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Summer in Hamburg

24. Mai 2017


ENG: Finally the weather in Hamburg is consistently good, so easy summer dresses can be grabbed from the wardrobe and worn without any problems. I am already looking forward to the season of summer dresses and its stylish combination opportunities.
Maybe you have recognized, that I stood in front of the camera last winter with Laura for the current Tom Tailor „EveryWearYouGo“ campaign and it was really a lot of fun. Today I am wearing in this context a relaxed summer dress from the collection and I have so say, that it is very comfortable and can be combined in plenty of different options. In this case I decided for an oversized used denim jacket and my new Gucci sneaker being an achievement from the London Heathrow airport. The matching color rounding of this summery and suited to daily use outfit belongs to the Valentino bag.
Have you actually noticed, that Laura and me took over the Instagram Stories account from Tom Tailor last Friday in order to show you our preferred spots in Hamburg? In keeping with the campaign’s motto „EveryWearYouGo“ we have started the day with a breakfast at the Literaturhauscafé and coffee at the Alsterperle before heading to the inner city of Hamburg. Take a look at the new collection, there are several appealing and hip pieces for this season.

What do you think about my look?

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#EveryWearYouGo campaign with Tom Tailor

21. Oktober 2016


ENG: In which moments do you feel „relaxed“, „smart“ or „stylish“? I was faced with these questions a couple weeks ago during the autumn campaign shoot #EveryWearYouGo from Tom Tailor. Maybe you have already recognized via different Social Media channels, that I have worked in front of the camera with Sebastian from „Sebastians View“ and Lou from „Somegoodspirits“ for introducing the new autumn collection from Tom Tailor in Hamburg. That day was pretty warm, colder autumn days were far away, nevertheless the great winter jackets and cardigans gave me directly the feeling to herald the autumn.

Standing in front of a camera and to react spontaneously on the attributes „smart“, „relaxed“ and „stylish“ is actually not an easy process and give me still a strange feeling, independent from that, we had a lot of fun that day and the results, being also available via the Tom Tailor homepage, are absolutely worth seeing from my point of view.

But in which moments do I feel stylish now? For me as a blogger this question is pretty difficult because I am daily engaged in topics like „trends“, „fashion“ and „style factors“. Especially during the Fashion Week weeks I feel very „stylish“ and try at these times to express my passion for fashion through the choice of my outfits. It is not about to stand out from the crowd, to dissemble or even to masquerade myself. For me it is much more about to have the courage for different patterns, color combinations or materials. For  example the current patches jeans from Tom Tailor is very „stylish“ from my point of view and in combination with an oversized sweater absolutely suited to daily use.
In general I would connect the word „stylish“ with „feeling comfortable“, as long as I feel comfortable and have a good mood with my clothes, I can be authentic and real, when I can express myself in different color combinations, I feel even „stylish“ as well.

Competition: If you would like to tell me in which moments do you feel „stylish“, then take over here to the eligibility requirements. You just have to share your stylish moment via Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #EveryWearYouGo until the 26th October and that it is! You can win a makeover with me at the 29th October at the Tom Tailor store in Hamburg as well as two further Tom Tailor shopping vouchers with a particular value of 100 €. I would be very glad to make one reader happy to spend a cool and „stylish“ time together with you during the makeover.

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