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outfit | spring time in Hamburg

22. April 2018

ENGDo you know what makes me incredibly happy at the moment? The weather we currently get to enjoy in Hamburg! Unfortunately my mood is completely dependant on the weather, which is why I have mood swings all the time when its grey and cold for days and days on end. Most of you probably feel the same way after a long winter, though.Since almost the entire week gave us warmth and sunshine though, I was finally able to wear summer outfits again, without the fear of catching another cold or the strange looks of other people. I would like to show you one of those looks in today’s outfit-post. The highlight of this look is my new caftan from the H&M Conscious Collection, which officially started last Thursday. The caftan is not only an absolute eye-catcher, but its comfort and the numerous ways of combining it convinced me straight away. In this case I went with a combination of shorts by One Teaspoon, a statement shirt by Saint Laurent and western boots by Isabel Marant. Take a look at the new H&M collection, there are so many stylish and popular pieces.
I hope that I can show you many more summer outfits here on the blog soon, because I have enough ideas for cool looks and trendy ‘It pieces’ in my mind already. But now I am of course interested in your opinion too:

How do you like this look and would you generally like to see more outfit-posts on the blog?

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Calvin Klein & Gucci Princetown Loafer

28. September 2016


ENG: Before I will head to Paris tomorrow, I would now like to introduce a further casual look from New York, that we have shot during the exploration of the lovely district „Soho“. I just adore comfortable and wide tops, therefore I was very happy about my new Calvin Klein sweater in this sensational autumn color. Furthermore I have decided to wear a short jeans skirt as well as my beloved Gucci Princetown loafer, being indispensable within my wardrobe and one of the best investments in the recent past. :-)
Now I have to pack my staff for Paris, via Instagram and Snapchat (@Aylin_Koenig) you can be with me during the next days.

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New York Fashion Week #1

9. September 2016


ENG: Is it possible to speak about the breathtaking New York for a while?! We are so overwhelmed by this gorgeous city and its friendly residents. At almost each corner and crossroads a streetstyle shooting is possible, no one is watching at you in a weird way because there are so much photographers and camera teams working in this crazy city – love it!
For my first fashion show from Noon by Noor I have decided for a casual look. I am wearing my beloved fur slipper, a rose colored satin skirt as well as a loose Calvin Klein shirt. Who of you has recognized my Chanel earrings with the marble pearl ball? I am just loving them at the moment and send you all the best from this incredible place.

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Pink velvet skirt

5. August 2016


ENGFor the new season both materials „silk“ and „velvet“ are very high in demand and I am very pleased about it. As I have discovered this wonderful velvet skirt two weeks ago, it happened to me because I am loving this kind of wrap skirts, in addition to that the color is sensational from my point of view. As stylistic incongruity I have decided to combine the skirt with my beloved Balenciaga Ceinture boots as well as a loose off shoulder blouse.

What do you think about silk and velvet?

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MIU MIU Ballerina

29. Juli 2016


ENG: As teenager I have worn ballerina at every opportunity until myself had enough of it. In the beginning of this year Laura and I have visited the Fashion Week in Milan and there was the official introduction of the new MIU MIU ballerina and as you can probably already imagine, it was immediately done to me. I was totally on fire for these shoes and have looked for them in the suited size for a long, long time, in the meantime I was already their proud owner but unfortunately in the wrong size.
Since a couple of days I can finally call the MIU MIU ballerina my own. Ballerina in general belong to a trend, that can lead to many controversy because the grad between pure enthusiasm and absolute aversion seems to be very narrow. For those, who belong to the pro-fraction towards ballerina, can find today a selection of current ballerina here on the blog.

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Gucci Jordaan – Hamburg Streetstyle

17. Juli 2016


ENG: At the moment I cannot resist Gucci shoes based on its great comfort and the stylish appearance, therefore I was pretty happy as I have got the delivery of the classical Gucci Jordaan loafer this week. From my point of view these shoes can upgrade every kind of outfit because they can be worn in a classical way or as a modern loafer. The traditional loafer variation is sold out most of the time but fortunately I could recently find them at LUISAVIAROMA, exactly that online shop, where I have also acquired the classical Saint Laurent bag, that harmonizes very well with the shoes in my opinion.
Today I have decided for a rather relaxed „Parisian look“ through the combination of a skinny jeans with a blue-white stripped off shoulder blouse. As colorful matching accessories I have also used a red bandanna at the neck as well as the color-coordinated lipstick from Chanel.

Do you like the shoes and outfit combination as well?

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white dress with Balenciaga boots

15. Juli 2016


ENG: One of my best purchases this year was probably that one of my beloved Balenciaga boots because I am totally addicted to the combination of feminine dresses and rough boots at the moment. In this case I am wearing the boots with my new lace dress from Edited, connected with a small belt as well as the simple Saint Laurent bag.
Black on white, lace on rough boots – There is no such thing as impossible! However I am a huge fan of this combination and I feel always comfortable in it.

What do you think about this look?

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Berlin Fashion Week #2

1. Juli 2016


ENG: Even if this dress is very popular at the moment within the blogger world, it is definitely one of my favorites at the moment. I am just loving the cut, color, the casual elegance as well as the rough combination with the Balenciaga boots, that are extremely hyped these days. During the Fashion Week in Berlin I have felt very well with the dress and could already wear it today again.
Besides some nice events, shows and meetings on-the-spot, I have also been in Berlin for Otterbox in terms of an Instagram takeover (@Otterbox_Europe). Otterbox is a brand producing Smartphone cases, these cases convince through a high quality, cool design and and great price-performance ratio. My permanent companion this week was the etui case from the Symmetry series, that has also space for business and bank cards. For me the Smartphone protection is very important based on the private and occupational utilization, independent from the temporal and local conditions, I am relied on the functioning of my Smartphone, in the end I would like to take you with me through the blogger world for reporting from personal impressions. :-) See also my week in Berlin with Otterbox here.

At the moment we are back in Hamburg because we are moving to a new flat this weekend. Of course we are a bit nervous and hope, that everything will work without problems. In this context you can act on the assumption, that there will be some home stories in the near future, so stay tuned. ;-)

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pink bomber jacket in Paris

22. Juni 2016


ENG: As we strolled through Paris last week, we have spontaneously shot this very casual look with my pink colored bomber jacket. As suited shooting location we have decided for a side street of the Avenue Montaigne being of my favorite streets in the whole city. I am combining the bomber jacket from Mango with a casual shirt, a skinny jeans as well as my extremely comfortable slipper from Miista as the perfect footwear for such a city trip. My classical Saint Laurent bag is kind of a rule-breaker and gives the rather casual look a certain portion of elegance.

Do you love Paris as well? What do you think about this look?

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the off-shoulder dress

17. Juni 2016


ENG: Bonjour Paris! At the moment I am staying in beautiful Paris for a press trip and had a fantastic first day yesterday, more details about it will follow soon. Today I would like to introduce a further look from my Storets delivery, it is about this dreamful off shoulder dress with its perfect cut, the plaid pattern as well as the color combination of white and red. At the moment I am not only sold on the Storets articles but also being so in love with the Balenciaga boots, that I could wear preferably every day. I always feel so confirmed after a purchase, when there is a feeling of wearing the product 24/7, like in the case of the boots being individually and multifunctional applicable. 

Do you like the look?

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