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Travel moments 2017

31. Dezember 2017

ENGWhere do I even start, when thinking of 2017? I am just completely overwhelmed by everything that happened this year, what trips we were able to go on and what developments we were able to realize this year with the blog. I already knew that I would like to work independently and freely develop while I was still in university. And that we have really come to this point is just amazing, especially since my darling fiance is on board with me full time since March. Then in October, another enchanting member joined our team, called Sarah.
It is a huge privilege to me to be able to work independently and therefore manage my time myself and work in different parts of the world.
I have never seen as many wonderful places as I have this year, and in 2018 I would like to focus on traveling again as well and take you on all these adventures with me.

My personal thanks goes to every single one of you, since you are my daily motivation and always faithful by my side. I get so many private messages and comments and I am always so excited! I would like to take you all on a little time travel and show you this year’s travel destinations.

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Blogger Boxx #EditionBeInspired

27. September 2017



ENG: I would like to announce, that my new Blogger Boxx will be available from tonight on. The so called #EditionBeInspired Boxx will be launched on September 27th 2017 at 08.30pm (CET) via for the amazing price of 35€. With regard to the high-quality products there’s a limited quantity of only 250 boxes, in this sense: the quicker the better. In close cooperation with the BB girls I’ve carefully selected the choice of products and the final result is really amazing from my point of view. I have a personal connection to every product and brand within this limited box and can only highly recommend the #EditionBeInspired Blogger Boxx. Let’s focus on the single products… ♥

DE: Sehr glücklich kann ich euch heute endlich mitteilen, dass eine weitere Blogger Boxx von mir für euch in den Startlöchern steht. Die sogenannte #EditionBeInspired Boxx wird heute Abend (27.09.2017) um 20:30Uhr gelauncht und ist ab diesem Zeitpunkt unter zu einem Preis von 35€ erhältlich. Aufgrund der hochwertigen Produkte wird es eine limitierte Stückzahl von nur 250 Boxen geben, schnell sein lohnt sich also. Sorgfältig habe ich gemeinsam mit den BB Girls die Produktauswahl für diese Boxx getroffen und bin selbst von dem Endergebnis total begeistert, da ich zu allen Produkten und Marken eine persönliche Verbindung habe und euch diese wirklich nur wärmstens empfehlen kann. Kommen wir nun zu den einzelnen Produkten… ♥ Continue Reading…


weekly focus #26

4. Juli 2016


ENG: One of the most craziest and time-consuming weeks for a long time is over, at the moment I am sitting in the airplane for getting to Munich. But let us start from the beginning with the Fashion Week in Berlin, which was very exciting and interesting again. There were lots of meetings and events associated with conversations from agency and brand representatives in a pleasant atmosphere, even the happy reunion with well-known faces was a great pleasure to me.
Our breathtaking stay in the Adlon Kempinski Hotel was definitely our highlight during the time of the Fashion Week, it is just the perfect destination to get down and relax yourself between the events. On Thursday after the Dimitri Show we have left Berlin for getting back to Hamburg because at that day we had the handover for our new flat. On Friday we have deposited our first staff in the new apartment, on Saturday there was the actual move with a lot of friends helping us with our furniture and interior. At this point I would like to say thank you again to our lovely friends for their great support, we are still very thankful for that. As soon as I will be back from Munich, you can expect a Snapchat flat tour (Aylin_Koenig) as well as several home stories . :-)

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To Do: As already mentioned above, at the moment I am sitting in the airplane with Laura to Munich because we were invited from Rewardstyle to spend two relaxed wellness days there. I am already looking forward to meet the other girls and to have quality-time after the exhausting move. In addition to that there will be some exciting meetings but more about that will follow soon. ;-)

Your favorite post of the week:  Fashion Week #1

New in: Last week I have not got any new fashion achievement because there was just too less time for it. Otherwise we have spent some time in different living shops for getting some inspiration for our new flat, as you can imagine we have also bought a few interior things and this is a really nice compensation. Dress Love!

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the off-shoulder dress

17. Juni 2016


ENG: Bonjour Paris! At the moment I am staying in beautiful Paris for a press trip and had a fantastic first day yesterday, more details about it will follow soon. Today I would like to introduce a further look from my Storets delivery, it is about this dreamful off shoulder dress with its perfect cut, the plaid pattern as well as the color combination of white and red. At the moment I am not only sold on the Storets articles but also being so in love with the Balenciaga boots, that I could wear preferably every day. I always feel so confirmed after a purchase, when there is a feeling of wearing the product 24/7, like in the case of the boots being individually and multifunctional applicable. 

