Designer of the month: Bottega Veneta

13. August 2019
Bottega Veneta - Designer of the month

Bottega Veneta - Designer of the month

The luxury fashion brand Bottega Veneta was founded in 1966 and has been known for the special braiding technique for the leather they use for a number of products. Translated, ‘Bottega Veneta’ means Venecian workshop, because the brand was founded in the 60’s in Venice. Until today, the high quality leather craftsmanship is what you connect with the label, and the newest collection brings this heritage back to life.

The ‘Pouch’ is currently one of my absolute favorite bags, and I like to wear it with so many different outfits. I personally am lucky enough to own two models of it, and as you have probably seen on my Instagram channel, I wear the blue as well as the cream colored version to almost any occasion. Bottega Veneta belongs to the Kering Group now and the creative director is Daniel Lee since 2019, who worked at Celine before then. It was Lee who went back to the history and heritage of the brand so much and focused on design traditions, which definitely brought the brand forward again. I love the Pouches and braiding technique that can be recognized and connected to Bottega Veneta, as well as the quality of the leather and finishing of the products are absolutely incredible.

Have fun with the following item selection!

Aylin ♥

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