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22. Januar 2018

ENGAn eventful week is just behind us now, full of exciting experiences, many events, shows and a lot of hustle and bustle. All three of us went to the capital from Monday to Friday, where we were allowed to stay in the beautiful Hotel de Rome. The hotel is the perfect address during Fashion Week, because many events are in walking distance and the service is just amazing. We were mostly out and about with our beauty partner Catrice Cosmetics, who is also the main sponsor or the Berlin Salon and was responsible for the make-up there, too. The Berlin Salon definitely separates itself from other events with shoes and presentations from amazing designers such as William Fan, Odeeh, Perret Shaad or even Marina Hoermanseder. In addition to that we also had a group presentation at the beginning of Fashion Week again, where the participating partners were able to show parts of their collections beforehand. Catrice Cosmetics were the main sponsor of this event as well, which is why they were responsible for the makeup here, too. I hope that you got loads of impressions and backstage-insights through my Instagram-Stories already!

Favorites of the Week: 

To Do: The new week is starting out quietly, with lots of wedding-topics on our agenda, as well as planning the international Fashion Weeks. Other than that, we will be busy adding the finishing touches to a video project, in which we put together a number of typical Fashion Week moments for you. I will keep you posted and provide more updates to you during the week. :-)
Other than that, the wedding planning costs us both time and nerves – it’s really incredible how many decisions have to be made and details determined, and that even though we do have a wedding planner already! Are you interested in the topic ‘wedding’ and would like to be kept up-to-date on this?

Favorite post of the weekMBFW Berlin | Aquazzura heels & Chanel denim bag

New In:  I definitely sinned the last week and ordered incredible Balenciaga Heels that were on sale, and in addition to that, the Balenciaga Speed Sneaker in blue will arrive at my door today. I still have no idea why sneakers in blue just spoke to me as much, but I already have a combination of a white summer dress and blue jeans underneath that in mind. Our pink Fluente Sofa also has been added too, and makes a perfect and comfortable seating area with a matching armchair.

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MBFW Berlin January 2018 | all street style looks

21. Januar 2018

ENGAs you have probably seen via my Instagram Account, we were at Berlin Fashion Week from Monday through Friday. We had a number of things to do this time as well, including shows, events, projects and client meetings. Since I usually change my outfits multiple times a day during Fashion Week, I would like to give you an overview of my looks. Even though we were pretty unlucky with the weather, we were still able to create some inspiring results, and our mood wasn’t ruined after all :-)
I showed you some of my personal favorites in an exclusive blogpost on Friday already, but please let me know which look you like best, too. I would love to hear your thoughts and get some feedback on these outfits :-) Continue Reading…

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#MBFW | Aquazzura heels & Chanel denim bag

19. Januar 2018

ENGHappy Friday! Especially in such cold and nasty weather, the longing for sunshine and warmer days is a huge thing for me, which is why I took the chance right in the first rays of sunshine to shoot one of my favorite looks for the upcoming season! These beautiful Aquazzura stiletto sandals are an absolute eye catcher and can easily be combined to different outfits and for various occasions. I took the chance and combined them with the Denim Chanel bag, since I feel like these two nuances of blue are perfect together. With a flowing dress and a soft H&M Trend sweater that moved in with me last week, the layering look I was going for is completed. The sunglasses by Chloé are a perfect add-on, since the soft rose color matches the dress and creates a harmonic color scale, that fits perfectly to the – hopefully soon to be here – spring season. And just like that another great look is ready, which can be worn to different occasions due to the number of different highlights that have been integrated into the look. But before we go into the next season – hopefully soon – I would like to know: Do you wear different layers to make the look more exciting too?

