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IBIZA city look | Gucci marmont bag

21. Juni 2017


ENG: Sunny greetings from Ibiza, probably one of the cutest islands in Europe. We enjoy our time to the fullest so far and could already explore some nice spots and felt directly in love with the island’s old town, where we just had to take our first pictures. With regard to today’s city look, there is the main focus on the color „green“, in a way it is kind of a rediscovery for me but let me now introduce the corresponding pieces. In detail I have combined my beloved, green colored kimono with a casual jeans shorts from One Teaspoon and an one shoulder top from Edited the Label, that I also own in the variation beige/black striped. As matching color eye-catcher I have furthermore decided for my new GUCCI Marmont bag as well as the flip-flops from Givenchy and the black colored sunglasses from Dolce & Gabbana.
Now we are heading to Formentera, I am already super excited about the island and will take you with me via Instagram Stories.

What do you think about this outfit – do you like the green focus?

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jogging pants & white oversized blouse

26. Oktober 2016


ENG: Finally I can introduce a further casual look from Istanbul. As some of you already I prefer to wear jeans but sometimes I am also open for new clothes like this dreamful trousers in terms of a jogging pants. I am combining the pants with my new, oversized volant blouse being loose tucked in the pants and my beloved Gucci Princetown loafer as my absolute 24/7 all-time favorite at the moment. As spot of color I have decided for the Chloé Drew bag, that will get serious competition during the next days. Ohh I am already so excited about the new bag achievement, can you imagine which model I mean? ;-)

What do you think about the look? I am sending you all the best from Amsterdam.

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weekly focus #41

18. Oktober 2016


ENG: After our return from Istanbul in the beginning of last week, we have directly started our next trip on Tuesday to Berlin in order to attend the pre opening party of the C-HR festival. You can check here on the blog, what we did there. On Wednesday then again I have taken a flight to Munich for celebrating the 5th birthday of the interior shop Westwing. The whole event was very glamorous and festive, I was rarely such enthusiastic than at this evening. Since Thursday I am back in Hamburg after two weeks of traveling and events, this means I am also reunited with my French Bulldog „Summer“. :-)

Favorites of the week

To Do: This week there are several projects planned but fortunately everyone takes place in Hamburg. I really love to travel and esteem the advantages of being a blogger but the time at home is also very important and valuable for me. Therefore I always try to find time for driving projects at home and spend time with friends in Hamburg.

Your favorite post of the week: home story #1

New In: Based on my enthusiasm for the ECCO boots in beige, I just had to order a second pair of these shoes in dark blue. In addition to that I have ordered a two-tone jeans at Asos as well as an oversized sweater at &other stories.
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In the streets of Istanbul

7. Oktober 2016


ENG: Hello from Istanbul! Based on the fact, that in this city European weather is predominated, it is rather mild at the moment and therefore the perfect initial situation for exploring the Turkish destination. For this purpose I have decided for a casual, comfortable but also stylish look. Just before the Fashion Week in Paris started, I have searched extensively at the Boohoo online shop and could find this lovely dress being used as wide top in this case. Furthermore I am wearing a simple jeans with my favored Gucci combination in terms of the Dionysus bag as well as the suited loafer, both are made of velvet and purple.
In addition to that I have ordered this lace blouse, that I would like to introduce soon as well. How beautiful is this blouse or?! Do you actually know the online shop Boohoo? The choice is huge and the price-performance ratio very attractive, you should definitely take a look at it. Much love from Istanbul!

What do you think about the combination?

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Paris Fashion Week – Pink and Grey -PFW

2. Oktober 2016


ENG: How much I love this city! Paris is every time again an insane inspiration and joy based on its incredible pleasant, open-minded and stylistically confident people, rounded off the dreamful city core with impressive buildings. This is even nicer because I can spend this time with the cute Lena, so we can share our impressions together.
For today’s look I have chosen, similar to New York, my beloved pleated skirt in combination this thick oversized cardigan in pink. The colors pink and grey fit so well with each other from my point of view, so that I have also grabbed the matching color Chloé Faye bag. The Gucci Princetown loafer cares for a certain coolness within this look, thus the Fashion Week is more than comfortable for me with this outfit combination. ;-)

Do you like this combination?

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Calvin Klein & Gucci Princetown Loafer

28. September 2016


ENG: Before I will head to Paris tomorrow, I would now like to introduce a further casual look from New York, that we have shot during the exploration of the lovely district „Soho“. I just adore comfortable and wide tops, therefore I was very happy about my new Calvin Klein sweater in this sensational autumn color. Furthermore I have decided to wear a short jeans skirt as well as my beloved Gucci Princetown loafer, being indispensable within my wardrobe and one of the best investments in the recent past. :-)
Now I have to pack my staff for Paris, via Instagram and Snapchat (@Aylin_Koenig) you can be with me during the next days.

