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19. August 2019

My loves, it feels like time is running at the moment and while it was spring just yesterday, it seems to be fall tomorrow. We are in a very intense stage with our label this year and have pretty much left our comfort zone with that, too. What I mean by that? Our label was established in Germany as well as internationally – and while we could till focus 100% on the blog, we are just too excited. I want to achieve more, work on my passion more and grow our baby, the label, even more. Right from the first second, we took everything in our own hands: our own design, working with producers and suppliers, managing the logistics and the customer service. There is no large corporation behind our label, but a small team that works passionately on ‘by Aylin Koenig’. I am so incredibly happy how things have developed and how amazing your feedback has been so far. Especially working with producers takes up so much time, which is why so many of the steps happen in the background, and those normally take up the largest part of our time. That is also why the other side (the blog) is a little quiet at the moment, but I will try to get everything back in line again in the future – I promise. For that part, we have also been looking for some support of our team and are having interviews at the moment. Step by step with a lot of excitement and motivation we are looking at the near future.

Favourites of the week:

To Do: After we have moved int our new office and showroom we will spend this week up until Friday in Hamburg, before leaving for Los Angeles on Saturday. I am incredibly excited to be travelling with my Pandora family again and seeing the new collection. In addition to that our linen blazer and a limited version of the light tye-dye shirt will be launched soon.

Favourite post of the week: Designer of the month: Bottega Veneta 

New In: I ordered a new oversized coat in black from H&M and a grey knitted sweater. Additionally, I picked a beige knitted sweater at the womens section, as well a super beautiful oversized Blazer from the mens section at COS. For the rather dark days we are currently having in Hamburg at the moment, two pairs of colourful sneakers were able to move in with me – the Adidas Pride Sneakers, as well as the Adidas Yung-1 in neon green – and I love both models very much.

I hope you all have a sunny and successful week!


office interior wasting

ring stucking

adidas pride sneaker


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