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Coliac shoes – Streetstyle Hamburg

21. Juli 2016

Sometimes a rather simple outfit can be the right choice, when matching accessories provide the eye-catcher. In this case I am talking about my new pearl shoes from Coliacwhich ensure lots of conversation topics at almost every event. Probably I have never got so much positive feedback on a single pair of shoes so far but I have to admit, that I am also totally in love with them.

Today I am combining these shoes with an easy jeans having a fringed hem as well as a simple off shoulder dress being draped to a knot below. My Chloé Faye bag and the new, purple mirrored Ray-Ban sunglasses complement the simple look perfect from my point of view.

Do you like the look and the conspicuous shoes ?

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Streetstyle Paris – Chloé Faye

19. Juni 2016


ENG: What can I say?! Paris is and remains a beautiful city making your dreams come true and holding surprises at every corner. For me it was the fourth time being in the city of love and it was definitely not the last time, maybe I will be there again already in autumn. Now I would like to introduce my today’s look being very comfortable for a city trip from my point of view. This time I am wearing the small variation of the Chloé Faye bag, that I could borrow from Fashion4aday for a few days.
On Snapchat (Aylin_Koenig) I have already expressed my enthusiasm for the idea of Fashion4aday, it is about the opportunity to borrow high-quality bags for a definite period with special occasions (wedding, birthday, holiday etc). Based on the fact, that the purchase of such a bag should be well considered, this manner creates a possession for a certain time, in addition to that the wearer can decide, whether the bag is really the right one and if it meets the own needs. The processing is very pleasant, the package is loving and stylistically confident designed. Even for me it was probably not the last time for acquiring such a bag, the next Fashion Weeks will definitely come.

What do you think about the idea and my look?

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Streetstyle – Hamburg

8. Juni 2016


ENG: Today I would like to introduce a further Streetstyle look with one of my favorite jeans at the moment. Probably you have already heard about the cool online shop „Storets“ because of its high presence in diverse Social Media channels. From my point of view it is absolutely justified as the fancy products correspond exactly my taste like this destroyed jeans with its great wearing comfort. I am combining the jeans with a black off shoulder dress and my beloved classical slingback pumps from Chanel. I am also a fan of upgrading bags with a bandanna, in this case happened with the Chloé Faye. The good thing about this look?! You can order it 1:1 here. :-)

Do you like the mix of classy & modern?

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summer in white

22. Mai 2016


ENG: Probably all of you already know, that I am a huge fan of white clothes but with regard to this dress I am very happy because of its beautiful Oversized cut. Als matching color accent I have furthermore decided for the Isabel Marant slippers, that are kind of an evergreen so far for me based on their great combining opportunities with white and simple clothes. That certain something within this look is a silky Burberry scarf used as casual headgear and its excellent fit with the Isabel Marant slipper from my point of view. Last but not least I have chosen for the Chloé Faye bag being abstinent for some time.

What do think about this look? Enjoy your Sunday and have a good start into the new week.

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