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Glam Rock dress in London | Just Cavalli

8. September 2017



ENG: As we’ve been in London last week, I’ve directly used the chance in order to shoot this look for you. This year I’ve gained a preference for the English capital, it’s the perfect place to express yourself with self-confident and fancy outfits. Most of the time I decide for rather casual pieces within my outfit combinations for maintaining a certain suitability for daily use.
However this time I took a different path and made my choice for a Glam Rock dress being sensual and feminine at once. It’s about a short dress from the brand Just Cavalli, that is especially characterized by its black and gold color combination as expression for the joy of life. Glam Rock combines classical elements of glamour but with a certain self-confidence. I’ve decided for the combination with rough boots and dark sunglasses as suited accessories of this expressive dress. The whole shooting was a lot of fun, even the dress itself implicates a certain manner of vitality.

What do you think about this look? You can find more information about my dressing preferences and the upcoming autumn trends within my interview for the online edition of the Glamour magazine.

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