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trend report: Vintage Chanel

10. October 2019

As you have probably seen in many of my pictures, I am a huge fan of Chanel bags – in any form and colour. By now I own a couple of really great Chanel bags and view them as a form of investment, too. Amongst my absolute favourites is my white Flap Bag – and its a second hand treasure. My golden belt is too, which I wear to so many dresses and jeans or even jumpsuits. Chanel is my go-to brand for feminine, elegant and even edgy looks, and I think that especially secondhand pieces make it easier to create unique outfits. Knowing that not everyone is going to be wearing the same bag makes it exciting to me! Besides bags even jewellery and shoes are easy to find in particular online shops – and thats why I put together my absolute vintage favourites by Chanel for you today – from shoes, belts, bags to earrings. I am going to search the websites a little but myself now and hope there is something among these things for you too!

Aylin ♥


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trend report | Slingbacks

3. September 2019

Hi my loves! Today’s post is about one of my favorite topics – shoes! Even though I am, as you might know, a big fan of sneakers, this model is an absolute trend this spring and summer: Slingbacks! With a touch of vintage this model, which is originally from the 1950’s adds a noble touch to any outfit. What I find especially exciting about this shoe is that it can be worn to so many different outfits. The classy way with a culotte or elegant summer pants, or more casual with ripped jeans – this shoe is the perfect choice. If you like it even more classy though, the shoe can be worn perfectly with a skirt or a dress – and if you are even only closely as much of a fan of breaks in style as I am, you can combine it with a more casual top, like a T-Shirt.
The low or medium high heel makes it really comfortable too. With the many large fashion houses that have been known for their versions of the shoe for a long time, especially Dior has been known for their version. Their edition with the ‘J’adior’-embroidery brought the shoe back to life. Though I have put together a collection of my favorites, and there are some less expensive versions amongst those too. I hope you find some you like!

How do you like the classic shoe? And in which combination would you want to wear the slingback?

Aylin ♥

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trend report: mom jeans

21. August 2019

In the midst of planning the international Fashion Weeks I wanted to talk about a current trend. As you have probably seen on my Instagram channel, I have rediscovered my love for denim again. I have to say though: Especially special cuts, such as the model by Zara I have worn in Copenhagen, have totally won me over. Generally, mom jeans, which are wider cut jeans, are totally trendy at the moment, especially in combination with rather elegant tops an absolute must this season. Many brands have already joined the denim-movement and presented their interpretation of the classic jeans anew. 

I personally find so many of the outfit variations with mom jeans incredibly stylish and am already looking forward to seeing your outfit ideas with jeans like that! How do you like the wider-denim-trend?

Aylin ♥

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weekly focus 12 | 19

19. August 2019

My loves, it feels like time is running at the moment and while it was spring just yesterday, it seems to be fall tomorrow. We are in a very intense stage with our label this year and have pretty much left our comfort zone with that, too. What I mean by that? Our label was established in Germany as well as internationally – and while we could till focus 100% on the blog, we are just too excited. I want to achieve more, work on my passion more and grow our baby, the label, even more. Right from the first second, we took everything in our own hands: our own design, working with producers and suppliers, managing the logistics and the customer service. There is no large corporation behind our label, but a small team that works passionately on ‘by Aylin Koenig’. I am so incredibly happy how things have developed and how amazing your feedback has been so far. Especially working with producers takes up so much time, which is why so many of the steps happen in the background, and those normally take up the largest part of our time. That is also why the other side (the blog) is a little quiet at the moment, but I will try to get everything back in line again in the future – I promise. For that part, we have also been looking for some support of our team and are having interviews at the moment. Step by step with a lot of excitement and motivation we are looking at the near future.

Favourites of the week:

To Do: After we have moved int our new office and showroom we will spend this week up until Friday in Hamburg, before leaving for Los Angeles on Saturday. I am incredibly excited to be travelling with my Pandora family again and seeing the new collection. In addition to that our linen blazer and a limited version of the light tye-dye shirt will be launched soon.

