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Paris Fashion Week Street Style | Aylin Koenig

15. März 2018

ENG: I have been back in Hamburg for a couple of days now and look back at the time of Paris Fashion Week with rather mixed feelings. Of course Paris is an amazing city with unbelievably many sights and shopping areas that let the heart of any woman skip a beat, but the city has also not been spared of the cold, which created some frosty moments during our shoots!
Nevertheless I’d like to give you an overview of the looks that I wore during Paris Fashion Week. To me fashion is a passion that I consume every day and that I like to share with my surroundings, whether in the snow or during times of heat. Especially lately I received so many private messages with lovely comments on Instagram, that really touched me and make me incredibly happy. I am always so excited to see that my passion for fashion and lifestyle motivates and even inspires others. But let’s get to the looks of Paris Fashion Week, which I have put together for you in the following. I hope you have fun looking through them and please leave your feedback on your favorite look in a comment! Continue Reading…

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weekly focus 12 | 18

12. März 2018

ENGI have spent most of last week in Hamburg meeting friends, which is always especially nice and pleasant after the Fashion Weeks. Of course I am thankful to be able to travel and for all the amazing experiences along the way, but the most beautiful moments are created from time spent with friends. Since I am finally back on track with my health and have overcome the annoying cold, the blog will be a bit more busy in the near future too, and I have also prepared a ‘Best Of’ post with my looks from Paris, which I really want to share with you this week. I have also gone through my closet with the end of the Fashion Weeks and picked some high quality pieces for the Designersale at the end of the month. You can easily sign up for the newsletter on the landing page of my blog and have the chance to get your hands on some exciting designer pieces.

Favorites of the Week: 

To Do: I will spend this entire week in Hamburg, since two important events are on the schedule: I have an important meeting this afternoon in regards to our wedding this summer, and then on Wednesday PANDORA will launch their new collection in Hamburg. I am not allowed to give you any insights at the moment, but if you take a quick look at my Instagram profile you can find a Teaser-Post with some pieces of the collection that are absolutely dreamy.
Other than that the wedding planning takes up much of our time, even though one of the most important decisions has already been made: I have found my wedding dress and am just so HAPPY that it all worked out. I will promise to show you many many photos on the blog and on my Instagram in the summer,  but I have to ask for your patience until then. :-) To be completely honest, it just feels crazy that I will officially be married in about four months. I am incredibly excited for the moment already and am getting emotional just thinking about the wedding. To be a little tanned for the wedding we are currently planning a holiday in Dubai and/or Abu Dhabi during the spring. Since we have never been in either of the two places we are unsure how to best plan the trip. Do you have any tips or recommendations that we should definitely include?

Favorite post of the week: weekly focus 11 | 18

New In: Maybe you can remember the Burberry Shopper from Milan? I just found the bag so practical that I decided to keep it. I also ordered a yellow cardigan, a striped oversized blouse as well as a jumpsuit and I can’t wait for the warmer days and for the ease of summer to finally compa back to Hamburg.

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Street Style Milan Fashion Week

2. März 2018

ENG: Bonjour from Paris, the last Fashion Week destination this season with various shows and events. I could already gain great insights and will share all my experiences and trends for the next autumn/winter season after my arrival in Germany here on the blog.
Nevertheless I would now like to introduce my outfits from Milan Fashion Week. Due to the bad weather it was impossible to shoot spring looks, most of the time I was forced to use a layering option but see yourself below. I really hope, that I can show more vernally outfits pretty soon, it is definitely time for warmer temperatures. :-)

Which look do you like most? Have fun browsing! Continue Reading…

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Copenhagen Fashion Week

4. Februar 2018

ENG: It was only a brief treat but also a very nice one, my very first stay in Copenhagen this week. From Turkey I took a direct flight to the Danish capital being very impressive concerning the architecture and fashion consciousness. I came across open-minded, courteous and stylish people, so I’m sure my next stay in Copenhagen will follow very soon.
My focus this week was obviously the shows and events in line with the Fashion Week, so below you can find an overview of my looks, that were shot by the great street style photographer Christian (‚The Styleograph‚). In this sense:

What is your favorite look?

