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Milan Fashion Week Street Style Looks

10. März 2019

ENG: My lovelies, even though the international Fashion Weeks are a couple of days back now, I wanted to take the chance to tell you a little bit more about the looks I wore. Your feedback was so positive that I felt very empowered and supported in trying something new.

Even though I always want to stay true to myself and my style, I left my comfort zone a little and tried a new direction. With outfits like for example the ‘all yellow’ look by Max Mara, which was my absolute favorite of the entire Fashion Week, I felt so supported in my decision, since the feedback was so amazing. Also wider pants, as for example the one by Fabiana Filippi was an absolute highlight for me.

The Milan Fashion Week was an emotional rollercoaster overall, as I got the chance to see the last Fendi Show that was designed by Karl Lagerfeld, which was a great honor of course. Also the Max Mara show, for which I wore the before mentioned yellow look, was an absolute highlight. The Aigner show was great as always too – and my look for that was completed by a bucket hat – but more about those soon on the blog!

For now I hope that you guys like my looks – and soon there will be a summary of my looks for Paris too!

Let me know which one of my Milan looks is your favorite. :-)

Aylin  ♥

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Fashion, Fashion Weeks

#LFW & #MFW Street Style Favorites

1. Oktober 2017


ENG: First of all I would like to apologize the calm and irregularity on my blog but last month was incredibly eventful based on the International Fashion Weeks  and lots of appointments. Of course this condition will be changed in October and I can pass over to my familiar routines. At the moment we’re still in France for the Paris Fashion Week, nevertheless I would now like to introduce a selection of my favorite looks from London and Milan.
For me the biggest challenge of one month fashion week marathon is to get inspiration and to reinvent oneself on a daily base. In London and Milan there raised lots of different looks and styles, that I’ve already announced on my Instagram account to some extent. I really hope, that my outfit selection has the potential to inspire and of course I’m very excited about your feedback for choosing the most popular outfit.

In this sense: Enjoy rummaging and leave a comment referring your favorite outfit choice. :-) Continue Reading…