Favourite post of the week: Designer of the month: Bottega Veneta 

New In: I ordered a new oversized coat in black from H&M and a grey knitted sweater. Additionally, I picked a beige knitted sweater at the womens section, as well a super beautiful oversized Blazer from the mens section at COS. For the rather dark days we are currently having in Hamburg at the moment, two pairs of colourful sneakers were able to move in with me – the Adidas Pride Sneakers, as well as the Adidas Yung-1 in neon green – and I love both models very much.

I hope you all have a sunny and successful week!


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adidas pride sneaker



Designer of the month: Bottega Veneta

13. August 2019
Bottega Veneta - Designer of the month

Bottega Veneta - Designer of the month

The luxury fashion brand Bottega Veneta was founded in 1966 and has been known for the special braiding technique for the leather they use for a number of products. Translated, ‘Bottega Veneta’ means Venecian workshop, because the brand was founded in the 60’s in Venice. Until today, the high quality leather craftsmanship is what you connect with the label, and the newest collection brings this heritage back to life.

The ‘Pouch’ is currently one of my absolute favorite bags, and I like to wear it with so many different outfits. I personally am lucky enough to own two models of it, and as you have probably seen on my Instagram channel, I wear the blue as well as the cream colored version to almost any occasion. Bottega Veneta belongs to the Kering Group now and the creative director is Daniel Lee since 2019, who worked at Celine before then. It was Lee who went back to the history and heritage of the brand so much and focused on design traditions, which definitely brought the brand forward again. I love the Pouches and braiding technique that can be recognized and connected to Bottega Veneta, as well as the quality of the leather and finishing of the products are absolutely incredible.

Have fun with the following item selection!

Aylin ♥

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trend report | scandinavian interior

11. August 2019
scandinavian interior home

scandinavian interior home

Since I love showing you guys our apartment, I thought it was time to go into more detail of the interior-topic. As you probably know, I am a huge fan of straight lines and simplistic designs. That is exactly why I like the Scandinavian look so much, which can be found in many online shops and interior stores. The trend includes any room and products, from book shelves, sofas, decorative products, dining tables to pillows and frames.
Whether it’s see through plexiglass with wood, large vases, harmonic colour schemes or designs closely related to trends from the 50’s – I have put together some of my current interior design favorites in the Scandi-look for you.

As always I love hearing from you and how you like the trend: Do you own something in this stil? Or do you dislike the clear lines and find them not that cozy?

Aylin ♥

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trend report | trench coat

2. August 2019


Good morning from sunny Hamburg! After we had a few very busy days I want to take some time again today to publish something on the blog. Even though we are currently in an absolute heatwave, it does get a little chilly late at night. Especially here up North we have a few winds blowing, so taking a jacket when you’re out late is always a good idea. 

As you know I am a huge fan of blazers, as I have already written about here. Another jacket design that will be really big in the upcoming season though is the Trenchcoat in a new interpretation. The light coat, which is mostly made from popeline or gabardine is the absolute icon of all coats – even Audrey Hepburn wore a classic version of it back in the day. Something I really love about trenchcoats is that they are timeless and so versatile; whether elegantly with a dress and high heels or in a more casual combination with jeans, an oversized pullover and ballerinas. Even with the shorter tights or leggings and sneakers the trenchcoat works really well. It really can be worn completely uniquely. 

How do you like the classic of all the coats?

Aylin ♥


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trend report | Sandals

30. July 2019

My dears, since we are so busy with my label by Aylin Koenig at the moment I wanted to take the chance to talk about one of my current favorite topics. As you know I am a huge fan of shoes, and especially during the summer there are so many different models. Even though today won’t be about anything completely new or innovative but about a known topic, I wanted to put together an overview of my favorites: The sandale. Almost all designers and brands developed their own version of the summer classic, and there are so many different forms and versions that make choosing really difficult. I personally really like delicate sandals with a low heel, because that immediately creates a feminine look, but I definitely own a number of different styles too. 

