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trend report | Sandals

30. July 2019

My dears, since we are so busy with my label by Aylin Koenig at the moment I wanted to take the chance to talk about one of my current favorite topics. As you know I am a huge fan of shoes, and especially during the summer there are so many different models. Even though today won’t be about anything completely new or innovative but about a known topic, I wanted to put together an overview of my favorites: The sandale. Almost all designers and brands developed their own version of the summer classic, and there are so many different forms and versions that make choosing really difficult. I personally really like delicate sandals with a low heel, because that immediately creates a feminine look, but I definitely own a number of different styles too. 

Luxury brands such as Prada oftentimes go for the slipper-form with thin straps, while Gucci designed a number of interpretations of the rubber slides. Something they both have in common – as well as all the other models – is the fact that you can wear them to absolutely any outfit, whether it’s with a dress, skirt, pants – they go perfectly with all kinds of outfits. 

Which model do you prefer when it’s this hot outside?

Aylin ♥



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weekly focus 11 | 19

22. July 2019

My loves, last weeks we’re so busy. Together with Ciroc and Mischung we went to Ibiza for three days and had a wonderful time. We stayed at the 7 Pines Hotel, which is on the west side of the island and therefore 20-30 minutes by car to the old town of the city. It’s a beautiful hotel with a direct view over the popular ‘es vedra’ hill. 

Then we looked at a potential new office space which is very close to our apartment. Please keep your fingers crossed that we will be able to sign the lease this week and begin a new, very exciting chapter. Why we need this external work space? We’d like to expand our team a little more and want to start a showroom for our label, as well as we want our home to be ‘just our home’ again.

favorite items of the week:

To Do: this week will be spent in Hamburg, since we have a few exciting things coming up: I have the chance to have the name ‘Koenig’ registered as my official artists name. Because of the wedding taking Tonias’ name there is some confusion with some client collaborations from time to time or when I get invited to events. I am very excited to have both names officially soon.  
Besides the registration of the name and visiting the potential office space again we also have our team member Sarah coming. She will spend a few days with us to work on content creation and will help make some decisions for the by Aylin Koenig label. Especially here we have some things almost crossing the finish line, so it’s a very hot phase! Of course I will take you on the journey of this exciting week via Instagram.

favorite blog post of the week: weekly focus 10 | 19

New In: A new pantsuit in blush rose, a new wrap dress, a short ruffled top and a dress found their way into my closet last week. Apart from that it was a quiet week in terms of new additions. 

I hope you all have a sunny and successful week!


cropped shirt: by Aylin Koenig
skirt: by Aylin Koenig

cropped shirt: by Aylin Koenig

cropped shirt: by Aylin Koenig

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weekly focus 10 | 19

15. July 2019

My loves, it’s been a while since I have last published a new ‘weekly focus’. The last weeks were so busy with trips, events and tasks related to my own label by Aylin Koenig. Yet, I try to take you on all the trips via my Instagram account. Even just in the first half of July we went to Berlin to attend Berlin Fashion Week, and afterwards Tobi and I spent a long weekend in Palma to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. Immediately after I went to Paris with Chanel Beauty, and I am incredibly thankful for all the impressions I was able to collect, but am still happy to be back home and spend time with family and friends, and of course our french bulldog Summer.

Lieblinge der Woche

To Do: The first days of this week will be spent in Hamburg. We are currently working tirelessly on new products for the by Aylin Koenig label, and I already showed you the oversized linen blazer in beige on my Instagram channel. In addition, we will add a few beautiful summer pieces and the production of sold-out items is progressing really well also. 
I will then spend a few days in Ibiza with a client, and am already excited to be back on this special island. Of course I will take you guys on this trip with me via Instagram!

