks ago, it happened to me because I am loving this kind of wrap skirts, in addition to that the color is sensational from my point of view. As stylistic incongruity I have decided to combine the skirt with my beloved Balenciaga Ceinture boots as well as a loose off shoulder blouse.

What do you think about silk and velvet?

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Fashion Week Berlin #3

7. Juli 2016


ENG: Finally I have got internet again and can now introduce a further look from the Berlin Fashion Week. This look is rather relaxed and colored in bright shades, in addition to that I have worn once again the Chloé Rainbow sandals with a pleasant heel height. The weather in Berlin was really nice, so that I have decided at the shooting day for a short jeans, a rose colored shirt as well as my beloved oversized summer coat. As matching color bag I have picked the Chloé Drew.
The lovely hairstyling team from Wella gave me this wet-look in the Blogger Bazaar HQ. For me this kind of hairstyling was definitely unaccustomed, nevertheless I have acquired a liking for this hairstyle after initial scepticism. Furthermore this outfit brought me good luck because with this one I have won a draw from Rebelle and now I am the proud owner of the Fendi Peek-a-Boo bag. Many thanks again to Rebelle for this really nice profit. :-)

What do you think about this look? And of course I am very interested in your opinion concerning my hairstyle?!

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