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cozy winter look with

18. November 2018


ENG: Already in the beginning of October I have introduced an autumn look from and with, due to your positive feedback I would now like to go on with a new look as one of my current favorites. Despite of the many sunshine hours here in Hamburg at the moment, the temperatures are pretty cold by now, therefore I decided for a rather winterly look. My preference for coats from Max Mara is certainly not a new fact, not only the quality but also the design is always so convincing and a purchasing argument. Meanwhile I own several coats from the Italian fashion brand, in this case it is about a wonderfully soft and warm teddy coat in the color combination grey/beige. The actual highlight within this look is the animal printed boot from the English brand JOSEPH, that combines style, comfort and the ability to upgrade every kind of a simple outfit. I have combined the coat and boots with a blue-black bag from Marc Jacobs being very spacious and elegant. In addition to that the bag is also interesting in terms of the price from my point of view. Furthermore I have decided for my Dior sunglasses, a simple jeans in grey as well as a white colored knitted sweater for creating a stylish autumn/winter look being suitable for everyday use. belongs to my favorite luxury online shops due to the wide range of products and the incredible customer care. Especially the fast delivery is definitely one of the most convincing arguments for this modern and popular online shop. In addition to that you can find new products on a daily basis from Monday to Friday, therefore the shopping experience is incredibly high and a look within the category ’new products‘ is always worth it. You should keep an eye on this online shop during the upcoming cyber week. ;-)

What do you think about this look? I wish all of you a nice and cozy Sunday!


DE: Schon Anfang Oktober habe ich euch gemeinsam mit einen Herbstlook vorgestellt, da dieser so positiv von euch angenommen wurde, folgt heute ein weiterer Look, den ich aktuell am liebsten jeden Tag tragen würde. In Hamburg ist es trotz der ungewöhnlich vielen Sonnenstunden mittlerweile sehr kalt geworden, dementsprechend habe ich mich dieses Mal für einen eher winterlichen Alltagslook entschieden. Meine Liebe zu Max Mara Mänteln sollte euch sicherlich nicht entgangen sein, sowohl die Qualität, als auch das Design überzeugen mich jedes Mal aufs Neue. Inzwischen besitze ich schon mehrere Mäntel der italienischen Marke, bei diesem Exemplar handelt es sich um einen traumhaft weichen und warmen Teddy-Mantel in der Farbkombination Grau/Beige. Das eigentliche Highlight dieses Looks sind allerdings meine neuen ‚animal printed‘ Boots von der englischen Marke JOSEPH, die nicht nur wahnsinnig komfortabel sind, sondern auch noch sehr stylisch aussehen und dementsprechend ein simples Outfit immer aufwerten können. Dazu kombiniere ich eine blau-schwarze Tasche von Marc Jacobs die sich meiner Meinung nach in einem fairen Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis bewegt, darüber hinaus ist sie sehr geräumig und stilsicher. Noch schnell die Dior Sonnenbrille, eine schlichte Jeans in Grau sowie einen weißen Strickpullover hinzugefügt und fertig ist ein absolut alltagstauglicher und trotzdem stylischer Herbst-/Winterlook. gehört im Luxussegment zu meinen absoluten Favoriten, da sowohl die Auswahl an Produkten, als auch der Kundenservice einfach wahnsinnig gut sind. Vor allem die nach wie vor schnelle Lieferung ist ein absolutes Pro-Argument für als modernen und angesagten Online-Shop. Zudem ändert sich das Sortiment von Montag – Freitag täglich, sodass das Stöbern nach neuen Trendteilen unglaublich viel Spaß macht, ein Blick unter den „Neuheiten“ lohnt sich eigentlich immer. Gerade im Hinblick auf die anstehende Cyber Week solltet ihr hier unbedingt mal vorbeischauen, es wird sich lohnen.

Wie gefällt euch mein Look? Ich wünsche euch allen einen tollen und erholsamen Sonntag!

