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Self-Portrait dress & Gucci Loafer

23. September 2016

: Hard to believe, that already two weeks ago we were in New York and I am still thinking every day of the great time there. I have three looks left from this time and I hope, that you are not bored about it. ;-)
I have worn today’s look during the Desigual show because I am a huge fan of lace dresses, especially with regard to that ones from Self Portrait. Already during this year’s Fashion Week in Berlin I have chosen a beautiful dress in white and based on the high comfort I have decided this time for the dark blue version. Chick, timeless and with suited accessories even cool and casual. The dress itself is probably rather feminine and chick, however in combination with the Gucci fur loafer and the purple colored velvet bag there arises a stylistic and suitable for everyday use look.

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Fashion Week Berlin #1

29. Juni 2016


ENG: It is always great being in Berlin, it is even more beautiful, if there is Fashion Week in the city at the same time. On Monday, our first day on-site, I have decided for this look being a casual and chic mix. For the first time I could wear my new lace dress as well as the yet also unworn Rainbow sandals from Chloé. The casual input results from the fact, that I have also grabbed my green colored parka with patches as perfect counterpart to the white lace dress from my point of view. Even the sandals in combination with the Chloé Drew bag arise a further perfect match in my opinion, so that finally there is a cool and versatilely applicable look.

What yo you think about my first Fashion Week look?

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