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Lucca | blue maxi dress & Dior mini Saddle bag

10. August 2018

ENG: You guys asked for more outfit posts on the blog, so here we go! We are back home from Italy, but I wanted to show you this look, which we show in the beautiful village named Lucca, anyway. Some of you have asked specifically for this dress on Instagram, which is from H&M. With this I combine my mini DIOR Saddle Bag. The Saddle Bag has been newly interpreted after 18 years of originally coming out by the head designer Maria Grazia Chiuri, and I like the min version very much. For a relaxed day exploring Italy, i took out my white Adidas slippers, which are also a must-have this summer.

How do you like this look? I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend.

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Rodeo Drive | Balenciaga Boots

7. Mai 2017


ENG: Our last day in L.A. has started and we are already looking forward to our flat, family, friends and even the daily life in Hamburg. :-) Nevertheless I would now like to introduce a look from the Rodeo Drive, before taking our return flight because I really like the outfit combination and hope you will share the same, positive associations.
You know my preference for combining the Balenciaga Ceinture boots with dresses, even in this case happened with this silk dress from the H&M Studio collection. I am just loving the contrast of the rough boots with elegant and loose dresses based on its ability to create casual and hip looks, that are also suited for daily life without any problems from my point of view. The appropriate rounding consists of a grey colored oversized hoodie from the H&M Unisex collection as well as my beloved Gucci Marmont bag made of velvet, being every time an eye-catcher and talking point on the street.

What do you think about this look? Happy Sunday!

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Prada Cahier Bag – London Fashion Week

17. Februar 2017


ENG: Hello from London! Since yesterday we are staying in the Englisch capital in order to get a whiff of the Fashion Week air. The first day was already brilliant, actually it is my first stay in this metropolis and only that the weather is playing along, no, even the cityscape and kindness of the people are keen on me from the very first beginning.
Yesterday I have worn my new, chunky oversized cardigan, a classical ACDC shirt, a tight jeans, the GUCCI loafer variation with Donald Duck as motive as well as my new Prada Cahier bag, that was directly delivered from Net-A-Porter to our hotel room. In any case, one thing is clear: LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! I just simply love everything on the bag: pattern, colors, material and size. A casual street style look with a high comfort factor.

What do you think about my first London look?

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light blue layering – Gucci Princetown Loafer

29. Januar 2017


ENG: After too less time for visiting the presentation of the new EDITED spring collection in Berlin, I have inquired myself for the new collection the same day and I am totally in love with the single pieces. The selection just screams for warmer days, so that I have already introduced my new oversized spring coat in rose on Instagram yesterday, whereas today I would like to go on with a baby blue knitted sweater. With regard to this outfit I have decided once again for layering in terms of a destroyed jeans, a dark blue coat as well as my beloved Gucci Princetown loafer.

Do you like this look? Today we have „Sunday Opening“ in Hamburg and we will probably also head to the inner city. In this sense: A successful Sunday to all of you!

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black & soft pink – Chanel bag

11. Januar 2017


ENG: Based on the fact, that the winter is still predominant in Hamburg, I have created a sheltered and very comfortable look today. In many cases black is the foundation for my outfit combinations, that will then be complemented by single color accents. This time I have decided for a black colored oversized feel-good sweater in combination with a patent leather pants, a black coat as well as Converse shoes in black as well. The color highlights come from a chunky knit beanie and my beloved Chanel bag.
What do you think about this outfit? Now I have to further plan my outfits for the Berlin Fashion Week, being hosted from next Monday on. There will be definitely some highlights – stay tuned. :-)

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pink coat & Balenciaga boots

21. Dezember 2016


ENG: My preference for rose colored pieces of clothing has reached a new dimension with this dreamful quilted coat. As I saw the coat for the first time, it had happened around me, I just had to grab the jacket. With regard to this coat a casual combination is very important from my point of view in order to avoid a too girlish look. Therefore I have decided for a destroyed jeans, a grey cardigan as well as the rough Balenciaga ceinture boots. Together with the classical Yves Saint Laurent bag and my beloved grey ACNE beanie there is the perfect look for the cold days, that is also suitable for everyday life.

What do you think – do you like the look?  Try to enjoy the pre-christmas time as much as possible.

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Valentino heels & black hoodie

18. Dezember 2016


ENG: On Thursday we have been to Berlin for the first „Place to Be Influencer Award“ and were allowed to spend a great evening there. The next day we have used the time in order to shoot a look with my new Valentino heels. I am just loving the combination of chic and casual, therefore I have decided to connect the Valentino shoes with a destroyed jeans, a black oversized hoodie as well as a beige colored coat, also oversized cut. For some of you the look maybe appears unusual or even doubtful but for me I really like the break in style because the outfit is versatile and very comfortable. I have got the Valentino heels with 50% off and I was so happy about it, that I had to use them directly. :-)

Do you like the look?

I wish all of you a contemplative 4. advent and a stressful start into the christmas week.

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pink oversized sweater

9. Dezember 2016


ENG: Even if this sweater is very conspicuous and keeps in mind in most instances, I am wearing it gladly and love the different variation possibilities. In Paris I have decided for the combination with a skirt, in this case I have chosen a narrow destroyed jeans as well as my beloved Balenciaga boots. Based on the perfect match between beige and rose colored pieces from my point of view, the oversized coat was the logical implication, in addition to that I have determined the „LOVE“ bag as the appropriate model for some time. All in all a very casual and suited to daily use look.

What do you think? Enjoy your weekend.

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Oversized coat by Marcel Ostertag –

24. November 2016


ENG: Last week I have been in Berlin for visiting the Bunte New Faces Award with and some other blogger girls. Do you actually know Here you can find different Independent Designer being gathered on one common marketplace. Therefore ist the address for those ones, that are looking for fancy and exclusive must haves. I have found a lovely, salmon colored oversized coat from Marcel Ostertag, that has attracted a lot of attention that evening and fits perfectly for me. Before the official event we have met each other in the Showroom office for getting a gorgeous make up and individual hairstyles for the award ceremony. It was a really nice evening, we have laughed a lot and had much fun. Back in Hamburg I have worn again the coat and decided to shoot an everyday life „street style look“ with it. The coat fits excellent to my current dress style, in this case I have made my choice for the combination with an oversized sweater, a ripped jeans, the Gucci loafer as well as my new Louis Vuitton bag with its matching color.

Drop over to As kind of a goodie I have the 20€ voucher code  „AYLIN20“ for you, that is valid until the 31st December 2016. Happy shopping!

What do you think about the look?

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shades of grey with Chanel Sneaker

20. November 2016


ENG: In the meantime you have probably recognized my favor for grey colored pieces, even today’s outfit is characterized by this color as well as the different materials and styles likewise. For me there is nothing more comfortable than an oversized cardigan and its connection with diverse accessories, so that this time I have decided for the combination with a fluent skirt made of silk. Already 1.5 years I am the owner of Chanel sneaker but unfortunately I have not worn them very frequently so far but this has to be changed in the future. For me this look is suited for daily-use and stylish at the same time, the combination offers comfort and attention at once. The Chanel bag and purple colored Ray-Ban sunglasses complete the outfit through their matching colors.

What do you think about the outfit realization? Enjoy your Sunday!

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