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20. June 2019

You guys, I hope that where ever you are the sun is shining as much as it is here. It feels so good that the sun is finally here to stay, and I couldn’t be any happier about it. The sun on my skin is just such a special feeling that I miss on the cold days. But now on to today’s topic: Eyecatcher sneakers!

As you know I am a huge fan of comfortable shoes – whether it’s slippers, sandals in the summer, boots in the winter or just sneakers in any season, comfortable shoes are a must-have, especially now for the summer days. After many models, such as the popular Balenciagas that are always sold out, were such a big trend in the last season, the coming weeks will be full of unique designs. Anything that makes an outfit more interesting or fashionable is allowed: this trend is incredibly unique and individually applicable from my point of view. Whether it is high tops, neon coloured laces, logo prints on jacquard fabric or large buckles: the new interpretations fulfill any wishes. I personally like to wear those athletic shoes with skirts or flowy dressed to create a break in the style. This immediately makes an outfit more stylish and creates a small unexpected wow-effect! :-)

What do you think about sneakers in summer? Do you like the striking models or do you prefer the simple, classic ones?

Aylin ♥


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