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Friday trend report | vinyl pieces

13. Oktober 2017

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ENG: Even this season vinyl pieces belong in every women’s wardrobe. No matter if it’s a pants, skirt oder coat – everyone should own such a piece at home. Not only the material itself but also the many different colors pleased me enormously because vinyl pieces are the perfect foundation for fashionable outfit combinations during the cold season. My personal favorite is the combination of a vinyl pants with a thick knitted sweater, for me a really nice material mix and the ideal condition for a hip and everyday use autumn look.
Based on the many questions on Instagram concerning my pants, I’ve selected my favorite vinyl products today and I hope, that I can be an inspiration source and decision support for this „trend“ as well.

What do you think about vinyl products? You can gladly leave your feedback. I wish all of you a relaxed autumn weekend! Continue Reading…


Net-A-Porter x Soho Farmhouse

6. Juli 2017


ENG: Right now we are enjoying Berlin Fashionweek to the fullest but exactely one week ago we got the chance to join „The Summer Sports day“ together with Net-A-Porter at the amazing Soho Farmhouse close to London. The event was simply awesome.  The rooms, the crew, the guests – everything was organized just brilliantly. In case you are looking into spending some precious quality time countryside we can highly recommend you the Soho Farmhouse – just a stone through from busy London. It’s a hidden gem totally calm, idyllic and so charming a perfect hide away and the ideal place to seek some relaxation. The Farmhouse offeres everything in order to recharge your batteries. A well equipped gym, amazing spa facilities you can find even a small lake with little boats and –  it cant get any cheesier –  they even offer horse carriages to top it of with.
We had a fun schedule with yoga classes as well as some hula sessions and of course we couldn’t resist to take plenty photos in order to give you the best impressions of this wonderful stay. We chose two outfits provided by Net-A-Porter and I’m already looking forward to receiving your feedback on what you think.

Whats your favorite combination??

Thank you Net-A-Porter for having us – we cant wait to return to the Soho Farmhouse hopefully VERY soon!
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weekly focus 21 | 17

29. Mai 2017


ENG: Based on the fact, that I could not say, from where I would post my this week’s focus, I can now give information about it: At the moment I am staying in my hometown Hamburg and say this in detail because we have thought about a trip to Spain until the last weekend. However with regard to my short-term journey to Turkey in the end of this week and the fantastic weather here in Hamburg at the moment, I am glad to remain at home for a couple of days and can thus spend more quality time with family and friends. What exactly I will do in Turkey and what will await me, is part of the next „weekly focus“, in addition to that there will be several exciting projects and journeys in June and July through Europe, so you can expect multifaceted content and hopefully fascinating field reports in the near future here on the blog as well as on Instagram.

Favorites of the week:

To Do: This week is starting in a smooth mood, so that we can work on rather unspectacular themes like archiving and accounting, even for self-employed blogger it is part of the daily business. Besides my joy about the successful project planning during the last days with travel destinations like Formentera, London, Chalkidiki and Berlin, I am especially looking forward to my stay in Turkey, until then I have a few commitments. By the way, this very day you can get 20% off with the code „AylinK20“ on the whole assortment of the fashion online shop NA-KD. Check it out, it’s worth it.

Your favorite post of the weekSummer in Hamburg

New In: With regard to new achievements, I can tell you a lot. I am especially happy about my new Chloé Susanna boots in suede beige, being a cooperation product from Farfetch. Even the black version of the boots really enjoyed me, so now I am very glad about the rather summery model, that is particularly suitable for combinations with white dresses from my point of view. In addition to that I have ordered a long skirt and a plaid one shoulder dress, from Asos I got a further dress and a white colored lace skirt. Next week I will show you my new pieces from Net-A-Porter, Revolve and Mother Denim, so stay tuned.


Have a lovely week!

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Lace up Jeans | Spring

24. März 2017

: Spring fever and twittering spread more and more, therefore I am increasingly choosing for aerial and colorful items of clothing. With regard to this outfit I have decided to combine my new lace up jeans from Edited the label with satin mules, a striped oversized blouse as well as a bright between-seasons coat. After a longer period of abstinence I have made a choice for the Chloé Drew bag with a Fendi strap for getting a colorful appreciation. From my point of view a suited and uninhibited combination. As you know my dress style from former outfits, I could not resist to integrate sunglasses within this look, this time in terms of a Ray Ban with blue mirrored lenses. A vernal and absolutely suited to daily use look with a high style factor from my perspective.

What do you think about this look? I wish all of you a nice and sunny start in the weekend.

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statement sleeves | white & grey

12. März 2017


ENG: Today I would like to introduce an outfit, that is especially affected by one certain aspect: the wide flared sleeves. There is nothing like statement sleeves at the moment, their versatility and high style factor are suited for so much different kinds of occasions from my point of view.
In this case I have decided for the variation of a simple, white colored sweater with such extra long sleeves, combined with a tight, grey jeans and a plaid coat. As color compatible accessories, I have furthermore grabbed a black cashmere beanie and the Balenciaga boots. The outfit’s completion consisted of the Chloé Faye bag with a colorful Fendi strap in order to give the look that certain something. I have already shown this outfit on Instagram and now I am really excited about your feedback here on the blog, in this sense:

What do you think about this look? Enjoy your Sunday!

