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2. August 2019


Good morning from sunny Hamburg! After we had a few very busy days I want to take some time again today to publish something on the blog. Even though we are currently in an absolute heatwave, it does get a little chilly late at night. Especially here up North we have a few winds blowing, so taking a jacket when you’re out late is always a good idea. 

As you know I am a huge fan of blazers, as I have already written about here. Another jacket design that will be really big in the upcoming season though is the Trenchcoat in a new interpretation. The light coat, which is mostly made from popeline or gabardine is the absolute icon of all coats – even Audrey Hepburn wore a classic version of it back in the day. Something I really love about trenchcoats is that they are timeless and so versatile; whether elegantly with a dress and high heels or in a more casual combination with jeans, an oversized pullover and ballerinas. Even with the shorter tights or leggings and sneakers the trenchcoat works really well. It really can be worn completely uniquely. 

How do you like the classic of all the coats?

Aylin ♥


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