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casual Street Style Look | ECCO soft 8

16. April 2017


ENG: What lends itself better than a casual street style look after holiday, the currently unsettled weather and diverse obligations? This is exactly what I have done several times during the last days and today I would like to introduce a variation, that is especially inspired by the color grey. In detail the outfit consists of an oversized sweater, my beloved ankle jeans and a classical beanie from ACNE. However the eye-catcher between the single products is definitely the new ECCO Soft 8 sneaker with velcro fastener. To be honest I did not wear shoes with Velcro for ages but with regard to this model, I have acquired a taste for it, the sneaker unite style, numerous possible combinations and a high comfort from my point of view. All in all the the Soft 8 sneaker are perfectly matched concerning the shape, design and easiness, so that I will probably take them with me to Los Angeles from next week on. The outfit concludes with the Valentino bag being featured with a Fendi strap as the second colorful highlight.
I wish all of you Happy Easter and a great time with family and friends. We will hear each other in and from L.A.!

What do you think about this look?

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Lace up Jeans | Spring

24. März 2017

: Spring fever and twittering spread more and more, therefore I am increasingly choosing for aerial and colorful items of clothing. With regard to this outfit I have decided to combine my new lace up jeans from Edited the label with satin mules, a striped oversized blouse as well as a bright between-seasons coat. After a longer period of abstinence I have made a choice for the Chloé Drew bag with a Fendi strap for getting a colorful appreciation. From my point of view a suited and uninhibited combination. As you know my dress style from former outfits, I could not resist to integrate sunglasses within this look, this time in terms of a Ray Ban with blue mirrored lenses. A vernal and absolutely suited to daily use look with a high style factor from my perspective.

What do you think about this look? I wish all of you a nice and sunny start in the weekend.

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layering look with Valentino Ruckstud heels #mbfwb

22. Januar 2017


ENG: WOW – a very exciting week draws to a close, I was allowed to visit cool shows and events complemented by wonderful conversations in Berlin. I am pretty happy about the last few days and of course I have taken the opportunity to shoot some of my Fashion Week outfits, of which I would now like to introduce the first one.
In this case I am wearing a whole H&M look added by my beloved Valentino Rockstud heels as well as the beautiful Chloé bag from Net-A-Porter. Layering looks are still very stylish from my point of view and it is almost every time the perfect combination for cold temperatures. For me a casual and suited to daily use street style look, that definitely belongs to my favorites during the last few days.

What do you think – Do you like this outfit as well? Have a cozy Sunday.

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grey oversized fur & soft pink chanel bag

13. November 2016


ENG: Probably you are striving against the coldness like we do here in Hamburg this week. Nevertheless we had some beautiful winter days, so that we have immediatley used the chance for securig the first wintery look.
Today I am wearing my new fake fur coat, that is incredible warm and has the perfect pattern and color combination for me. Furthermore I have decided for a tight jeans, a grey mohair oversized sweater as well as black Converse, I have not worn for a long time. I am still trying to slip pastel shades in my looks, this time I have satisfied this internal need via the Chanel bag and a knitted cap, that represent a succeeded touch of color within the whole look from my point of view.

What do you think about the outfit combination? I wish you all a great Sunday!

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flower knit jumper and gucci princetown loafer

9. November 2016


ENG: Probably no other sweater in recent times has caused such an sensation on Instagram like this grey, with flowers decoracted oversized cardigan. The new autumn/winter season allows due to the current designer collcetions from Gucci D&G etc. the combination of edgay prints, pattern and colors. As I have ordered this cardigan, I could not guess, which hype it would generate because of its actual specific appearance, however I definitely belong to the cardigan’s supporter.
With regard to today’s look I have decided for a simple jeans, black beanie, my belover Gucci Princetown fur loafer as well as fish net sockings being a daily „companion“ in the meantime.

What do you think about the sweater? Do you like the look?

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weekly focus #44

7. November 2016


ENG: At the moment time is just running, especially when writing my regular post in the rubric „weekly focus“. My highlight last week was definitely the invitation from MAC Cosmetics for the BILD influencer dinner hosted in Berlin. We have spent a great time in the restaurant Borchards with some other influencer from Germany, MAC Cosmetics was responsible for the make up and La Biosthetique for the hair care that evening. The weekend consisted of family time for recharging our batteries with good food and private talks.

Favorites of the week

To Do: This week I will completely stay in Hamburg. I would like to use this valuable time for meeting friends, perceiving medical appointments, doing sports at the Aspria Uhlenhorst and structuring my accounting staff. Next week you will get new information about exciting blog projects. :-)

Your favorite post of the week: weekly focus #43

New In: Who of you follow me via Snapchat or Instagram and has already seen my new achievement this morning? My first Louis Vuitton bag (similar here) has arrived me and unfortunately I have fallen in love with this model. What do you think about it? At the Designer Outlet Roermond I could find fancy heels from Dolce & Gabbana, hopefully I can show you them here on the blog soon with a suited outfit. With regard to our flat I have got some nice decorative accessories: a rose colored blanket, gold paint scissors as well as copper colored clothes hanger from HAY.
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pink oversized coat & chanel slingback pumps

6. November 2016


ENG: It is probably obvious, that I have a favor for the color rose, nevertheless I always try to combine it in a cool and edgy way. Today I am wearing an oversized wool coat in a pastel colored rose with a white lace blouse, a bright jeans as well as my beloved Chanel Slingback pumps, which I have not been chosen for a long time. Of course I could not resist to grab the Chloé Drew bag as the perfect matching color towards the look. Now we are heading to the Netherlands in order to visit the designer outlet Roermond with stores like GUCCI, Prada, Sandro, D&G and many more – yaaay!

What do you think about the combination? Enjoy your Sunday!

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Gucci Jordaan – Hamburg Streetstyle

17. Juli 2016


ENG: At the moment I cannot resist Gucci shoes based on its great comfort and the stylish appearance, therefore I was pretty happy as I have got the delivery of the classical Gucci Jordaan loafer this week. From my point of view these shoes can upgrade every kind of outfit because they can be worn in a classical way or as a modern loafer. The traditional loafer variation is sold out most of the time but fortunately I could recently find them at LUISAVIAROMA, exactly that online shop, where I have also acquired the classical Saint Laurent bag, that harmonizes very well with the shoes in my opinion.
Today I have decided for a rather relaxed „Parisian look“ through the combination of a skinny jeans with a blue-white stripped off shoulder blouse. As colorful matching accessories I have also used a red bandanna at the neck as well as the color-coordinated lipstick from Chanel.

Do you like the shoes and outfit combination as well?

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beige, pink & blue – Hamburg

10. Juni 2016


ENG: Today there is a further look from Hamburg with my new destroyed jeans from ASOS. Different than usual I am wearing this time a rose colored body with a beige-hued vest above. In general I prefer oversized tops based on their ability to flatter one’s own hip section through leading the focus on other body parts. With regard to this look I really like the interaction with the vest, especially with regard to the color combination. Finally as suited foot wear I have decided for the new Zara sandals, that are able to upgrade not only this outfit from my point of view.

What do you think about the compilation of this look?

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