Lieblingsbeitrag der Woche: trend report | designer bags under 500€

New In: A few new pieces moved in with me within the last few days, amongst other things this amazing oversized coat by Rokh, this dreamy Ulla Johnson bag in a new style and a pair of white pants by The Frankie Shop. The lovely Aimee by Song of Style then also sent me three pieces from her collection: An orange cropped blouse with the matching skirt, as well as a cream coloured blouse
Apart from that I am in love with Bottega Veneta again and am able to call this light blue pouch my own in collaboration with Mytheresa. Another lucky necklace by Bottega Veneta was also added to the collection. :-) 

Have a wonderful and successful week!

Aylin ♥

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trend report | ring stacking

12. July 2019

ring stacking

My loves, after it was comparably quiet on the blog lately I am back today with a new post! First Tobi and I went to Berlin for the Fashion Week in the beginning of July and had an amazing time, before we went to Mallorca for a long weekend to celebrate our first wedding anniversary.
In Berlin we saw Pandora’s new collection, which is wonderful. We have been working with them for quite some time now so it was great to be back with them. I am absolutely in love with the creativity of the new collection again. 

As you probably know I love combining different styles, and it is no different with jewelry. Of course I always wear my engagement and wedding ring 24/7, but I also like to combine a number of other rings with it, too.
‘Ring stacking’ has been a trend for some time now, but I still find it really interesting and exciting to wear your own personal style even on your hands. My go-to colour is gold for jewelry, but apart from that there are absolutely no limits to your creativity – whether it is about the finger you wear them on, which style or even which position of the finger or how many rings you decide to wear overall. My motto for jewelry, whether its earrings, bracelets or rings is ‘more is more’. ;-)
A trend in the jewelry segment that will be very popular this season will be small highlights and accents, whether in the form of colourful stones or pearls. In addition there will be different sizes of the goodies: a very popular style at Fashion Week were rings in the style of signet rings in combination with fine, golden finger rings. 

I have put together a variety of my current favorites for you, with which you can ‘dress your hands’ completely uniquely and freely. I hope you like the designs – and as always I am so excited for your feedback! 



Trend Report

trend report | designer bags under 500

6. July 2019

ENG: As I always get so many requests about my bags on Instagram I wanted to put together something slightly different for you today. This trend report is not necessarily about a specific trend, but rather a very popular product group: handbags. Designer bags are probably the holy grail of the fashion world because it’s the first luxury item for many. And that’s what it was like for me, too: my first purchase from a famous designer was a handbag, that I still like to use today. Stil,l you shouldn’t forget that there are many handbags out there that have all the requirements of a designer handbag and cost a lot less, too: quality, design, timelessness – all of that can be found for under 500€. And that is exactly why I spent a lot of time in a number of online shops today to find the best handbags that have all those aspects for you guys. I hope that there is one or two models in there for all of you and for any taste and that I found what you like. :-)

As always I look forward to your feedback and if you like my selection. Have a great week!


Trend Report

trend report | summer dresses

24. June 2019

As the weather is an absolute dream I wanted to talk about one of my favourite topics: summer dresses! The many different styles, that will be available this summer make for perfect combinations for any style – whether it is elegant, cool, playful or feminine – the different designs make the perfect foundation for a beautiful summer outfit. As you know I only show skin very selectively: When I wear a short dress, it is always with a high neckline, and when I wear a plunging neckline it is at least a midi or even a maxi dress. Some of my favourites are the long dresses, which I then like to wear with a small statement bag or a pair of stylish sunglasses – and the perfect summer outfit is ready! But the short versions can be super stylish, too – whether with sneakers or high heels – with the many different designs that are currently available by the designers, anything is possible.

Which length do you like best for a dress? And are you as excited for summer as I am? :-)

Aylin ♥


Trend Report

trend report | eye catcher sneaker

20. June 2019

You guys, I hope that where ever you are the sun is shining as much as it is here. It feels so good that the sun is finally here to stay, and I couldn’t be any happier about it. The sun on my skin is just such a special feeling that I miss on the cold days. But now on to today’s topic: Eyecatcher sneakers!

