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Amsterdam #Imperfect Event with Esprit

31. Oktober 2016

: A few days ago I have been to Amsterdam with Esprit in order to be part of the collection launch from the #Imperfect campaign. Maybe you have already recognized via Instagram, Facebook or even here on the blog, that I am collaborating with Esprit for introducing the new autumn and winter collection. In this context Esprit has invited all influencer/blogger to a common lunch in Amsterdam to get to know each other. The framework program consisted of a styling session as well as a canals tour through this lovely Dutch city.
The international blogger Gala Gonzalez and Miguel Carrizo are the official faces of the #Imperfect campaign and have also attended the event. The campaign’s focus is the „not perfect moment“ being an essential part of our daily life. Especially these moments belong frequently to the best and funniest memories in retrospect, so that everyone should more think about, whether the pursuit of perfection is always the right decision. Even for me anybody should not take oneself too serious and give more attention to the small things and incomplete situations in life. In this sense try to enjoy your next #Imperfect moment and see the positive aspects in the situation. :-)

DE: Vor einigen Tagen war ich gemeinsam mit Esprit beim Kollektionslaunch der #Imperfect Kampagne in Amsterdam. Vielleicht habt ihr auf Instagram, Facebook oder auch hier auf dem Blog schon von meiner Zusammenarbeit mit Esprit gelesen, bei der ich euch verschiedene Herbst- und Winterlooks vorgestellt habe. Esprit hat in diesem Zusammenhang alle Influencer/Blogger eingeladen sich beim gemeinsamen Lunchen in Amsterdam kennenzulernen. Dabei wurde eine Styling-Session eingelegt, den Abschluss bildete eine Grachtenfahrt durch die zahlreichen Kanäle dieser tollen Stadt.
Die internationalen Blogger Gala Gonzalez und Miguel Carrizo sind die Gesichter der #Imperfect Kampagne und waren beim Event ebenfalls vor Ort. Der Fokus dieser Kampagne liegt in den „nicht perfekten Momenten“, die rückblickend häufig dennoch zu den schönsten und lustigsten Erinnerungen zählen. Wir sollten uns auch meiner Meinung nach selbst nicht zu ernst nehmen und vor allem den kleinen Dingen und unvollkommenen Situation im Leben mehr Beachtung schenken. In diesem Sinne, genießt beim nächsten Mal euren #Imperfect Moment und versucht das Positive darin zu sehen. :-)

Aylin   ♥

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Esprit #imperfect

14. Oktober 2016


ENG: What is perfection? Probably most of you connect different associations and individual requirements with this word, when it is about the perfect moment, the perfect decision or even the perfect partner at your side. But is the pursuit of perfection always the right way?! Is it not rather a chance encounter, spontaneous decision and human peculiarities, that are responsible for looking back humorously and have more value than always focus on perfection in daily life?! Under this motto Esprit has introduced its new autumn/winter collection and created thereby a positive public image, that aims consciously for imperfection without taking itself too serious. Even in our daily life it is sometimes rather chaotic and spontaneous, especially when it is about to entertain our French bulldog Summer because we have to be creative and fanciful from time to time. With regard to a relationship there are personal mistakes and weaknesses, that have to be appreciated and loved in the course of time and what give the perfect hold in difficult times from my point of view.
While shooting these pictures we have tried to introduce those moments of imperfection and have followed the „Esprit“ of the correspondent brand. We are wearing essentially products from the new Esprit autumn/winter collection and we have felt very well with it.

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