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New York Fashion Week #3

14. September 2016


ENG: At the moment I am very addicted to pleated skirts, even with regard to this exemplar I am totally in love. I have worn this look during the Serena Williams Fashion Show as an invitation from Otterbox. The show and collection were great, even Anna Wintour was interested and has visited this cool show. :-)
Do you know the Otterbox Smartphone cases? I really like to work with them together and have already collaborated with the company during the Berlin Fashion Week. This time I have decided for the transparent glitter case from the Symmetry Clear series with a hard fit and protection around the smartphone connected with a huge style factor. Drop over should you be interested in a new case. :-)
For today’s look I have decided for a polished pleated skirt in combination with a thick oversized cardigan. Furthermore I am wearing my new sandals from No.21, that I have found at the online shop Avenue 32. As further accessories I have chosen the Chloé Faye bag as well as the reflective Ray-Ban sunglasses.

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Berlin Fashion Week #2

1. Juli 2016


ENG: Even if this dress is very popular at the moment within the blogger world, it is definitely one of my favorites at the moment. I am just loving the cut, color, the casual elegance as well as the rough combination with the Balenciaga boots, that are extremely hyped these days. During the Fashion Week in Berlin I have felt very well with the dress and could already wear it today again.
Besides some nice events, shows and meetings on-the-spot, I have also been in Berlin for Otterbox in terms of an Instagram takeover (@Otterbox_Europe). Otterbox is a brand producing Smartphone cases, these cases convince through a high quality, cool design and and great price-performance ratio. My permanent companion this week was the etui case from the Symmetry series, that has also space for business and bank cards. For me the Smartphone protection is very important based on the private and occupational utilization, independent from the temporal and local conditions, I am relied on the functioning of my Smartphone, in the end I would like to take you with me through the blogger world for reporting from personal impressions. :-) See also my week in Berlin with Otterbox here.

At the moment we are back in Hamburg because we are moving to a new flat this weekend. Of course we are a bit nervous and hope, that everything will work without problems. In this context you can act on the assumption, that there will be some home stories in the near future, so stay tuned. ;-)

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