As you know I am a huge fan of comfortable shoes – whether it’s slippers, sandals in the summer, boots in the winter or just sneakers in any season, comfortable shoes are a must-have, especially now for the summer days. After many models, such as the popular Balenciagas that are always sold out, were such a big trend in the last season, the coming weeks will be full of unique designs. Anything that makes an outfit more interesting or fashionable is allowed: this trend is incredibly unique and individually applicable from my point of view. Whether it is high tops, neon coloured laces, logo prints on jacquard fabric or large buckles: the new interpretations fulfill any wishes. I personally like to wear those athletic shoes with skirts or flowy dressed to create a break in the style. This immediately makes an outfit more stylish and creates a small unexpected wow-effect! :-)

What do you think about sneakers in summer? Do you like the striking models or do you prefer the simple, classic ones?

Aylin ♥


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weekly focus 09 | 19

17. June 2019

ENG: My loves, I am so sorry about the lack of weekly focus blog posts, but we were on the road constantly in the last few weeks and went on vacation with friends, which I really wanted to enjoy and take things easy during. After we spent a week in Ibiza and four days on the German island Sylt, I am now completely motivated to put all my energy back into the blog. Since so many of you had questions about my favorite hotspots in Ibiza, I wrote and published a blog post about it last week – please feel free to take a look at that too. We spent the Pentecost weekend with friends on Sylt and has so much fun there too. Since we only posted two photos in four days, you can probably imagine that other things we being prioritized during the time. ;-)

We are working really hard on organizing and producing new items for the by Aylin Koenig label and now have some additional help in our team to produce samples even faster and more professional in the future. On the other hand that also means that there is less time investment needed, and that we can act and react much faster now, too. We currently are a typical start-up with the label, and are doing everything ourselves, which is why some steps of the work just take longer sometimes. Yet, we are so happy and proud of how positively the products were received by you guys.

Favorites of the week: 

To Do: Right now it seems as though we will actually be in Hamburg for the next two weeks and to be honest, we couldn’t be any happier about it looking at the weather. I love traveling, but I enjoy being in Hamburg and enjoying the normal day to day life just as much. This week we have some great projects coming up, but more news about this will follow soon. Other than that, the everyday madness is currently happening. ;-)

Favorite post of the week: Ibiza Summer Look w/ MyTheresa

New In: I got asked about my new pearls and the ‘A’ necklace, and they are both by ‘Pacharee’ via Net-A-Porter. Additionally a pair of cool Adidas Sneakers and a yellow ACNE hoodie moved in with me this week. In collaboration with Arket I then picked this colourful slip dress, as well as a white dress.


DE: Meine Lieben, entschuldigt die Abstinenz meines weekly focus, jedoch waren wir in den letzten Wochen viel unterwegs und haben Urlaub mit Freunden gemacht, bei dem ich es bewusst einfach ein bisschen ruhiger angehen wollte. Nachdem wir eine Woche auf Ibiza und vier Tage auf Sylt waren, bin ich jetzt voller Tatendrang und motiviert wieder Vollgas zu geben. Da viele Fragen bzgl. meiner favorisierten Hotspots auf Ibiza aufgekommen sind, habe ich euch letzte Woche einen Blogbeitrag dazu verfasst – schaut gerne mal rein. Das Pfingstwochenende haben wir mit Freunden auf Sylt verbracht und dabei unglaublich viel Spaß gehabt. Wenn genau zwei Bilder in vier Tagen entstanden sind, könnt ihr euch bestimmt vorstellen, dass andere Dinge im Vordergrund standen. ;-)
Aktuell sind wir fleißig am Organisieren und Produzieren des by Aylin Koenig Labels und haben nun eine weitere tolle Hilfe im Team, um zukünftig noch schneller und professioneller neue Samples anfertigen lassen zu können. Im Umkehrschluss bedeutet dies, dass wir einen geringeren Zeitaufwand haben und schneller agieren können. Derzeit sind wir noch ein klassisches Start-Up mit dem Label und erarbeiten alles aus eigener Hand, sodass manche Arbeitsschritte einfach ein bisschen länger dauern. Nichtsdestotrotz sind wir unglaublich stolz und glücklich, dass unsere bisherigen Produkte so positiv von euch angenommen wurden.

