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light blue layering – Gucci Princetown Loafer

29. Januar 2017


ENG: After too less time for visiting the presentation of the new EDITED spring collection in Berlin, I have inquired myself for the new collection the same day and I am totally in love with the single pieces. The selection just screams for warmer days, so that I have already introduced my new oversized spring coat in rose on Instagram yesterday, whereas today I would like to go on with a baby blue knitted sweater. With regard to this outfit I have decided once again for layering in terms of a destroyed jeans, a dark blue coat as well as my beloved Gucci Princetown loafer.

Do you like this look? Today we have „Sunday Opening“ in Hamburg and we will probably also head to the inner city. In this sense: A successful Sunday to all of you!

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pink coat & Balenciaga boots

21. Dezember 2016


ENG: My preference for rose colored pieces of clothing has reached a new dimension with this dreamful quilted coat. As I saw the coat for the first time, it had happened around me, I just had to grab the jacket. With regard to this coat a casual combination is very important from my point of view in order to avoid a too girlish look. Therefore I have decided for a destroyed jeans, a grey cardigan as well as the rough Balenciaga ceinture boots. Together with the classical Yves Saint Laurent bag and my beloved grey ACNE beanie there is the perfect look for the cold days, that is also suitable for everyday life.

What do you think – do you like the look?  Try to enjoy the pre-christmas time as much as possible.

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golden skirt with balenciaga ceinture boots

18. November 2016


ENG: This winter I am totally addicted to pleated and silk skirts. The combination of a chick skirt and rough cardigan makes me so happy at the moment, I could wear these pieces the whole day. As change in style the Balenciaga Ceinture boots and my beloved Gucci Princetown loafer are qualified for diverse looks based on their product own coolness.
This time I have decided for a gold colored metallic skirt in combination with a thick oversized cardigan and the Balenciaga boots. The classical Saint Laurent bag and my beloved Gucci belt represent the perfect accessories for this look from my point of view. In spite of the cold weather the shooting was a lot of fun based on the high outfit comfort and style factor likewise.

What do you think about the look?

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flower knit jumper and gucci princetown loafer

9. November 2016


ENG: Probably no other sweater in recent times has caused such an sensation on Instagram like this grey, with flowers decoracted oversized cardigan. The new autumn/winter season allows due to the current designer collcetions from Gucci D&G etc. the combination of edgay prints, pattern and colors. As I have ordered this cardigan, I could not guess, which hype it would generate because of its actual specific appearance, however I definitely belong to the cardigan’s supporter.
With regard to today’s look I have decided for a simple jeans, black beanie, my belover Gucci Princetown fur loafer as well as fish net sockings being a daily „companion“ in the meantime.

What do you think about the sweater? Do you like the look?

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red oversized knit in Paris

30. Oktober 2016


ENG: Crazy, how fast time is running at the moment. I have still some looks left from my time in Paris during this year’s Fashion Week and today I would like introduce such an outfit. This look belongs definitely to my favorites based on its high comfort, style factor and protection against the bad autumn weather.
In general I am not a person with lots of different colors in an outfit, unless it is about pink and rose. ;-) With regard to this red colored Oversized sweater I could not resist and just had to go for it. Under the sweater I am wearing a long, plaid blouse in black and white as well as a Levi’s jeans. My footwear is a black leather version with an open heel, it is the perfect outfit rounding from my point of view based its matching color with the further accessories: sunglasses and bag.

What do you think about this look? Enjoy your Sunday!

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New York Fashion Week #2

11. September 2016


ENG: Yesterday we were strolling through the „Financial District“ of New York with passing the famous „Wall Street“ and walking along the pier across from the Statue of Liberty. „Downtown Manhattan“ offers a really impressive setting and is likewise the initial point for my second look from this year’s New York Fashion Week I would like to introduce now.
With regard to this outfit I have decided for a copper colored slip on dress in combination with a Gucci belt. At the moment I am totally addicted to these loose dresses, especially against the background of the tropical weather conditions here in New York, it is the perfect choice of clothing. As suited belt accessories I am also wearing the black Gucci slipper as well as the classical Saint Laurent bag.