Luxury brands such as Prada oftentimes go for the slipper-form with thin straps, while Gucci designed a number of interpretations of the rubber slides. Something they both have in common – as well as all the other models – is the fact that you can wear them to absolutely any outfit, whether it’s with a dress, skirt, pants – they go perfectly with all kinds of outfits. 

Which model do you prefer when it’s this hot outside?

Aylin ♥



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weekly focus 11 | 19

22. July 2019

My loves, last weeks we’re so busy. Together with Ciroc and Mischung we went to Ibiza for three days and had a wonderful time. We stayed at the 7 Pines Hotel, which is on the west side of the island and therefore 20-30 minutes by car to the old town of the city. It’s a beautiful hotel with a direct view over the popular ‘es vedra’ hill. 

Then we looked at a potential new office space which is very close to our apartment. Please keep your fingers crossed that we will be able to sign the lease this week and begin a new, very exciting chapter. Why we need this external work space? We’d like to expand our team a little more and want to start a showroom for our label, as well as we want our home to be ‘just our home’ again.

favorite items of the week:

To Do: this week will be spent in Hamburg, since we have a few exciting things coming up: I have the chance to have the name ‘Koenig’ registered as my official artists name. Because of the wedding taking Tonias’ name there is some confusion with some client collaborations from time to time or when I get invited to events. I am very excited to have both names officially soon.  
Besides the registration of the name and visiting the potential office space again we also have our team member Sarah coming. She will spend a few days with us to work on content creation and will help make some decisions for the by Aylin Koenig label. Especially here we have some things almost crossing the finish line, so it’s a very hot phase! Of course I will take you on the journey of this exciting week via Instagram.

favorite blog post of the week: weekly focus 10 | 19

New In: A new pantsuit in blush rose, a new wrap dress, a short ruffled top and a dress found their way into my closet last week. Apart from that it was a quiet week in terms of new additions. 

I hope you all have a sunny and successful week!


cropped shirt: by Aylin Koenig
skirt: by Aylin Koenig

cropped shirt: by Aylin Koenig

cropped shirt: by Aylin Koenig

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weekly focus 10 | 19

15. July 2019

My loves, it’s been a while since I have last published a new ‘weekly focus’. The last weeks were so busy with trips, events and tasks related to my own label by Aylin Koenig. Yet, I try to take you on all the trips via my Instagram account. Even just in the first half of July we went to Berlin to attend Berlin Fashion Week, and afterwards Tobi and I spent a long weekend in Palma to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. Immediately after I went to Paris with Chanel Beauty, and I am incredibly thankful for all the impressions I was able to collect, but am still happy to be back home and spend time with family and friends, and of course our french bulldog Summer.

Lieblinge der Woche

To Do: The first days of this week will be spent in Hamburg. We are currently working tirelessly on new products for the by Aylin Koenig label, and I already showed you the oversized linen blazer in beige on my Instagram channel. In addition, we will add a few beautiful summer pieces and the production of sold-out items is progressing really well also. 
I will then spend a few days in Ibiza with a client, and am already excited to be back on this special island. Of course I will take you guys on this trip with me via Instagram!

Lieblingsbeitrag der Woche: trend report | designer bags under 500€

New In: A few new pieces moved in with me within the last few days, amongst other things this amazing oversized coat by Rokh, this dreamy Ulla Johnson bag in a new style and a pair of white pants by The Frankie Shop. The lovely Aimee by Song of Style then also sent me three pieces from her collection: An orange cropped blouse with the matching skirt, as well as a cream coloured blouse
Apart from that I am in love with Bottega Veneta again and am able to call this light blue pouch my own in collaboration with Mytheresa. Another lucky necklace by Bottega Veneta was also added to the collection. :-) 

Have a wonderful and successful week!

Aylin ♥

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