DE: Es war ein kurzes aber auch sehr schönes Vergnügen diese Woche in Kopenhagen für die Fashion Week gewesen zu sein. Direkt aus der Türkei ging es am Mittwochmorgen in die dänische Hauptstadt, die nicht nur architektonisch, sondern auch modisch einiges zu bieten hat. Die Leute sind offen, zuvorkommend und sehr stylisch unterwegs, sodass ich definitiv noch einmal zurückkommen werde, um die Stadt richtig zu erkunden.
Da ich vor allem für Shows und Events im Rahmen der Fashion Week vor Ort war, möchte ich euch im Folgenden einige Looks zeigen, die von dem großartigen Christian (‚The Styleograph‚) fotografiert wurden. Viel Spaß beim Stöbern und hinterlasst mir gerne euer Feedback, in diesem Sinne:

Welcher Look gefällt euch am besten?

Aylin ♥

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MBFW Berlin January 2018 | all street style looks

21. Januar 2018

ENGAs you have probably seen via my Instagram Account, we were at Berlin Fashion Week from Monday through Friday. We had a number of things to do this time as well, including shows, events, projects and client meetings. Since I usually change my outfits multiple times a day during Fashion Week, I would like to give you an overview of my looks. Even though we were pretty unlucky with the weather, we were still able to create some inspiring results, and our mood wasn’t ruined after all :-)
I showed you some of my personal favorites in an exclusive blogpost on Friday already, but please let me know which look you like best, too. I would love to hear your thoughts and get some feedback on these outfits :-) Continue Reading…

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#MBFW | Aquazzura heels & Chanel denim bag

19. Januar 2018

ENGHappy Friday! Especially in such cold and nasty weather, the longing for sunshine and warmer days is a huge thing for me, which is why I took the chance right in the first rays of sunshine to shoot one of my favorite looks for the upcoming season! These beautiful Aquazzura stiletto sandals are an absolute eye catcher and can easily be combined to different outfits and for various occasions. I took the chance and combined them with the Denim Chanel bag, since I feel like these two nuances of blue are perfect together. With a flowing dress and a soft H&M Trend sweater that moved in with me last week, the layering look I was going for is completed. The sunglasses by Chloé are a perfect add-on, since the soft rose color matches the dress and creates a harmonic color scale, that fits perfectly to the – hopefully soon to be here – spring season. And just like that another great look is ready, which can be worn to different occasions due to the number of different highlights that have been integrated into the look. But before we go into the next season – hopefully soon – I would like to know: Do you wear different layers to make the look more exciting too?

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#PFW Street Style Looks

8. Oktober 2017

IMG_8428ENG: Now we’re already one week back in Germany with the exception of the event in Verona, and I’m still looking back to the last September week in Paris with pleasure. Even if I’m always happy to come home after a journey, we had really some nice days and exciting moments in the French capital. Not only during Fashion Week, even in general Paris belongs to my favorite cities and most popular destinations, that I’ve seen until now.
For this reason I would like to introduce my preferred looks from that time, similar to the articles of the previous Fashion Weeks. We spent one week in Paris and tried to shoot as much as possible outfits for you, some of them are already posted on Instagram. Should you have questions concerning single pieces, you can gladly leave your feedback below. In this sense:

