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casual Street Style Look | ECCO soft 8

16. April 2017


ENG: What lends itself better than a casual street style look after holiday, the currently unsettled weather and diverse obligations? This is exactly what I have done several times during the last days and today I would like to introduce a variation, that is especially inspired by the color grey. In detail the outfit consists of an oversized sweater, my beloved ankle jeans and a classical beanie from ACNE. However the eye-catcher between the single products is definitely the new ECCO Soft 8 sneaker with velcro fastener. To be honest I did not wear shoes with Velcro for ages but with regard to this model, I have acquired a taste for it, the sneaker unite style, numerous possible combinations and a high comfort from my point of view. All in all the the Soft 8 sneaker are perfectly matched concerning the shape, design and easiness, so that I will probably take them with me to Los Angeles from next week on. The outfit concludes with the Valentino bag being featured with a Fendi strap as the second colorful highlight.
I wish all of you Happy Easter and a great time with family and friends. We will hear each other in and from L.A.!

What do you think about this look?

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blushes tones & Chloé Faye bag

21. September 2016


ENG: Shortly before my trip to the New York Fashion Week, Laura from Designdschungel, Franziska from Zuckermaedchen and me were invited by ECCO shoes to Rotterdam. We have visited the brand own leather factory and have taken a deeper look at the manufacturing process, an unforgettable and very important experience for me. Everyone of us should be aware of the fact, how natural products are processed and where the origin of a shoe, bag or jacket is located. One thing is definitely sure, the ECCO leather factory is clean without exceptions and has high quality standards with regard to the material treatment. The atmosphere was great, working conditions on-the-spot were flawless. So far I was unaware of the fact, that the ECCO tannery is also producing for premium customer like Louis Vuitton, Prada or Apple, all in all it was very exciting and a really instructive and interesting experience likewise.
Of course I have used the chance to wear my new ECCO bootees during the trip. In this case I am wearing a whole oversized look in rose and nude with a cashmere sweater and a rose colored dress underneath. Within my latest outfits I have decided several times for the Chloé Faye bag and even regarding this look it is the perfect rounding from my point of view.

What do you think about this look? What do you think about the leather handling and process?

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