Do you like this look?

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weekly focus #35

5. September 2016


ENG: A very time-consuming week with the last preparations for the upcoming Fashion Week in New York and lots of different events is over. On Thursday evening I was in Berlin in order to celebrate the launch of the new collection from EDITED X LUMA GROTHE, that is now online available. For me a successful, minimalistic collection, therefore you should drop over at the EDITED online shop. On Friday there was my boyfriend’s birthday, we have spent the evening at the „The George Restaurant“ being one of our favored locations in Hamburg. After a short trip to our families for celebrating the birthday together, I headed to Berlin once again for the Bread & Butter because Sandra from Black Palms and me were invited from Tommy Hilfiger for introducing the TOMMY X GIGI collection.

Favorites of the week

To Do: While this post is getting online, I am probably already on my way to the Hamburg airport for taking a flight with Laura to Rotterdam until Tuesday evening. You can follow me there via Snapchat (@Aylin_Koenig), it will be worth it. During the night from Tuesday to Wednesday we finally have to pack our bags for New York based on the flight to the States Wednesday morning. I am super excited about our first time there and all the positive spirit, that is going along with the city that never sleeps.

Your favorite post of the weektulle skirt, trench coat & Gucci Loafer

New In: Shortly before such a Fashion Week I always get the feeling of having no suited clothes in my wardrobe but of course this is not the case. Nevertheless I have ordered different things last week. Based on the fact, that I am the owner of some slip on dresses as well as oversized sweater, I have finally decided for a simple GUCCI belt and I am already looking forward to the great combing opportunities with it. In addition to that I have ordered a MIU MIU sunglasses at Zalando and I hope it is the right decision because most of the time I am wearing the Ray-Ban Round Metal, therefore I am very excited about the fit of the MIU MIU variation.
At Asos I have decided for three different dresses in rose, yellow and gold, at Avenue 32 for the cute No 21 sandals and last but not least an oversized denim dress.

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long dress & MIU MIU Ballerina

26. August 2016


ENG: Summer is finally back in Germany and fortunately even in Hamburg. Actually I was already focused on autumn but now I am indulging myself in the sun and warm days concerning my daily outfit choices.
Recently I have got this truly dreamful dress with the perfect cut from my point of view. In this case I am combing the dress with the MIU MIU ballerina based on their matching color and the straps as kind of an eye-catcher as well as for getting a casual touch within this look.

Do you like this combination?

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MIU MIU Ballerina

29. Juli 2016


ENG: As teenager I have worn ballerina at every opportunity until myself had enough of it. In the beginning of this year Laura and I have visited the Fashion Week in Milan and there was the official introduction of the new MIU MIU ballerina and as you can probably already imagine, it was immediately done to me. I was totally on fire for these shoes and have looked for them in the suited size for a long, long time, in the meantime I was already their proud owner but unfortunately in the wrong size.
Since a couple of days I can finally call the MIU MIU ballerina my own. Ballerina in general belong to a trend, that can lead to many controversy because the grad between pure enthusiasm and absolute aversion seems to be very narrow. For those, who belong to the pro-fraction towards ballerina, can find today a selection of current ballerina here on the blog.

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the off-shoulder dress

17. Juni 2016


ENG: Bonjour Paris! At the moment I am staying in beautiful Paris for a press trip and had a fantastic first day yesterday, more details about it will follow soon. Today I would like to introduce a further look from my Storets delivery, it is about this dreamful off shoulder dress with its perfect cut, the plaid pattern as well as the color combination of white and red. At the moment I am not only sold on the Storets articles but also being so in love with the Balenciaga boots, that I could wear preferably every day. I always feel so confirmed after a purchase, when there is a feeling of wearing the product 24/7, like in the case of the boots being individually and multifunctional applicable. 

Do you like the look?

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