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C-HR Festival in Berlin with Toyota

16. Oktober 2016


ENG: Maybe you have already recognized via Snapchat or Instagram, that my boyfriend and me have been in Berlin Tuesday evening in order to attend the pre opening of the C-HR „Innovation & Creativity“ festival. You can visit the festival from now on until the 23rd October at the Kaufhaus Jandorf, you can be inspired by different artists, workshops and panel discussions. The issues on-the-spot are broad-based and range from fashion, lifestyle, art and design to food, so that every creative visitor should find something inspirational. We were very attracted by the the whole festival, when considering the location, atmosphere and even the invited guests, therefore I can absolutely recommend a trip to the festival.
We were invited by Toyota, the official sponsor, to the event for gazing the new, correspondent C-HR (Coupé High Rider) Hybrid, being available from the beginning of next year on. Design and equipment of the new Toyota C-HR, conceptualized as SUV-Coupé, are smart and stylish, in addition to that the new model is, based on its high-quality processing, perfectly suited for both sexes from my point of view. Convince yourselves when regarding the following pictures, for me as regular car driver the athletic design of the new Toyota is really succeeded.
For the event itself I have worn a casual outfit combination in terms of overknee boots as well as an oversized sweater.

What do you think about the new Toyota C-HR and the festival presentation?

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Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin

12. Juli 2016


ENG: This moment, that feels like coming home…
This way or in a similar one we have felt two weeks ago as we have checked in again in the Hotel Adlon Kempinksi during the Fashion Week Berlin. Maybe someone of you is thinking now, that I tend to exaggerate but this is definitely not the case because the hotel lobby has an incredible high comfort factor. As soon as I have passed the entrance area of the hotel, I have always been welcomed by staff with the words „Good day, Mrs. Koenig“ or „Goodbye, Mrs. Koenig“. The whole hotel staff is permanent kind and helpful, from my point of view this a mentionable and essential quality factor and makes traveling more enjoyable.
We were pretty happy about the fact, that we could stay there for the second time this year and that we have got an upgrade for the fabulous „Pariser Platz Suite“ located on the top level of the hotel with a beautiful view on the Brandenburg Gate. This suite has 80 square meter, almost the same size like our own flat, the suite is divided in a living and sleeping area with highlights like a kingsize bed, a walk-in wardrobe as well as an own fireplace.
Every morning we were looking forward to the breakfast being unique to my mind. There is a huge choice of different bread spreads, fresh fruits, hearty delicacies as well as diverse coffee variations being served to the hotel guests in a lovely buffet form. My personal morning routine was starting with one of the most delicious omelette I have ever tasted. :-)
Unfortunately there was less time in order to enjoy the hotel services completely, even a visit in the relaxing Spa area of the hotel was not temporally possible. Concerning this point you can also switch to my first experience post of the Hotel Adlon Kempinski, that is even connected with a video about my personal impressions.

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Fashion Week Berlin #3

7. Juli 2016


ENG: Finally I have got internet again and can now introduce a further look from the Berlin Fashion Week. This look is rather relaxed and colored in bright shades, in addition to that I have worn once again the Chloé Rainbow sandals with a pleasant heel height. The weather in Berlin was really nice, so that I have decided at the shooting day for a short jeans, a rose colored shirt as well as my beloved oversized summer coat. As matching color bag I have picked the Chloé Drew.
The lovely hairstyling team from Wella gave me this wet-look in the Blogger Bazaar HQ. For me this kind of hairstyling was definitely unaccustomed, nevertheless I have acquired a liking for this hairstyle after initial scepticism. Furthermore this outfit brought me good luck because with this one I have won a draw from Rebelle and now I am the proud owner of the Fendi Peek-a-Boo bag. Many thanks again to Rebelle for this really nice profit. :-)

What do you think about this look? And of course I am very interested in your opinion concerning my hairstyle?!

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weekly focus #26

4. Juli 2016


ENG: One of the most craziest and time-consuming weeks for a long time is over, at the moment I am sitting in the airplane for getting to Munich. But let us start from the beginning with the Fashion Week in Berlin, which was very exciting and interesting again. There were lots of meetings and events associated with conversations from agency and brand representatives in a pleasant atmosphere, even the happy reunion with well-known faces was a great pleasure to me.
Our breathtaking stay in the Adlon Kempinski Hotel was definitely our highlight during the time of the Fashion Week, it is just the perfect destination to get down and relax yourself between the events. On Thursday after the Dimitri Show we have left Berlin for getting back to Hamburg because at that day we had the handover for our new flat. On Friday we have deposited our first staff in the new apartment, on Saturday there was the actual move with a lot of friends helping us with our furniture and interior. At this point I would like to say thank you again to our lovely friends for their great support, we are still very thankful for that. As soon as I will be back from Munich, you can expect a Snapchat flat tour (Aylin_Koenig) as well as several home stories . :-)


To Do: As already mentioned above, at the moment I am sitting in the airplane with Laura to Munich because we were invited from Rewardstyle to spend two relaxed wellness days there. I am already looking forward to meet the other girls and to have quality-time after the exhausting move. In addition to that there will be some exciting meetings but more about that will follow soon. ;-)

Your favorite post of the week:  Fashion Week #1

New in: Last week I have not got any new fashion achievement because there was just too less time for it. Otherwise we have spent some time in different living shops for getting some inspiration for our new flat, as you can imagine we have also bought a few interior things and this is a really nice compensation. Dress Love!

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Berlin Fashion Week #2

1. Juli 2016


ENG: Even if this dress is very popular at the moment within the blogger world, it is definitely one of my favorites at the moment. I am just loving the cut, color, the casual elegance as well as the rough combination with the Balenciaga boots, that are extremely hyped these days. During the Fashion Week in Berlin I have felt very well with the dress and could already wear it today again.
Besides some nice events, shows and meetings on-the-spot, I have also been in Berlin for Otterbox in terms of an Instagram takeover (@Otterbox_Europe). Otterbox is a brand producing Smartphone cases, these cases convince through a high quality, cool design and and great price-performance ratio. My permanent companion this week was the etui case from the Symmetry series, that has also space for business and bank cards. For me the Smartphone protection is very important based on the private and occupational utilization, independent from the temporal and local conditions, I am relied on the functioning of my Smartphone, in the end I would like to take you with me through the blogger world for reporting from personal impressions. :-) See also my week in Berlin with Otterbox here.

At the moment we are back in Hamburg because we are moving to a new flat this weekend. Of course we are a bit nervous and hope, that everything will work without problems. In this context you can act on the assumption, that there will be some home stories in the near future, so stay tuned. ;-)

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Fashion Week Berlin #1

29. Juni 2016


ENG: It is always great being in Berlin, it is even more beautiful, if there is Fashion Week in the city at the same time. On Monday, our first day on-site, I have decided for this look being a casual and chic mix. For the first time I could wear my new lace dress as well as the yet also unworn Rainbow sandals from Chloé. The casual input results from the fact, that I have also grabbed my green colored parka with patches as perfect counterpart to the white lace dress from my point of view. Even the sandals in combination with the Chloé Drew bag arise a further perfect match in my opinion, so that finally there is a cool and versatilely applicable look.

What yo you think about my first Fashion Week look?

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