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Der Berliner Mode Salon | Nespresso On Ice

12. Juli 2017


ENG: Back in Hamburg I still gladly look back on the nice time at the Berlin Fashion Week. Especially the get-together with friends and well-known faces is always fun, so we were very enthusiastic in regards of the group exhibition of the „Berliner Mode Salon“, a platform for the support of renowned as well as young German fashion designer. For me this event is kind of a must-have in my schedule based on the great atmosphere, the inspirational fashion and open-minded people.
We started the day with a lot of rain but in the afternoon we had the perfect weather conditions with sunshine and temperatures around 30 degrees. Enjoyment was the main topic this day, even Nespresso as first-time supporter of the „Berliner Mode Salon“ launched its new Limited Edition „Iced Coffee“ creations in two different flavors. Together with my beloved Lisa Hahnbueck and Dennis from „Dennmitch“ we were allowed to test these new types of coffee and it was really an enjoyment to the fullest.
On the one hand it is the INTENSO ON ICE, a rather strong coffee with grain and cocoa notes for an intensiv taste experience. Prepared as Latte Macchiato, this flavor is a very recommendable alternative for the real coffee pleasure. On the other hand there is the limited LEGGERO ON ICE, a mild and fruity coffee. Prepared as black ice coffee, this one is characterized by its refreshing citrus notes. Nespresso developed this coffee for the iced enjoyment on warm summer days, my flavorful preferred sort is the „Intense on Ice“, nevertheless both variations guarantee a delicious and succeeded refreshment.

Hereinafter you can see some impressions from this great event. Have fun! :-)
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Berlin Fashion Week ´17 Looks

9. Juli 2017


ENG: We have been in Berlin during the last days because it was Fashion Week time. Based on the fact, that I am currently staying in Bremen at my parents‘ house on their sun terrace in order to escape from the terrible incidents in our beloved Hamburg, I would like to publish a small review of my looks from this year’s Berlin Fashion Week.
For sure Berlin can offer some great fashion shows and designer but for me it is even more importantly to join the „side events“, where you can find true interaction and conversations between brands, PR responsibilities and other blogger as the actual added value of such a Fashion Week. This time I have decided for a wide range of looks from a chic dress for the exclusive Mercedes Benz dinner at the Soho House to the casual hoodie-jeans combination at other events.
Which look is your favorite one? I would be very glad to hear your feedback and wish all of you a relaxed Sunday with hopefully a lot of sunshine.

Aylin  ♥

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blue and soft pink street style

9. Februar 2017


ENG: Recently it was rather quiet on the blog but I would definitely like to change this circumstance in the near future, promised. Today I would directly like to start with a look, that is especially affected by the colors blue and rose. During this year’s Fashion Week in Berlin I have worn this cozy and likewise stylish look consisting of a striped dress pants, a dark blue coat and silk top as well as my beloved ACNE Studios beanie. Of course my Gucci Princetown loafer are not allowed to be missed, whereas this outfit combination is finally rounded by a casual Chloé bag from Net-A-Porter.

What do you think about this look?

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Der Berliner Mode Salon mit CATRICE Cosmetics

1. Februar 2017


Wie ihr vermutlich mitbekommen habt, war ich während der Fashion Week in Berlin unter anderem mit CATRICE Cosmetics unterwegs, die als offizieller Make-up Partner und Sponsor vom BERLINER MODE SALON fungierten. Ich habe dadurch die Chance erhalten auch Backstage hinter die Fassaden einer Fashion Show zu schauen, was immer sehr spannend und bei jeder Show anders ist. CATRICE war die komplette Woche für das Make-Up und die inspirierenden Beauty Looks der Models in Person von Loni Baur, einer deutschen Visagistin, zuständig. Ich habe die Shows von Malaika Raiss, Julia Seemann, Odeeh, Antonia Goy, Marina Hoermanseder sowie meine absolute Lieblingsshow von William Fan besucht.
Schon in Paris im letzten September war ich gemeinsam mit CATRICE bei der Kaviar Gauche Show und habe auch dieses Mal sehr viele positive Eindrücke mitgenommen. Laura und ich hatten am letzten Dienstag den Instagram Account von CATRICE übernommen, um euch Einblicke von den Shows, Backstage-Eindrücke und den jeweiligen Make-Up Look der Designer live zu zeigen.