Aylin ♥

In Cooperation with | photo credit: Tobias Freund

Fashion, Favorite Looks

Golden October w/

11. Oktober 2018


ENGWe currently get to enjoy what is probably the most beautiful October and the excitement for the more cozy days of fall is growing and growing. So when approached me a little while ago, I immediately had an exciting combination in mind.
I personally think that sunny days during the fall are the perfect time for long dresses with fashionable boots. That is why I chose this dreamy volant dress by the scandinavian label Ganni, which has an extravagant cut, beautiful details and complex embroidery and combines all these in one wonderful piece. I especially appreciate the wide selection of styles, that offers around the year and the fact that new it-pieces are available in the online shop on a daily basis.
In this case I decided to combine black cowboy boots for creating a stylish break within the style. Oftentimes we chose rather plain colours for autumn looks such as black, brown or grey but especially with the current weather conditions I always feel like bright colours are really refreshing. On colder days I think that products made from velour leather are a great choice too, which is why my classic Saint Laurent bag will be used much more within the near future. Another highlight is my new pair of DIOR sunglasses, which I also found at and I think they’re incredibly expressive because of their futuristic design. Especially in terms of accessories, is very well equipped and even if your product of choice is not available, there is no online shop with a better customer experience due to the short delivery time and the beautiful packaging. But now over to you: How do you like the outfit combination and the dress?

DE: Der wohl schönste Goldene Oktober seit Jahren herrscht aktuell vor unseren Türen und die Vorfreude auf gemütliche Herbsttage steigt somit von Tag zu Tag. Als kürzlich auf mich zukam, um das Thema Herbst aufzugreifen, schoss mir direkt eine spannende Kombination in den Kopf.
Sonnige Herbsttage eignen sich meiner Meinung nach perfekt für den Einsatz von langen Kleidern und angesagten Boots. Dementsprechend habe ich mich bei meinem Herbstlook auch für dieses traumhafte Volantkleid von dem skandinavischen Label Ganni entschieden, das einen extravaganten Schnitt, schöne Details und aufwendige Bestickungen miteinander vereint. Bei schätze ich vor allem das ganzjährig vielseitige Sortiment und dass täglich neue it-pieces im Online-Sortiment verfügbar sind.
In diesem Fall habe ich mich für die Kombination mit schwarzen Cowboy Boots entschieden, um einen stylischen Stilbruch zu erzeugen. Häufig greifen wir fast schon automatisch zu eher tristen Herbstfarben, wie Schwarz, Braun oder Grau, doch gerade bei sonnigen Verhältnissen sind für mich hellere Farben immer sehr erfrischend. An kälteren Tagen sind meiner Meinung nach auch Produkte aus Veloursleder besonders geeignet, weshalb meine klassische Saint Laurent Tasche in nächster Zeit sicherlich wieder häufiger zum Einsatz kommen wird. Ein weiteres Highlight ist meine neue DIOR Sonnenbrille, die ich ebenfalls bei gefunden habe und aufgrund ihres futuristischen Designs unfassbar ausdrucksstark finde. Gerade im Bereich Accessoires ist immer besonders gut aufgestellt und auch wenn mal nicht das richtige Produkt für euch dabei ist, kenne ich keinen Online-Shop mit einem besseren Kundenservice. Nun zu euch: Wie gefällt euch meine Outfit-Kombination und das Kleid?

Hier findet ihr im Übrigen auch noch meine persönlichen Must-Haves für den Herbst. ♥


in cooperation with | Photocredit: Tobias Freund


outfit | spring time in Hamburg

22. April 2018

ENGDo you know what makes me incredibly happy at the moment? The weather we currently get to enjoy in Hamburg! Unfortunately my mood is completely dependant on the weather, which is why I have mood swings all the time when its grey and cold for days and days on end. Most of you probably feel the same way after a long winter, though.Since almost the entire week gave us warmth and sunshine though, I was finally able to wear summer outfits again, without the fear of catching another cold or the strange looks of other people. I would like to show you one of those looks in today’s outfit-post. The highlight of this look is my new caftan from the H&M Conscious Collection, which officially started last Thursday. The caftan is not only an absolute eye-catcher, but its comfort and the numerous ways of combining it convinced me straight away. In this case I went with a combination of shorts by One Teaspoon, a statement shirt by Saint Laurent and western boots by Isabel Marant. Take a look at the new H&M collection, there are so many stylish and popular pieces.
I hope that I can show you many more summer outfits here on the blog soon, because I have enough ideas for cool looks and trendy ‘It pieces’ in my mind already. But now I am of course interested in your opinion too:

How do you like this look and would you generally like to see more outfit-posts on the blog?