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weekly focus #03 ´17 #mbfwb

24. Januar 2017


ENG: Based on the fact, that I have been to Berlin for the Fashion Week during the last days, there was just too left time for writing a weekly focus but today I would like to catch up on it in a more extensive way. The Fashion Week was really brilliant but rarely such exhausting with regard to several obligations and appointments. Together with Laura we have made a cool film in my opinion, it was a lot of fun and hopefully you are similar thrilled like me.
I have visited lots of different shows like that ones from Holy Ghost, Julia Seeman, Marina Hoermanseder, Antonia Goy, Malaika Raiss or Odeeh, my personal favorite however was the show from William Fan. On Tuesday we have made a takeover of the CATRICE Instagram account, CATRICE was responsible for the lovely make-up during the shows in the Berliner Modesalon. On Wednesday in turn I was part of the GRAZIA Pop-Up breakfast in collaboration with Mitsubishi and the GRAZIA itself, more about this event will follow soon in terms of a separate blog post. For me a really succeeded week with lots of nice conversations, events and shows. :-)

Favorites of the week

To Do: This week I have to handle mails and organizational things in the first place because last week there was just too left time for it. In addition to that I will take a flight today to Dusseldorf for a short Givenchy Beauty event and I am especially looking forward to meet Lisa from LisaRVD there. Otherwise I have to make the last preparations for the upcoming week because I will head to Tenerife for five days with ESCADA –  you cannot imagine how much I am looking forward to the sun and warmer temperatures. :-)

Your favorite post of the week: layering look with Valentino Ruckstud heels #mbfwb

New In: Based on the fact, that my boyfriend and me will spend a lot of time on the road in the near future, we have decided to buy a Rimowa suitcase, that seems to have a very high quality. In addition to that I have got these lovely gold colored Gucci Marmont shoes as a result from my first collaboration with Net-A-Porter. A further eye-catcher is this dreamful blanket from LOEWE, that I will combine certainly several times during the next days when regarding the pretty cold temperatures. I have not worn a CLOSED jeans so far but after getting this trousers with its perfect fit, I was so impressed, that I just had to get a second one of it. At Topshop I have ordered a patent leather trousers in red, at Edited however I have fallen in love with the new SS17 collection and decided there for a rose colored oversized coat, this baby blue oversized jumper as well as a rose-hued tulle skirt.

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Net-A-Porter Sale 2017

24. Januar 2017


ENG: As you have maybe already recognized, I will closely collaborate with Net-A-Porter in the near future, therefore I got the idea of creating a small NAP sale post, in which I have collected my favorite shop pieces. Based on the fact that the winter sale is already going into the last round, there are still several treasures, that are also perfect suited for the upcoming spring/summer season from my point of view. Hereafter you can find my favorites being reduced up to 80% off. In this sense: Happy shopping! ♥

DE: Wie ihr vielleicht mitbekommen habt, werde ich in Zukunft enger mit Net-A-Porter zusammenarbeiten, weshalb mir die Idee kam für euch einen kleinen NAP-Sale-Beitrag zu verfassen, in dem ich meine Lieblingsstücke aus dem Shop zusammengestellt habe. Der Winter-Sale geht bereits in die letzte Runde und es gibt noch wahre Schätze, die meiner Meinung nach ebenfalls für die kommende Frühjahrs-/Sommersaison hervorragend geeignet sind. Nachfolgend findet ihr meine Favoriten, die teilweise bis zu 80% reduziert sind. In diesem Sinne: Frohes Shoppen! ♥ Continue Reading…


Fake fur coat & Chloé Susanna boots

4. Januar 2017


ENG: With the beginning of the new year the temperatures decreased appreciable in Hamburg but unfortunately we have waited in vain for snow. Nevertheless in consideration of the cold temperatures, it was time for my new oversized fake fur jacket from Marc Cain. I have decided for a simple combination in terms of a black patent leather trousers and a black hoodie. Supplemented by my beloved Chloé Susanna boots as well as the grey Chloé Faye bag there occurs a fashionable and comfortable winter look, that is absolutely suited for daily use. 

What do you mean – do you like this outfit?

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weekly focus #1 ´17

2. Januar 2017


ENG: A Happy New Year my lovelies! Today I would like to start with my first „weekly focus“ for 2017, a rubric, that was very popular last year and even during the next weeks and months it will be a fixed component on Mondays. I hope all of you had a nice New Year’s Eve, do you also feel the urge for good intentions and changes in 2017? We are totally focused on traveling and expanding this blog division. Why do I write in the plural? My boyfriend will support me from March on for six months in order to professionalize the blog and to realize our travel projects.

Favorites of the week:

To Do: This week I have primarily to deal with organizational topics, in addition to that I will have my second hairdresser appointment tomorrow for getting lighter hair. :-) Otherwise there are several preparations left for this year’s Fashion Week in Berlin, that will already take place in two weeks.

Your favorite post of the weekThe Year 2016 

New In: At the moment there is almost everywhere sale, so that after a longer time of consideration I have finally ordered a specific shoe from the brand Miu Miu. Even a bag from this brand has attracted my attention but unfortunately it is sold out currently and I have to be patient. Apart from that I have done some shopping at Zara and co. and I am already looking forward to lots of new outfits in 2017.

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Grey fur coat & Chloé Faye bag

30. Dezember 2016


ENG: After the public holidays I have taken some days off concerning the blog but today I would like to introduce a new look with my preferred colors grey and rose as the central point. I am regularly asked by different people about this fluffy coat, I really love to wear and that is linked today here on the blog. In this case I have combined the coat with a simple jeans, a rose colored Calvin Klein sweater as well as my all time favorite Gucci slipper, that I do not want to miss any more. ;-) The Chloé Faye bag and the grey colored ACNE Studios beanie are suited accessory from my point of view. The perfect outfit for sunny winter days.

What do you think – do you like the combination?

I wish all of you a Happy New Year and lot of fun tomorrow night. We will see us again in 2017! :-)

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