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casual chic in Hamburg | J’adior slingback heels

13. August 2017


ENG: Back from Ibiza I would now like to introduce a new look from Hamburg. The outfit is especially characterized by classical and casual elements as the perfect combination and requirement for almost every occasion. The outfit’s centre is definitely my new oversized dress in black with its deep neckline and the wide sleeves. As suited pieces I have also decided for a destroyed jeans, my Gucci belt as well as the Dior J’adior slingback heels for getting a certain glam within this outfit. The colorful highlight belongs to the Dolce & Gabbana bag for at least symbolizing a hint of summer in Northern Germany at the moment. For some time past I have looked for a yellow colored sunglasses and could recently find this gorgeous Ray-Ban Ja-Jo model with a high style factor from my point of view.

What do you think about this look? Should you especially be interested in the dress or sunglasses, turn on my new Instagram Story, it’s worth it. ;-)

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one shoulder blouse | Chanel Slingback heels

30. Juli 2017


ENG: For the sake of variety I would like to introduce a street style look from Hamburg today. Even in recent past I predominantly wore summery dresses and kimonos, although I’m still a huge street style fan, when considering the diverse combining opportunities.
With regard to today’s look I have decided for an one shoulder blouse from Edited the Label in combination with a destroyed jeans and my beloved Dolce & Gabbana bag. I’m continually getting  so much   demands concerning this bag and could wear it every day. The blouse itself can be combined in a chick and casual way, especially the exposed shoulder is definitely an eye-catcher. While the jeans ensures the casual part, the Chanel Slingback heels form the perfect outfit rounding in an elegant manner.
By the way I’m also owning the one shoulder blouse in the blue/white striped version, that is also versatile and absolutely recommendable.

What do you think about this look? Happy Sunday!

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Fashion, Favorite Looks

Rodeo Drive | Dolce & Gabbana bag

14. Mai 2017


ENG: Now we are almost one week back from L.A. and I still think about the nice time almost every day and miss the continuous pleasant weather, the sun and ocean as well as the positive attitude of the Californian people. We felt very comfortable in Beverly Hills at the Rodeo Drive, where we spent a lot of our time and even shot today’s look being one of my personal favorites during the three weeks in L.A.
I am wearing an easy summer dress from a collection of the last year but I am still so in love with it during the warmer months, therefore it still belongs to my preferred dresses this season. I have combined the dress with especially red colored accessories, in detail it is about the Miu Miu sandals, my beloved Dolce & Gabbana bag as well as a Fendi scarf being converted to a hairband.

What do you think about this look? Within my „L.A. focus“ this week, I have not only introduced the most popular Instagram outfits but also published my first „Follow Me Around“ movie on YouTube for giving you more personal insights from our experiences. Take a look inside and leave your feedback.

I wish all of you a sunny and relaxed Sunday!

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Rodeo Drive | Pink Prada Mules

30. April 2017


ENG: We are already two weeks in the USA and have spent most of the time in Los Angeles. One of the most impressive spots is definitely the Rodeo Drive with its beautiful boutiques and the luxury cars competing with each other relating to PS and design. Especially before and at sunset the light between the palms, boutiques and streets is fantastic and perfectly suited to photo shootings, so we just had to take the opportunity for capturing a new look.
A few weeks ago I got these gorgeous, pink colored Prada mules and now I am pretty happy, that I could wear them for the first time. I have combined the shoes with a simple jeans, an embroidered hoodie in grey, my Valentino bag as well as with an appropriate strap from Fendi. As matching completion I decided for the Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses and I have to say, that I am just loving those summery outfits. For me a chick and casual look with a high comfort factor likewise.

What do you think about this look? I wish all of you a nice Sunday.

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casual Street Style Look | ECCO soft 8

16. April 2017


ENG: What lends itself better than a casual street style look after holiday, the currently unsettled weather and diverse obligations? This is exactly what I have done several times during the last days and today I would like to introduce a variation, that is especially inspired by the color grey. In detail the outfit consists of an oversized sweater, my beloved ankle jeans and a classical beanie from ACNE. However the eye-catcher between the single products is definitely the new ECCO Soft 8 sneaker with velcro fastener. To be honest I did not wear shoes with Velcro for ages but with regard to this model, I have acquired a taste for it, the sneaker unite style, numerous possible combinations and a high comfort from my point of view. All in all the the Soft 8 sneaker are perfectly matched concerning the shape, design and easiness, so that I will probably take them with me to Los Angeles from next week on. The outfit concludes with the Valentino bag being featured with a Fendi strap as the second colorful highlight.
I wish all of you Happy Easter and a great time with family and friends. We will hear each other in and from L.A.!

What do you think about this look?

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one shoulder blouse & Gucci Marmont shoes

16. März 2017


ENG: Besides statement sleeves, one shoulder blouses are kind of a must-have this Spring season. Therefore I was pretty happy as I could find this great top. Based on the sunny weather in Hamburg at the moment, I have dressed up myself springlike this time. I am wearing my new one shoulder blouse with a bright Jeans from Closed as well as with my beloved, gold colored Gucci Marmont shoes. The red-hued Dolce & Gabbana bag as an achievement from Net-A-Porter, is the perfect matching in color within this look and a more than succeeded rounding of the outfit from my point of view.

What do you think about this look?

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Paris Fashion Week with Nike Air Max Jewell

9. März 2017


ENG: Today I would like to introduce my second look from Paris being more sportive and casual than those ones for designer shows or exclusive events. Generally during the Fashion Weeks, I am not necessarily wear the most comfortable shoes, so that this time I was pretty happy about the delivery of the new Air Max Jewell from Nike in black. This easy and functional sneaker is not only a benefit for the feet but also a very stylish foundation for several kinds of outfit combinations for a whole range of occasions from my point of view. Look yourselves and find your favorite Air Max at
I have decided for the sneaker combination with a black vinyl trousers and a casual sweater from Dolce & Gabbana. The colorful highlight is the conspicuous red bag, that is also a product from D&G and likewise the perfect rounding of this unconstrained look. For me this outfit is a lovely mix of sportive accents, paired with stylish fashion highlights and therefore absolutely suited to daily use.
After wearing the Nike Air Max Jewell, I have acquired a taste once again for this and further Sneaker as the perfect footwork

Do you like the look and mix of the different styles?

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