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weekly focus 13 | 18

19. März 2018

ENGWith every week we are slowly getting closer to spring. Even Though the last couple of days have been absolutely joyous in terms of sunshine, it is still extremely cold and windy here. We have spent the entire last week in Hamburg, since we had two interesting events here on Wednesday and Thursday. One of them was the presentation of the PANDORA Shine-Collection, which definitely is one of my favorite jewellry collections based on their optics and quality. In addition to that we were in the Hamburg Store of italian brand ‘Fabiana Filippi’, which is mostly known for exclusive knitted products, modern designs and high-quality fabrics on Thursday night.
Other than that we are still in the process of furthering our wedding preparations and getting our apartments ready for spring. I can’t wait to leave the house in dresses and spend my free time on our balcony, but I guess most of us feel this way. :-)

Favorites of the Week: 

To Do: We will be in Amsterdam for an event by the wonderful lingerie brand Marie Jo on Wednesday night. I am especially excited for the stay, because the bloggers like Lena and Liberta wil be there as well and we will hopefully have a great and exciting time. From Thursday on we have a number of events in Hamburg, where I will of course take you via my Instagram Stories. In addition to that we are currently planning a trip South, since we haven’t been in the sun in what feels like ages and we are longing for some warmer days. I would love to just produce ‘summerly content’ on Instagram 24/7 and get your opinion on dresses and summer trends. About a year ago we went on a trip to the Maldives – but who knows where our planning will take us this year. The Maldives are definitely worth a trip. ;-)

Favorite post of the weekParis Fashion Week | Street Style

New In: Since the sun has been back in Hamburg a couple of times now, which has me planning my balcony a lot! I found some wonderful products on Westwing and found a little Sofa over the last weekend that I really liked. You should definitely take a look at, where you can find the new outdoor line since the past weekend. We have also ordered a little bench for our hallway, which I am incredibly excited for already, too.
Since so many of you asked about my beige Fabiana Filippi dress, I have linked it in light blue and cream down below. The looks as well as the quality of it are absolutely recommendable – I definitely love it!

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white & grey | Valentino Rockstud Spike bag

28. Januar 2018

ENGEven though I have already posted two Instagram-photos with this look, you guys were interested in even more details, which is why I decided to write a little blogpost about it, too! I was asked many times where I find the dresses to layer my looks and, to be honest – the answer isn’t even that difficult. :-) What’s important for these looks is that you use a dress with a soft and flowing material. This dress, for example, I found at H&M Trends about a year ago and I wear it with a grey knitted jumper, as well as my beloved Alexander McQueen Platform Sneakers. I think the look is very feminine, especially in combination with the new Valentino Ruckstud Spike bag in white, while the sneaker and my ACNE beanie along with the jumper create a cool change in style.

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weekly focus 02 | 18

9. Januar 2018

ENG: A very relaxing week is behind us where we were able to take out some time to heal our colds and aching throats, which means that this week I can fully focus on new projects and posts for you. Apart from the every day business we are intensely working on the newsletter for the end of the month and we also made some progress in regards to our wedding during the last few days. If you want to find out more about our Newsletter you can sign up on the homepage of my blog and take the chance to partake in an exclusive Designer-Sale.

Favorites of the week

To Do: We will be spending most of this week in Hamburg, before going to Berlin next week. The Fashion Week is coming up now and we still have a few things to prepare. I am especially excited for fashion week, because our team member Sarah is accompanying us, which means that we can produce even more exciting content for you.
But even before that we have another exciting date coming up, which is the visit of the Musical “The Lion King”. We watched it for the first time about ten years ago and as a great Disney-and Musical-Fan I am really excited for the show.
Apart from that I have spent my day with the amazing Kathleen, who put some life and structure back into my hair; you can find out more about that in today’s Instagram-Story. I get asked about who does my hair all the time, which is why I can only recommend Kathleen’s Instagram-Account.

