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New York Special – My favorite #NYFW Looks

17. September 2017


ENG: It’s‘ Sunday morning and we’re already in London for visiting shows and events in regards to the first European Fashion Week. Nevertheless I would now like to introduce my favorite New York City looks of recent days. For me New York is one of the most inspiring cities worldwide, on my previous journeys I’ve only rarely experienced such a charm, character and tolerance like in NYC. Based on the warm weather, you will find rather summery outfits below but I can already promise, that autumn looks wont’t be long in coming – promised! :-)

Which look is your favorite one? Enjoy your Sunday!

DE: Es ist Sonntagmorgen und wir befinden uns bereits in London, um Shows und Events im Rahmen der 1. Europäischen Fashion Week zu besuchen. Dennoch möchte ich euch heute gerne meine favorisierten Looks aus New York zeigen. Für mich ist New York eine der inspirierendsten Städte der Welt, so viel Charm, Charakter und Toleranz habe ich auf meinen bisherigen Reisen kaum woanders erlebt. Da es in NYC wieder einmal sehr warm war, sind einige sehr sommerliche Looks dabei, die ersten Herbst-Outfits werden aber bestimmt bald folgen – versprochen! :-)

Welcher Look gefällt euch persönlich am besten? Genießt euren Sonntag!

Aylin  ♥

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white, green & black – NYFW

18. September 2016


ENG: One of my favored New York looks is that one I have worn during the Scotch & Soda presentation, that I have visited with Sandra from Black Palms. On Instagram I were already asked several times concerning the green skirt, this one belongs to the current Scotch & Soda collection. Besides the skirt, I am wearing an oversized top in white as well as my new Gucci belt with two additional wholes for using it waisted and regular. Of course even in New York my beloved Balenciaga boots are not allowed to miss because I am of the opinion, that they are predestinated for this look and the city’s street style. Based on the fact, that Sandra needed my Saint Laurent bag for her own outfit, I have taken a chance for using her velvet Chanel for my own one and I have to say, that I love this bag so much. :-)

What do you think about our looks?

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New York Fashion Week #3

14. September 2016


ENG: At the moment I am very addicted to pleated skirts, even with regard to this exemplar I am totally in love. I have worn this look during the Serena Williams Fashion Show as an invitation from Otterbox. The show and collection were great, even Anna Wintour was interested and has visited this cool show. :-)
Do you know the Otterbox Smartphone cases? I really like to work with them together and have already collaborated with the company during the Berlin Fashion Week. This time I have decided for the transparent glitter case from the Symmetry Clear series with a hard fit and protection around the smartphone connected with a huge style factor. Drop over should you be interested in a new case. :-)
For today’s look I have decided for a polished pleated skirt in combination with a thick oversized cardigan. Furthermore I am wearing my new sandals from No.21, that I have found at the online shop Avenue 32. As further accessories I have chosen the Chloé Faye bag as well as the reflective Ray-Ban sunglasses.

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weekly focus #36 #NYFW16

13. September 2016


ENG: Last week started with a trip to Rotterdam being organized by ECCO in order to visit the brand own leather factory. In fairness I could not see a lot in this city but those things I have recognized were pretty nice. As you can imagine our flight back to Hamburg was late, so that I could not pack my suitcase until Tuesday night. After a couple of hours I was back again at the airport but when landing in New York the whole stress was over. How great a city can be?! We have spent a lot of time in the streets of NY, have visited great shows like that ones from Desigual, Scotch & Soda etc. and everything was connected with sunshine and warm temperatures. My personal highlight? The rooftop of the Rockefeller Center, also called „Top of the Rock“, probably I have never got such an amazing panorama view. In addition to that New York is the perfect city for street style, at almost every corner there are suited places for fashion shootings. I will stay here until Wednesday and one thing is already sure… I will definitely come back.

Favorites of the week

To Do: We can still enjoy our time in New York until Wednesday with several further great  events. You can follow me via Snapchat and/or Instagram. Thursday I will come back to Hamburg, on Friday there will reach me an interesting delivery from Westwing and I am already looking forward to it. In the night from Sunday to Monday there is an invitation from E!Entertainment in order to celebrate the Emmy Awards. :-)

Your favorite post of the weekNew York Fashion Week #1

New In: For New York I had ordered some packages like that one with this dreamful sweater from Calvin Klein. Based on my favor for oversized cardigan, I just had to order this great sweater and how cool is actually the color combination of this cardigan?! In addition to that I have ordered this lace medi dress and I love it so much.

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New York Fashion Week #2

11. September 2016


ENG: Yesterday we were strolling through the „Financial District“ of New York with passing the famous „Wall Street“ and walking along the pier across from the Statue of Liberty. „Downtown Manhattan“ offers a really impressive setting and is likewise the initial point for my second look from this year’s New York Fashion Week I would like to introduce now.
With regard to this outfit I have decided for a copper colored slip on dress in combination with a Gucci belt. At the moment I am totally addicted to these loose dresses, especially against the background of the tropical weather conditions here in New York, it is the perfect choice of clothing. As suited belt accessories I am also wearing the black Gucci slipper as well as the classical Saint Laurent bag.

Do you like this look?

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New York Fashion Week #1

9. September 2016


ENG: Is it possible to speak about the breathtaking New York for a while?! We are so overwhelmed by this gorgeous city and its friendly residents. At almost each corner and crossroads a streetstyle shooting is possible, no one is watching at you in a weird way because there are so much photographers and camera teams working in this crazy city – love it!
For my first fashion show from Noon by Noor I have decided for a casual look. I am wearing my beloved fur slipper, a rose colored satin skirt as well as a loose Calvin Klein shirt. Who of you has recognized my Chanel earrings with the marble pearl ball? I am just loving them at the moment and send you all the best from this incredible place.

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