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Luxury Vintage Pieces on Ebay

27. März 2019

ENGMy loves, I keep getting the question of where I purchase my vintage designer pieces and of course I don’t have THE ONE answer to the question, since there are so many options to get them online and offline. When eBay got in touch with me recently we thought about which topic could be interesting for my readers and I immediately came up with the category ‘luxury vintage’.

Did you know that every piece in this category is strictly checked for quality and authenticity, which is then guaranteed, too? Additionally, you have the option of sending back the pieces you have bought in the luxury vintage category, too, which limits the risk of a wrong purchase to an absolute minimum. Especially in the higher priced vintage segment these aspects are really important to me, so that you can maintain the good and especially the safe feeling when buying anything. Do you remember my white Chanel bag, which I found on eBay myself? I still get questions all the time today and I’m still so happy with its quality. In addition to that I’m always asked about my Cartier Tank watch, which isn’t being produced in this design anymore since about two years ago, which means that it’s only available from vintage sellers now. You can even find the Rolex Bicolor watches for really good prices on eBay, too.

I went searching for my personal favorites and hope that I can give you some inspiration for your next designer vintage purchase with this. Please remember: Sometimes it takes time and meticulous searching until you find your personal highlight. I also go on these long searches all the time and I’m then sometimes unsure whether the offers are legitimate and serious. In the end it may also take a little luck, but eBay definitely offers ideal conditions to make sure you will find the perfect piece.

Do you have a dearly loved designer vintage piece at home and if so, what is it? Continue Reading…