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Scandinavian rock with

23. Dezember 2018

ENG: It is about to happen again: I would like to introduce a new look in cooperation with and I am absolutely in love with it. As I have recognized this Ganni dress for the first time, I knew right away that I need this fantastic dress. Especially the shape and its small details like the button bar on the back convince me in a very particular way. In general I am a big fan of the Scandinavian label, therefore I also decided for the appropriate boots from Ganni with their high style factor and pleasant wearing comfort. In order to create a more vibrant look, I have also added my new oversized leather jacket from Miu Miu and a cashmere beanie in orange. For sure suited sunglasses and a handbag must not be missed, you know my preference for details and accessories.

Within the luxury segment, belongs to my favorite online shops due to its wide range of products and the amazing customer service. One of the most convincing arguments is the quick delivery time (within one working day) as well as the easy and straightforward menu navigation. Besides the well-known designer labels like Prada, Saint Laurent and co., I really appreciate the selection of small and young labels. Even Ganni is part of the new generation and offers a brilliant price-performance ratio, a visit on is definitely worth it.

Psssst… especially with regard to the current sale, there are lots of great offers and discounts. ♥

I wish all of you a nice and reflective 4th advent!

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casual kimono style in Hamburg

23. Juli 2017


ENG: As I have already mentioned within my last Friday trend report, I am currently so in love with the kimono style and due to that I would like to go on with my latest acquisition. A special aspect of this kimono is the oversized cut, the glossy material and its lovely color assignment. I made my decision for the combination with a wide cut top, a simple jeans, my beloved Miu Miu slipper as well as a necklace layering for getting a stylish and suited to daily use outfit likewise. Fortunately I am a proud owner of a small Fendi bag at the moment and for me it ensures this casual and summery look.

What do you think about this combination? I am sending you many greetings from Sylt.

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Stripes & Miu Miu fur slides

16. Juli 2017


ENG: After the introduction of my new Edited the Label achievements within the latest „weekly focus„, I would now like to show you the first corresponding look with the striped oversized sweater, that is absolutely recommendable based on the flared sleeves and its casual cut. As suited combination I have made my decision for a destroyed jeans shorts, the velvet bag from Prada with the appropriate Fendi strap as well as my new Miu Miu slides with fur. For sure your opinions differ in regards of this foot wear but I am just loving the comfortable footbed and the silver colored round and angular rivets. During the summer months I can well imagine to wear the slides with a midi dress or even on colder days in combination with a cropped jeans as well as a thick oversized sweater.

What do you think? Do you like the look?

I wish all of you a pleasant and relaxed Sunday!

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feel good | Elasten

25. Mai 2017


ENG: „Beauty to drink“, with this slogan ELASTEN is promoting the own collagen drinking ampoules. Even several months ago, I got the request to test this miracle weapon and of course I did not hesitate one second to confirm for getting an own idea, if the regular intake of the drinking ampoules would lead to a tighter skin.
As pre information it should be mentioned, that human bodies are loosing their physical efficiency slowly but regularly from 25 years on. For sure there are differences from human to human concerning the aging process, even though I am 27 and I would not like to make me older, than my true age, I am recognizing more and more small laugh lines, dry skin areas as well as my frown line being more visible by now, appears to be very comfortable on my skin. The request had the perfect timing, so since already four months I am drinking every morning a small ampoule and I can definitely confirm, that my complexion is much better, than in the past. What is so special about ELASTEN?
The drinking ampoules consist of a combination of specific collagen peptides, the acerol fruit extract, vitamins and zink. Collagen itself gives the skin more structure and stability, vitamin C in turn contributes to the normal collagen formation in the deeper skin layer. Biotin and zinc preserve the healthy skin appearance. Thus the collagen peptides in ELASTEN support an attractive and younger outward appearance of the skin, what I can definitely confirm with a clear conscience. A few weeks ago, a reader asked me via Instagram-Direct, that my skin would seem to be well-proportioned and healthier, even if I had not referred to ELASTEN. Collagen is part in many cremes and masks but the liquid variation in terms of the drinking ampoules, being available in common pharmacies, is absolutely recommendable.

Enjoy your public holidays!


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Fashion, Favorite Looks

Rodeo Drive | Dolce & Gabbana bag

14. Mai 2017


ENG: Now we are almost one week back from L.A. and I still think about the nice time almost every day and miss the continuous pleasant weather, the sun and ocean as well as the positive attitude of the Californian people. We felt very comfortable in Beverly Hills at the Rodeo Drive, where we spent a lot of our time and even shot today’s look being one of my personal favorites during the three weeks in L.A.
I am wearing an easy summer dress from a collection of the last year but I am still so in love with it during the warmer months, therefore it still belongs to my preferred dresses this season. I have combined the dress with especially red colored accessories, in detail it is about the Miu Miu sandals, my beloved Dolce & Gabbana bag as well as a Fendi scarf being converted to a hairband.