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blue dress & balenciaga ceinture boots

25. September 2016


ENG: As I have seen this dress in the store, it happened right around me! You know, how much I love oversized dresses and then this incredible nice color. I knew immediately, that I would combine this beautiful dress with my Balenciaga boots in order to create kind of an edgy look. As suited bag to the dress and boots I have decided for the Chloé Faye as appropriate color contrast from my point of view.
In Hamburg we have some lovely and sunny days at the moment, nevertheless I am a bit sad, that I will probably not get the chance again for wearing the dress this year because all in all it is just too cold meanwhile. Even more I am considering the look from this year’s New York Fashion Week in a positive way and already look forward to the next, suited occasion for wearing the dress again. :-)

Do you like the combination and dress color?

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weekly focus #37

19. September 2016


ENG: Last week everything was focused on the New York Fashion Week. I was so impressed by the city and its people – just with regard to Istanbul I am sharing a similar enthusiasm when visiting this great place. On Monday evening we were invited to the Rewardstyle party in New York and had an amazing time there. During the following days we had some time left for enjoying this incredible city before getting back to Hamburg by a night plane. Back in town I have completely focused on my blog activities based on a certain carelessness during the last weeks.
Yesterday evening I was invited by E! Entertainment to a blogger influencer suite in Hamburg in order to watch the Emmy Awards with some other girls.  It was a lovely and cool event with diverse goodies, beauty departments and a lot fun. Should you be interested, E! Entertainment will broadcast the awards at the 20th September from 09:55 pm on, during the commercial you will have the chance to see some interviews from us.

Favorites of the week

To Do: I am looking forward to the following days because I can spend my time in Hamburg and have comparatively less obligations. In fact I have to push on some blog projects and even the accounting is unfortunately waiting for me. I am loving to travel and to attend the different blog events but coming home in the own flat and spending time with our dog has a huge value in my life.  :-)

Your favorite post of the weekNew York Fashion Week #3

New In: For the upcoming autumn waist belts are an essential part of everyone’s wardrobe and I have already found my first object of desire, the Gucci belt. Probably you have already seen this belt within my NYC looks because I can wear this version waisted and regular around the hips. Furthermore I am pretty happy, that I have ordered the small Chloé Faye bag in rose yesterday. Most of you know the classical size of this bag, this season there will be a small and cute alternative, already tomorrow I should get the bag and I am very excited about its handling and feeling. :-) Last but not least I am finally the owner of the Rihanna X Puma slipper, once again in rose, even this purchase has made me so happy because these shoes were always sold out during the last weeks.

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white, green & black – NYFW

18. September 2016


ENG: One of my favored New York looks is that one I have worn during the Scotch & Soda presentation, that I have visited with Sandra from Black Palms. On Instagram I were already asked several times concerning the green skirt, this one belongs to the current Scotch & Soda collection. Besides the skirt, I am wearing an oversized top in white as well as my new Gucci belt with two additional wholes for using it waisted and regular. Of course even in New York my beloved Balenciaga boots are not allowed to miss because I am of the opinion, that they are predestinated for this look and the city’s street style. Based on the fact, that Sandra needed my Saint Laurent bag for her own outfit, I have taken a chance for using her velvet Chanel for my own one and I have to say, that I love this bag so much. :-)

What do you think about our looks?

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White apartment in SOHO – NYC!

17. September 2016


ENG: Back from New York I would now like to introduce our apartment, that was really nice and stylish likewise. Together with Laura and Julian we have spent our time during the New York Fashion Week here and had the perfect retreat for relaxing and working.
Via „FeWo-direkt“ we have found the apartment, located in Thomson street in Soho, one of the most popular districts in Manhattan with lots of lovely boutiques, cafés and restaurants. The search for a suited apartment was a difficult process in the meantime based on the high number of proposals as well as the huge price-performance ratio. In the end we have focused ourselves on this district by comparing pictures and comments with each other, the result was this very comfortable and well located „dream in white“ apartment. By the way – you can find more NYC apartments here.
We have felt so good in our neighborhood and would have stayed longer in New York. The apartment consists of two small bed rooms, a large living area with an integrated kitchen, a wonderful and very modern bathroom in marble optics as well as a long corridor with stylish filament lamps. Of course we had a great time and felt pretty comfortable with the minimalistic and white interior. Even in my own flat I would like to have a white colored wood floor but until realizing this dream, I will further look diligently at „FeWo-direkt“ for such floors and apartments.

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