Do you like the look?

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weekly focus #24

13. Juni 2016


ENG: A rather relaxed week with some appointments and meetings with friends is over, so that I can start the next days with a lot of new positive energy. I have spent much time to organize my documents and to clean up the flat the last days because during the second half of this month there will be some projects and journeys in the context of the blog. 

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To Do: Today we are starting with a very special private meeting being pretty important to us. As soon as I am aware of the conversation’s outcome, I will let you know. On Wednesday in turn my parents will come to Hamburg for picking up our French bulldog because my boyfriend and me will take a flight to Paris for a press trip. I am already looking forward to the time there and the European Championship atmosphere, Paris is always worth a visit and especially the Parisian fashion is so inspiring.

Your favorite post of the week: Weekly Focus #23

New In: All of you, who follow me on Snapchat (Aylin_Koenig), have probably seen my dreamful delivery from Storets last week. Within this package there were lots of treasures like the white summer dress from yesterday’s outfit post here on the blog. Further pieces are a playful off shoulder blouse, a beautiful dress with wide sleeves, an oversized knit poncho , my favorite Off-Shoulder Blouse in blue/white as well as a magnificent off shoulder dressI am more than happy with the products and can really recommend the online shop Storets – fast delivery and  a great assortment. In addition to that I have ordered a second pair of the very comfy MIISTA shoes within the sale, this time I have decided for the color combination orange and white. Here are the shoes in blue/white & black/white

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Balenciaga Ceinture Boots

5. Juni 2016


ENG: Ohh how beautiful it is! After a long time of waiting I am now the proud owner of these beautiful Balenciaga boots, that I closed directly in my heart. I have to admit, that the price of these shoes is not the cheapest one, therefore it was a long decision making process, in addition to that these boots are sold out most of the time. As this week the package finally arrived at my home, I was exuberantly happy, these boots will definitely get a special place within my shoe cabinet. Besides the Balenciaga boots I have also decided for a simple dress as well as the from my point of view suited Saint Laurent bag to complement the outfit. A casual look being suitable for diverse occasions.

What do you think about the boots? Do you like them or do think this pair of shoes is too dense? Enjoy your sunny Sunday.

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Pinko Skirt – Mykonos

15. Mai 2016


ENG: There are still some Mykonos pictures and I hope, that you are not asleep in the meantime?! ;-) Today I would like to introduce my favorite look from that time with my beloved Pinko skirt, that harmonizes so well with the colors white and brown from my point of view. With regard to the skirt itself I am so in love with the color combination as well as the small fringes, even if I am actually kind of  a person preferring rather restrained colors.
Once again I could not resist to grab my Birkenstocks and the Gucci bag as suited accessories. Probably the wind on this island belongs to Mykonos like the proverbial lid to the top, therefore I have also decided to use a hair ribbon for protecting my hair towards unattractive moments.

Do you like this look as well? I hope, that the sun will come back soon in Germany.

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Greco Philia – Mykonos

6. Mai 2016


ENG: At the moment we are still staying on Mykonos, nevertheless I would like to tell you my impressions of the impressive boutique hotel „Greco Philia“. My boyfriend an me were allowed to spend four nights in this beautiful hotel next to Elia bay and we were very enthusiastic about the design, the fabulous view over the Aegean as well as the anytime polite and helpful staff, so that I can really recommend this hotel.
The „Greco Philia“ is the perfect destination for newly-weds looking for honeymoon in a romantic hotel in Europe. Situated on a hill with the view to the nearby Elia bay, the stylish boutique hotel is the perfect place for recovery and togetherness. Each room is not only set up individually and elegant but also promises a fantastic view. We were allowed to sleep in the so called „Warhol“ Deluxe Suite with a huge terrace and a separate balcony, even the king size bed as well as the additional sitting area have contributed to a special comfort and cosiness, therefore we have spent a pretty relaxing time there.
Every morning we looked forward to the breakfast based on the varied and delicious selection. You can chose between Avocado and French toast, country-specific bread variations, fresh fruits, omelettes and pancakes, everything is freshly and lovely prepared. At this point I would really like to mention the staff for doing a great job, always friendly, helpful and very courteous.
My personal highlight is the pool area with white as the predominant color through comfortable sun beds and sitting areas. As you can already imagine even from here you have a great view on the Aegean and the best conditions for having a romantic time with your partner.

What else can I say?! A picture is worth a thousand words, so see for yourselves. :-)

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