What do you think about this look? Within my „L.A. focus“ this week, I have not only introduced the most popular Instagram outfits but also published my first „Follow Me Around“ movie on YouTube for giving you more personal insights from our experiences. Take a look inside and leave your feedback.

I wish all of you a sunny and relaxed Sunday!

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weekly focus 14 | 17

10. April 2017


ENG: Welcome back Germany! After a long journey we are finally back in Hamburg and start the Easter week with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. We spent the second part of our beautiful Maldives holiday in the awesome Park Hyatt, an oasis of calm and relaxation. Even in this resort we enjoyed every day to the fullest and could also see some smaller sharks at our guided house reef tour. On Instagram I have already published some pictures from this time, within a short time even here on the blog there will follow more detailed reports from our experiences and adventures.

Favorites of the week

To Do: Next week we will head to Los Angeles for staying at the west coast of the United States for the first time. Together with friends we will be there for three weeks, even if we will also travel to Dallas for a couple of days in order to attend the RewardStyle conference, where blogger and influencer from all over the world get together for talking about trends and themes within the digital industry. Until it is ready I have to deal with several administrative things and preparations for the time in LA, in addition to that there are some exciting projects this weeks, among other things a TV production in Munich and I am already looking forward to being part of it. As you know it from previous events, I will take you with me via my different Social Media channels.

Your favorite post of the week: weekly focus 13 | 17

New In: Edited was once again my preferred online shop last week because I could not resist to order a black and striped one shoulder top. In addition to that I ordered a nice blouse, a white colored jeans as well as a striped playsuit there. At Asos in turn I have found new pieces in terms of a lovely white colored bathing suite and a plaid dress as well.

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Maldives | Summer Look with Miu Miu Slides

7. April 2017


ENG: A small sign of life from the paradise! Yes, we are still on the Maldives and enjoy the last hours to the fullest before we are going to fly back to Germany at the weekend. Today I would like to introduce a summer look, that I wore a few days ago and there is one thing especially mentionable: I deliberately chose to wear the dress from Edited the wrong way round. Actually the buttons are located on the reverse side of the dress but I felt more comfortable with it in this variation, so I decided spontaneously to turn the dress‘ function. As suited foot wear at these hot temperatures, I selected the MIU MIU slipper being stylish and convenient likewise, at the moment I even think about a second pair of it in black.  In fairness you do not need to wear shoes on the Maldives but you know me and my preference for any kind of shoes in general. By the way I do not wear make up since our arrival and I just love this new freedom, in this sense I send you a lot of sunshine for the upcoming weekend!

Do you like this dress and my way of wearing it?

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29. März 2017


ENG: As you have maybe already recognized, I was invited to Frankfurt by s.Oliver last Saturday in order to celebrate the launch of the new „THE FUSION COLLECTION“. Already a few days before the collection’s presentation, I got a selected piece, that was introduced on my Instagram account last week. It is about a grey colored cropped sweater, the corresponding outfit on Instagram consisted of the sweater in combination with a same-color jeans, Gucci slipper as well as a chunky knit cardigan in grey. As suited accessories I decided for the black Saint Laurent bag and my new, mirrored Miu Miu sunglasses.
The special thing about the introduction of the „THE FUSION COLLECTION“ last Saturday was and is the „SEE NOW BUY NOW“ idea, so that the products were online available directly after the Fashion Show and can be bought in selected s.Oliver stores from this week on. The collection is themed „Athleisure Looks“ and tries to integrate athletic functional clothing in the daily life fashion, from my point of view a very cool, casual but also stylish collection being suited and established for women and men likewise. The campaign’s face is the lovely Karolina Kurkova, she was also part of the introduction and fashion show last Saturday besides some other well known guests like Lena Gercke or Noah Becker. The show took place at the Frankfurt festival hall with almost 2,000 invited people, Barbara Schoeneberger as quick-witted hoster and Max Giesinger as live music act created an exuberant atmosphere during the show, Robin Schulz was the responsible DJ for the after show party. Here can find the pieces of „THE FUSION COLLECTION“ from s.Oliver.

Which is your favorite piece?

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weekly focus #30

1. August 2016


ENG: All in all it was rather a quiet week for me, I have organized some things like the accounting and finally booked our New York flights for the Fashion Week in September. The pleasant anticipation is already huge because we both have not been to the States so far and many well-known faces will also be part of the spectacle. As you know me from former trips, I will take you with me via Snapchat to the different shows and events.

Favorites of the week

To Do: Unfortunately this week I have to do some authority ways, as you can see, even for me there are time periods being rather quiet and relaxed! But one thing I can already promise, in the near future there will be some exciting blog projects based on a very successful last week. In addition to that we have the wish for a spontaneous summer holiday but if we can realize it, is not sure at the moment – I will keep you informed about it. ;-)

Your favorite post of the week: Last call – S A L E ♥

New In: I have fallen head over heels in love with this rose colored velvet skirt and wait impatiently for getting the corresponded package. Furthermore I have got a small packet from Storets, the content was an oversized Army jacket with beautiful writings, a fringed jeans as well as a white oversized dress with colorful rainbow straps.

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