Lieblinge der Woche

To Do: Die nächsten zwei Wochen sind wir, Stand jetzt, tatsächlich in Hamburg und ehrlicherweise könnte ich bei den aktuellen Wetteraussichten nicht glücklicher darüber sein. Ich liebe es zu verreisen, jedoch bin ich mindestens genauso gerne in Hamburg und genieße den “Alltag”. Diese Woche stehen einige tolle Projekte an aber dazu gibt es schon ganz bald mehr. Ansonsten herrscht hier lediglich der tägliche Wahnsinn. ;-)

Lieblingsbeitrag der Woche: Ibiza Summer Look w/ MyTheresa

New In: Es kamen so viele Fragen bzgl. meiner neuen Perlen und der “A” Kette auf, die beide von “Pacharee” via Net-A-Porter erhältlich sind. Außerdem durften ein paar coole Adidas Sneaker und ein gelber ACNE Hoodie bei mir einziehen. In Zusammenarbeit mit Arket habe ich mir dieses farbenfrohe Slipdress sowie weißes Kleid ausgesucht.

Aylin ♥

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trend report | ear cuffs

23. May 2019


ENG: You guys, I hope your Monday is as sunny as mine. As I am spending some more time in the office after the last two trips, I wanted to write about one of my favourite kinds of jewellery: ear cuffs. As you know I am a big fan of dainty, golden pieces of jewellery and like to combine multiple different rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets, to create unique looks.

What I like best about the small rings, that are available in all different variations, is that they can be worn without a piercing and therefore be placed anywhere on the ear – and can be changed or combined with other ear cuffs too.  Many of the different models that I find mostly stylish are either decorated with small stones or pearls and therefore look even more unique. But those of you who like it a little more simple, there are designs to match that wish too. With the many different styles that these small pieces of jewellery can come in, the perfect one is out there for anyone. And it makes them so versatile, too: whether you wear them with elegant, small earrings, large hoops or even with big, eye catcher earrings – they make every outfit perfect.

I have put together my favourites for you below and I hope that you will find some you like too, and I especially hope that you like this summer jewellery trend as much as I do!

Aylin ♥

DE: Ihr Lieben, ich hoffe euer Morgen ist ebenso sonnig, wie meiner! Da ich nach den beiden Trips in den letzten Tagen wieder etwas mehr Zeit im Büro verbringe, wollte ich heute über einen meiner absoluten Lieblings-Schmuck-Trends schreiben: Ear Cuffs.

Wie ihr wisst, bin ich ein absoluter Fan von zierlichem, goldenen Schmuck und kombiniere gerne mehrere Ringe, Ketten, Ohrringe oder Armreifen miteinander, um individuelle Looks zu kreieren.

Was ich an den kleinen Ringen, die in jeglichen Variationen verfügbar sind, besonders gut finde ist: sie können ohne Piercing und so an jeder Stelle des Ohrs getragen, nach Belieben gewechselt oder auch mit weiteren Ringen kombiniert werden.

Viele der Modelle, die ich besonders stylisch finde, sind entweder mit Perlen oder kleinen Steinen verziert, da sie so noch individueller wirken. Wer es allerdings schlichter mag, für den gibt es auch gänzlich einfache Designs. Die vielen Stilrichtungen, die diese kleinen Schmuckstücke verkörpern können, machen sie so vielseitig: Ob mit eleganten Steckern, großen Kreolen oder sogar langen, auffälligen Ohrringen, sie sind so vielseitig kombinierbar, dass sie jedes Outfit abrunden.

Ich habe euch unten einige meiner Favoriten zusammengestellt und hoffe, dass ihr ebenfalls fündig werdet und vor allem, dass euch der sommerliche Schmuck-Trend ebenso gut gefällt wie mir!

