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beige & blue – Mykonos

20. Mai 2016


ENG: Today there is my last post from Mykonos – promised. ;-) The highlight within today’s look is the cult slipper „Adilette“ from adidas, that is not only suited for a shower cubicle or in the privacy of one’s home but also as perfekt footwear for casual outfits.
This time I have decided for a look consisting of a Levi’s jeans as well as an off shoulder sweater. At this point I would like to emphasize again, that I am so happy with the Gucci Dionysus bag because of its perfect match with my current wardrobe and its ideal size for daily use. By the way we have shot this look in a beautiful alley in Mykonos old town, where a small Chanel store with lots of nice treasures is located. Unfortunately my favored shoes were not available in the appropriate size, otherwise I would have bought them probably… blessing in disguise for my purse. ;-)

Do you also share my enthusiasm for these cult slipper?

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weekly focus #20

16. Mai 2016


ENG: Happy holiday! We have Pentecost and I hope, that many of you can enjoy the long weekend. For me it was a beautiful one so far, on Saturday I was allowed to visit the Aladdin musical with Laura and I have to say, that the musical has really an amusing and entertaining factor. Probably I am one of the biggest Disney fans at all, even with 24 years I have got my favorite Disney film „The Lion King“ on DVD as birthday present. :-)
Yesterday I have hosted a Mary Kay party at my home and was allowed to invite some friends for this really sociable and funny event. The beauty products feel very good on the skin, anyway most of us were happy with them, so that should you also think about to host a Mary Kay party I can really recommend it.
My highlight last week was definitely the Adele concert in the Barclaycard arena in Hamburg. We were overwhelmed by her incredible voice, in addition to that she has great entertainment qualities. Just a beautiful and inspiring woman, the whole atmosphere in the arena was goose bumps pure.

To Do: We are completing the long Pentecost weekend with some fitness and wellness in the nearby Aspria Uhlenhorst. The short working week in turn is affected by some meetings and events in the evening, I am already looking forward to them and will take you with me via Snapchat: Aylin_Koenig.

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New In: Unfortunately I have got my birthday present only after our holiday return in the beginning of last week. As you can imagine my pleasant anticipation was huge and I was not disappointed – I am pretty happy now, that I finally own this classical Saint Laurent bag.

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Pinko Skirt – Mykonos

15. Mai 2016


ENG: There are still some Mykonos pictures and I hope, that you are not asleep in the meantime?! ;-) Today I would like to introduce my favorite look from that time with my beloved Pinko skirt, that harmonizes so well with the colors white and brown from my point of view. With regard to the skirt itself I am so in love with the color combination as well as the small fringes, even if I am actually kind of  a person preferring rather restrained colors.
Once again I could not resist to grab my Birkenstocks and the Gucci bag as suited accessories. Probably the wind on this island belongs to Mykonos like the proverbial lid to the top, therefore I have also decided to use a hair ribbon for protecting my hair towards unattractive moments.

Do you like this look as well? I hope, that the sun will come back soon in Germany.

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Greco Philia – Mykonos

6. Mai 2016


ENG: At the moment we are still staying on Mykonos, nevertheless I would like to tell you my impressions of the impressive boutique hotel „Greco Philia“. My boyfriend an me were allowed to spend four nights in this beautiful hotel next to Elia bay and we were very enthusiastic about the design, the fabulous view over the Aegean as well as the anytime polite and helpful staff, so that I can really recommend this hotel.
The „Greco Philia“ is the perfect destination for newly-weds looking for honeymoon in a romantic hotel in Europe. Situated on a hill with the view to the nearby Elia bay, the stylish boutique hotel is the perfect place for recovery and togetherness. Each room is not only set up individually and elegant but also promises a fantastic view. We were allowed to sleep in the so called „Warhol“ Deluxe Suite with a huge terrace and a separate balcony, even the king size bed as well as the additional sitting area have contributed to a special comfort and cosiness, therefore we have spent a pretty relaxing time there.
Every morning we looked forward to the breakfast based on the varied and delicious selection. You can chose between Avocado and French toast, country-specific bread variations, fresh fruits, omelettes and pancakes, everything is freshly and lovely prepared. At this point I would really like to mention the staff for doing a great job, always friendly, helpful and very courteous.
My personal highlight is the pool area with white as the predominant color through comfortable sun beds and sitting areas. As you can already imagine even from here you have a great view on the Aegean and the best conditions for having a romantic time with your partner.

What else can I say?! A picture is worth a thousand words, so see for yourselves. :-)

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