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22. July 2019

My loves, last weeks we’re so busy. Together with Ciroc and Mischung we went to Ibiza for three days and had a wonderful time. We stayed at the 7 Pines Hotel, which is on the west side of the island and therefore 20-30 minutes by car to the old town of the city. It’s a beautiful hotel with a direct view over the popular ‘es vedra’ hill. 

Then we looked at a potential new office space which is very close to our apartment. Please keep your fingers crossed that we will be able to sign the lease this week and begin a new, very exciting chapter. Why we need this external work space? We’d like to expand our team a little more and want to start a showroom for our label, as well as we want our home to be ‘just our home’ again.

favorite items of the week:

To Do: this week will be spent in Hamburg, since we have a few exciting things coming up: I have the chance to have the name ‘Koenig’ registered as my official artists name. Because of the wedding taking Tonias’ name there is some confusion with some client collaborations from time to time or when I get invited to events. I am very excited to have both names officially soon.  
Besides the registration of the name and visiting the potential office space again we also have our team member Sarah coming. She will spend a few days with us to work on content creation and will help make some decisions for the by Aylin Koenig label. Especially here we have some things almost crossing the finish line, so it’s a very hot phase! Of course I will take you on the journey of this exciting week via Instagram.

favorite blog post of the week: weekly focus 10 | 19

New In: A new pantsuit in blush rose, a new wrap dress, a short ruffled top and a dress found their way into my closet last week. Apart from that it was a quiet week in terms of new additions. 

I hope you all have a sunny and successful week!


cropped shirt: by Aylin Koenig
skirt: by Aylin Koenig

cropped shirt: by Aylin Koenig

cropped shirt: by Aylin Koenig

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