Favorite post of the weekMax Mara oversized coat & Gucci belt

New In: I found this wonderful ‘oversized’ coat by Max Mara at Vite EnVogue, as well as an amazing pair Aquazzura Heels and a Dorothee Schumacher fur jacket. I have integrated the Max Mara Coat into a look last Sunday and wrote a blog post about it too, and the heels and fur jacket will be put to use during the Fashion Week in Berlin next week.

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Max Mara oversized coat & Gucci belt

7. Januar 2018

ENG: Happy sunny Sunday! The sun has been shining the entire day here in Hamburg, which honestly just felt so good – so we took the chance to take some photos straight away. With this outfit I would like to introduce you to my absolute favorite vintage find – this oversized Max Mara coat, which i spiced up with a Gucci belt. In combination with a black knitted sweater, a pair of Jeans, Gucci sneaker and the denim Chanel bag, this look isn’t only perfect for every day and every occasion, but also playful and stylish at the same time. The color combination of black, white and blue works well every time too, which is why I like to wear it to all kinds of events and occasions. Now I’m curious what you think:

Do you like the combination of ‘oversized’ coat and statement belt?

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pink & red | Edited oversized coat

8. November 2017


ENGGood morning from Munich, which is where I am for the Press Days at the moment. I arrived yesterday and was able to give you some impressions of what my next few days are going to look like, which I will – of course – do the next couple of days too. I still want to take the chance to show you another fall-look, that immediately puts me in a great mood due to its color combination. Even though I’m a fan of wearing earthy colors in fall and winter, the combination of red and pink is lovely and super trendy. I am specifically talking about the combination of a pink Edited the Label coat with red Gucci shoes, which probably sounds a bit daring at first, but to me makes a great connection. In order to make the look not too wild, I styled it with black vinyl pants and a black hoodie from Broken System. To finish this look I added a Chanel bag, that fits perfectly to the color of the coat and adds a bit of glamour to it.

Of course I am excited for your feedback, so -how do you like the look and color combination?

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Fashion, Favorite Looks

Max Mara teddy coat | Self-Portrait dress

5. November 2017

ENG: I’ve fallen in love with a new piece, that I wouldn’t like to miss any more: the Max Mara teddy coat. This item is just predestined for me based on its fantastic oversized cut and the ‚on point‘ design. On Instagram I’ve already posted my look with the Max Mara coat for today’s blog post but your feedback during the week was positive in such a way, that I would now like to go into details.
The outfit itself consists of a dark blue Self-Portrait dress being converted in a skirt through the combination with a short knitted sweater and a Gucci belt. Furthermore I’m wearing my beloved ankle boots and the small backpack from Louis Vuitton, everything connected with the Max Mara teddy coat ensures that certain something within in this look and guarantees an incredibly high wearing comfort. For sure the individual prices of this outfit are relatively high but the combination of boots with oversized coats in general is very trendy this season and with the appropriate jeans you’re dressed in a stylish and suitable for everyday life manner from my point of view.

What do you think about this look? Enjoy your Sunday!

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black & beige | Fendi slides with socks

31. Oktober 2017

ENG: Today I would like to introduce a look, that is able to divide my user’s opinions based on the interaction of slipper with socks. Even last season I was a big fan of this combination, therefore I was even happier as my new Fendi slides arrived yesterday. I have already several variation possibilities in my mind but let us start from the very first beginning with the following outfit.
In detail it is all about the connection of the Fendi slipper with slightly transparent and black colored socks, even the combination with thick wool socks would be likewise suited. Furthermore I have decided for a cloth pants in black, a loose knitted sweater and an oversized, beige colored coat. The whole look is combined in matching colors with the slipper, just the small Prada bag ensures a certain spot of color. From my point of view this outfit is the perfect mix of style and protection against the cold temperatures outside.

What do you think about this look? Wish all of you happy Halloween!

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