Which one is your favorite outfit? Enjoy your Sunday! Continue Reading…

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weekly focus 38 & 39 | 17

3. Oktober 2017


ENG: After more than 10hours of sleeping I can finally write today’s „weekly focus“ from our own flat in Hamburg. I’m very grateful for the last Fashion Week month but now I’m more than happy to be back at home. We had great conversations, met new and lovely people and gathered so much positive experiences.
Last week started with a day in Disneyland because Pandora invited several blogger to celebrate the Disney collection, that will be available from the 5th October on. From here we moved on to Paris with L’Oréal in order to test some new products, to visit the laboratory as well as to be part of events in regards of the Fashion Week. My personal highlights were definitely the Balmain party and the Sonja Rykiel Show. The big final of our common journey was the L’Oréal Fashion Show at the Champs-Élysées on Sunday. It was a secret project with designer like Balmain, Sonja Rykiel, Off White or Isabel Markant. A really huge spectacle with models like Doutzen Kroes, Stefanie Giesinger, Lena Meyer Landrut or Irina Shayk.

Favorites of the week

To Do: Today our French Bulldog is coming back from a family holiday and as you can imagine we’re so looking forward to it. Tomorrow is a very special day because a production team of the online shop Fashionette is going to produce a small home story, as soon as there will be the first results, I will let you know. :-) On Friday I’m going to fly to Verona for being part of the legendary Intimissimi ice show, the motto this year: „A Legend of Beauty“! I’m already so excited and will definitely take you with me Friday evening.

Favorite post of the week: Aigner Store in Hamburg – Street Style

New In: In Milan I couldn’t resist anymore, I just had to buy my new Gucci sneaker in the color combination red and blue. For some time I was so keen on this model and since the purchase I’m wearing them almost every day. In addition to that I’ve ordered some lovely pieces at Edited: a red colored vinyl skirt, a black colored vinyl pants as well as an oversized coat in rose. Last but not least I’ve finally got the perfect „ear cuff“, Loren Stewart sent me an amazing model of its limited Net-A-Porter collection. A very eventful but also thankful week.

Enjoy your week!

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#LFW & #MFW Street Style Favorites

1. Oktober 2017


ENG: First of all I would like to apologize the calm and irregularity on my blog but last month was incredibly eventful based on the International Fashion Weeks  and lots of appointments. Of course this condition will be changed in October and I can pass over to my familiar routines. At the moment we’re still in France for the Paris Fashion Week, nevertheless I would now like to introduce a selection of my favorite looks from London and Milan.
For me the biggest challenge of one month fashion week marathon is to get inspiration and to reinvent oneself on a daily base. In London and Milan there raised lots of different looks and styles, that I’ve already announced on my Instagram account to some extent. I really hope, that my outfit selection has the potential to inspire and of course I’m very excited about your feedback for choosing the most popular outfit.

In this sense: Enjoy rummaging and leave a comment referring your favorite outfit choice. :-) Continue Reading…

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New York Special – My favorite #NYFW Looks

17. September 2017


ENG: It’s‘ Sunday morning and we’re already in London for visiting shows and events in regards to the first European Fashion Week. Nevertheless I would now like to introduce my favorite New York City looks of recent days. For me New York is one of the most inspiring cities worldwide, on my previous journeys I’ve only rarely experienced such a charm, character and tolerance like in NYC. Based on the warm weather, you will find rather summery outfits below but I can already promise, that autumn looks wont’t be long in coming – promised! :-)

Which look is your favorite one? Enjoy your Sunday!

DE: Es ist Sonntagmorgen und wir befinden uns bereits in London, um Shows und Events im Rahmen der 1. Europäischen Fashion Week zu besuchen. Dennoch möchte ich euch heute gerne meine favorisierten Looks aus New York zeigen. Für mich ist New York eine der inspirierendsten Städte der Welt, so viel Charm, Charakter und Toleranz habe ich auf meinen bisherigen Reisen kaum woanders erlebt. Da es in NYC wieder einmal sehr warm war, sind einige sehr sommerliche Looks dabei, die ersten Herbst-Outfits werden aber bestimmt bald folgen – versprochen! :-)

Welcher Look gefällt euch persönlich am besten? Genießt euren Sonntag!

Aylin  ♥

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