Aylin ♥

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weekly focus 08 | 19

21. May 2019


ENG: My loves, we are back home after spending the last week in Greece. More specifically, we were in the dreamy Amanzoe Hotel, which is part of the legendary Aman Hotel Group. Those of you that have been watching my Instagram stories might understand why I am sticking to superlatives to describe our time and can’t stop speaking so highly of the trip. It has always been a dream of mine to stay in one of the Aman Hotels because they have this magic about them. And now I can finally say it for myself: the service, the location, the exclusivity – it was all really magical and a true paradise. The Amanzoe Hotel is a two hour drive from the airport in Athens and offers classic hotel rooms as well as private villas, where you can spend an unforgettable time with your friends or family.

Favorites of the week: 

To Do: After the beginning of our week was a little unlucky, we are spending the entire week in Hamburg. We had a stay in Munich along with Cartier planned for yesterday, which had to be postponed to next week because of the weather induced flight cancellation. The newly won time will of course be spent working through your orders on We are so excited about your feedback and are already working tirelessly on new pieces for the online shop. Additionally we have a few meetings planned for this week and I will try to spend some time with friends before going to Munich next week and then to Ibiza. More information on this trip will of course follow in the next ‘weekly focus’.

Favorite post of the week: casual summer look in Greece w/ Filippa K

New In: I went a little wild with H&M Trend and got a new ripped dress, flared pants, a green silk blouse, a black side table and a marbled vase. Additionally I got a beautiful off shoulder dress, a pair of white sandals and a white blouse by Edited.

DE: Ihr Lieben, wir sind wieder zurück im Lande, nachdem wir vergangene Woche im wunderschönen Griechenland waren. Besser gesagt im traumhaften Amanzoe Hotel, welches zur legendären Aman Hotel Gruppe gehört. Wer meine Stories auf Instagram gesehen hat, kann vermutlich sehr gut nachvollziehen, weshalb ich hier solche Superlative benutze und aus dem Schwärmen nicht mehr rauskomme. Schon immer war der Aufenthalt in einem Aman Hotel ein Traum von mir, da die Anlagen eine ganz besondere Magie haben sollen. Dies kann ich zu 100% bestätigen – die Lage, der Service, die Exklusivität – wirklich alles ist in gewisser Weise magisch und ein wahres Paradies. Das Amanzoe Hotel liegt zwei Autostunden vom Flughafen in Athen entfernt und bietet neben klassischen Hotelzimmern mit eigenen Pools auch unterschiedlich große Villen, in denen ihr mit Freunden oder der Familie einen unvergesslichen Aufenthalt erleben könnt.

Lieblinge der Woche

To Do: Nachdem der Start in die Woche etwas unglücklich gelaufen ist, bleiben wir diese Woche nun doch komplett in Hamburg. Gestern war eigentlich ein Aufenthalt in München für Cartier angedacht, der aufgrund einer wetterbedingten Flugstornierung allerdings auf nächste Woche verschoben werden musste. Die neu gewonnene Zeit nutzen wir natürlich dafür, um uns den Kundenbestellungen auf zu widmen. Wir freuen uns wahnsinnig über das bisherige Feedback und arbeiten auch schon mit Hochdruck an neuen Teilen für den Online-Shop. Zudem stehen noch ein paar kleinere Meetings an, ansonsten versuche ich die Zeit natürlich auch privat mit Freunden zu verbringen, bevor es nächste Woche erst nach München und anschließend weiter nach Ibiza geht. Näheres hierzu folgt dann natürlich im nächsten ‘weekly focus’.

Lieblingsbeitrag der Woche: casual summer look in Greece w/ Filippa K

New In: Ich bin ein wenig bei H&M Trend ausgerastet und habe mir ein neues geripptes Kleid, eine plissierte Hose, eine grüne Seidenbluse, einen schwarzen Beistelltisch und eine schwarz marmorierte Vase bestellt. Zudem gab es von Edited ein wunderschönes schulterfreies Kleid, ein paar weiße Sandalen und eine weiße Bluse.

Aylin ♥

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