Gerne möchte ich euch im Zuge einiger Bilder meine zwei favorisierten Make-Up Looks der vergangenen Woche vorstellen und die dazugehörige Schritt für Schritt Beschreibung. Let´s go…

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Grazia x Mitsubishi Breakfast #MBFWB

26. Januar 2017


ENG: As you have maybe recognized via Instagram or Snapchat, I was part of the GRAZIA Pop-Up breakfast during the Berlin Fashion Week. Before we were heading to the event location, I have received the winner from the GRAZIA competition in order to drive with them together to the Grosz restaurant with the Mitsubishi shuttle. From 9 am on lots of invited guests gathered there for starting into the day with an excellent breakfast. The actual highlight that day was outside at the entrance area in terms of the Mitsubishi Space Star, that can be equated with the perfect „city speedster“ based on its compact size and the great technical equipment.
After four hours of interesting and positive conversations as well as a saturated stomach, I headed back with the cool Mitsubishi shuttle to the Hotel de Rome, where I could sleep the whole Fashion Week. My outfit that day consisted of a conspicuous, stripped blouse with wide sleeves, a simple Closed jeans, an oversized coat from Joseph, gold colored GUCCI shoes as well as a velvet bag, also from GUCCI. A picture is worth a thousand words, so that enjoy the following impressions from the fantastic event.

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weekly focus #03 ´17 #mbfwb

24. Januar 2017


ENG: Based on the fact, that I have been to Berlin for the Fashion Week during the last days, there was just too left time for writing a weekly focus but today I would like to catch up on it in a more extensive way. The Fashion Week was really brilliant but rarely such exhausting with regard to several obligations and appointments. Together with Laura we have made a cool film in my opinion, it was a lot of fun and hopefully you are similar thrilled like me.
I have visited lots of different shows like that ones from Holy Ghost, Julia Seeman, Marina Hoermanseder, Antonia Goy, Malaika Raiss or Odeeh, my personal favorite however was the show from William Fan. On Tuesday we have made a takeover of the CATRICE Instagram account, CATRICE was responsible for the lovely make-up during the shows in the Berliner Modesalon. On Wednesday in turn I was part of the GRAZIA Pop-Up breakfast in collaboration with Mitsubishi and the GRAZIA itself, more about this event will follow soon in terms of a separate blog post. For me a really succeeded week with lots of nice conversations, events and shows. :-)

Favorites of the week

To Do: This week I have to handle mails and organizational things in the first place because last week there was just too left time for it. In addition to that I will take a flight today to Dusseldorf for a short Givenchy Beauty event and I am especially looking forward to meet Lisa from LisaRVD there. Otherwise I have to make the last preparations for the upcoming week because I will head to Tenerife for five days with ESCADA –  you cannot imagine how much I am looking forward to the sun and warmer temperatures. :-)

Your favorite post of the week: layering look with Valentino Ruckstud heels #mbfwb

New In: Based on the fact, that my boyfriend and me will spend a lot of time on the road in the near future, we have decided to buy a Rimowa suitcase, that seems to have a very high quality. In addition to that I have got these lovely gold colored Gucci Marmont shoes as a result from my first collaboration with Net-A-Porter. A further eye-catcher is this dreamful blanket from LOEWE, that I will combine certainly several times during the next days when regarding the pretty cold temperatures. I have not worn a CLOSED jeans so far but after getting this trousers with its perfect fit, I was so impressed, that I just had to get a second one of it. At Topshop I have ordered a patent leather trousers in red, at Edited however I have fallen in love with the new SS17 collection and decided there for a rose colored oversized coat, this baby blue oversized jumper as well as a rose-hued tulle skirt.

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Oversized coat by Marcel Ostertag –

24. November 2016


ENG: Last week I have been in Berlin for visiting the Bunte New Faces Award with and some other blogger girls. Do you actually know Here you can find different Independent Designer being gathered on one common marketplace. Therefore ist the address for those ones, that are looking for fancy and exclusive must haves. I have found a lovely, salmon colored oversized coat from Marcel Ostertag, that has attracted a lot of attention that evening and fits perfectly for me. Before the official event we have met each other in the Showroom office for getting a gorgeous make up and individual hairstyles for the award ceremony. It was a really nice evening, we have laughed a lot and had much fun. Back in Hamburg I have worn again the coat and decided to shoot an everyday life „street style look“ with it. The coat fits excellent to my current dress style, in this case I have made my choice for the combination with an oversized sweater, a ripped jeans, the Gucci loafer as well as my new Louis Vuitton bag with its matching color.

Drop over to As kind of a goodie I have the 20€ voucher code  „AYLIN20“ for you, that is valid until the 31st December 2016. Happy shopping!

What do you think about the look?

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