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trend report | eye catcher sneaker

20. Juni 2019

Ihr Lieben, ich hoffe die Sonne scheint bei euch so viel, wie hier in Hamburg. Es fühlt sich doch so an, als würde der Sommer langsam eintrudeln, ich könnte mich jedenfalls nicht mehr darüber freuen. Sonnenstrahlen auf der Haut sind einfach ein ganz besonderes Gefühl, das ich an den kälteren Tagen immer sehr vermisse. Nun aber zum heutigen Thema: Eyecatcher Sneaker!

Wie ihr wisst, bin ich ein großer Fan von komfortablen Schuhen – ob Slipper und Sandalen im Sommer, Boots im Winter oder eben am liebsten Sneaker zu jeder Jahreszeit, stylische Schuhe sind vor allem für lange Sommertage ein absolutes Muss. Nachdem viele Modelle, wie zum Beispiel die beliebten und stets ausverkauften Balenciaga Modelle  in den letzten Saisons große Trends gesetzt haben, sind für mich vor allem auffällige Designs ein wesentlicher Trend in den kommenden Wochen. Alles, was ein Outfit interessant und modisch macht, ist erlaubt: vor allem auffällige Sneaker können individuell und gezielt eingesetzt werden.
Ob in Form von High Tops, neonfarbenen Schnürsenkeln, Logoprints auf Jacquard oder großen Schnallen: die neuen Interpretationen lassen keine Wünsche offen.
Ich persönlich trage Sneaker gerne zu Röcken oder fließenden Kleidern, um Stilbrüche zu kreieren. Sobald es einen kleinen, unerwarteten Wow-Effekt gibt, ist es für mich ein ‚eye-catcher‘! :-)

Was haltet ihr von Sneakern im Sommer? Gefallen euch die auffälligen Modelle oder seid ihr lieber etwas schlichter unterwegs?

Aylin ♥


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Bally retro sneaker with an all white look in Ibiza

3. Juni 2018


ENGWe are currently in Ibiza, which is one of our favorite islands ever, since everything just comes together in the best way possible: the mediterranean flair, the positive attitude of the people, the historic old town with its little cafes and boutiques, but even in terms of fashion and lifestyle Ibiza is just unbelievably inspiring.
The small streets of the old town are the perfect surrounding for photo shoots, which is why I put the newest addition to my closet to work straight away.
In this case it’s a pair of the new Bally retro sneaker, which are available in a new design after their first edition in 1974. Bally was founded in 1851 in Switzerland and has been a premium seller of high quality women’s and men’s shoes for a long time.
The wide range of Bally products includes besides exclusive shoes bags, accessories and even clothes. Personally I am a great fan of the variety and quality of the shoes, which is why I wasn’t able to choose between the designs again. Eventually I went for the ankle top version The Vita Parcours’ and I am really happy with it. The sneaker is incredibly comfortable, made from soft leather and with a pleasant footbed. I am also a fan of the idea behind the shoes, as well as the design, which is why I went for a stylistic inconsistency with the outfit combination: A white, long skirt with slit and the simple shirt, worn with a knot are the perfect accessories for me to create a look and still preserve the charme of the retro sneaker. To make the look perfect, especially on an island like Ibiza, I decided to add my beloved leopard print headband and the obligatory pair of sunglasses. Take a look at Bally’s retro sneaker collection, which is a mix of classic forms and modern details and really cool designs – I think the pieces are incredibly well designed and something I can only recommend. Now back to you:

Do you like the combination of the look and how do you feel about the sneaker? I am always excited about your feedback!

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Trend report | Sneaker

29. November 2017

ENG: Sneakers are absolute Must-Haves for every season. During summer with a light tulle skirt, in fall with ripped jeans, or during winter with an Oversized-Coat –  I am an absolute Sneaker-Lover and wear them with all kinds of different outfits. They loosen up every outfit and add a cool touch – and sincere there are so many different varieties, I have picked some of my favorites for you. As you have probably seen, I am wearing white Gucci Sneaker with studs in one of my last Instagram photos. They look great with a plissé skirt, or even with denim. Not as versatile as those, but instead an absolute statement piece are the Balenciaga Triple S Sneaker, that I like to wear with a simple pair of jeans and a cosy knitted jumper – add a shoulder bag (here you can find a trend report to shoulder bags) – and voila! The perfect outfit for colder days is done. 

As a great sneaker fan I own pairs in all different colors and shapes – from the peculiar Balenciaga Tripple S to the Adidas Originals or Nike Air Max – and that is why I have put together some of my favorites. I hope that you will find something you like there! Have fun shopping!  

Aylin  ♥

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