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17. April 2018

ENGWe have been back from vacation for a couple of days now and enjoy Hamburg incredibly, since spring has finally arrived and the vibe in the city immediately changes positively straight away. On Thursday, right after the H&M Take Care Event, we went back home to pick up our dog, who we miss so much on every trip. Yet, we know that she really enjoys her ‘vacation’ at my parents house – haha. Other than that last week was relatively quiet, except for some time spent with friends and family.

Favorites of the Week: 

To Do: The week started out with a visit of the Pop-Up Spa by M2 Beauté, which is still open until today at the AEZ in Hamburg. You can get a beauty treatment and find out more about the great brand there. I am a huge fan of the lash serum. Furthermore we have some interesting press days and meetings coming up this week, which I am really looking forward to. Apart from that we are planning another little trip to Mallorca, to make some final decisions for our wedding and will take a little trip to Ibiza in line with that.

Favorite post of the weekSummer looks Dubai & Abu Dhabi

New In: Since I love wearing adidas slippers during summer, I went for a white pair. On top of that a black Free People dress moved in with me, which I own in creme already and another boho style maxi dress. That’s it! :-)

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Summer looks Dubai & Abu Dhabi

15. April 2018

ENGAfter yesterday’s travel report about our stay in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, I’d like to introduce you to my summer looks of that time, because the feedback on Instagram and after the last trend report was so positive. Unfortunately some of the packages didn’t arrive in time, which is why I wasn’t able to show the latest products all the time, but that’s why I looked for fitting alternatives. It was great fun to shoot the looks, whether on the beach, in the desert or the hotels  – both Emirates have wonderful scenery and interesting views.
We enjoyed the sun so much and were able to really charge our batteries for new content, due to this we can start the following weeks full of ideas and enthusiasm.
If you click here, you can read my report from Dubai and Abu Dhabi again, in case you are also interested in some tips regarding the planning of the trip.

Which one is your favorite look? I am looking forward to your feedback. 

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travel | Dubai & Abu Dhabi

14. April 2018

ENG: Some time has passed since my last detailed travel report, therefore I would like to share my impressions and experiences from Dubai and Abu Dhabi with you. Right at the start I would like to say that I can of course only include the things we have seen during our time in the Emirates and learned from conversations. Before the trip actually happened, we thought about where we wanted to go for a long time and which of the two Emirates would be the better choice for a relaxed holiday by the beach and also sightseeing trips. Since the opinions of friends and family were quite divided regarding the choice, we decided to split the trip and firstly spend some time in Dubai.
I can say one thing straight away: We liked Dubai better!

DENach längerer Zeit ohne ausführlichen Reisebericht möchte ich heute mit euch meine Eindrücke und Erlebnisse aus Dubai und Abu Dhabi teilen. Vorweg will ich gleich dazu sagen, dass ich mich natürlich nur auf das beziehen kann, was wir vor Ort erlebt und aus Gesprächen erfahren haben. Vor der eigentlichen Reise waren wir lange am überlegen, welches der beiden Emirate die bessere Wahl für einen entspannten Urlaub am Strand aber auch für Ausflüge darstellen würde. Die Meinungen hierzu gehen in unserem Freundes- und Bekanntenkreis weit auseinander, daher haben wir uns entschieden den Aufenthalt zu splitten und zunächst ein paar Tage in Dubai zu verbringen.
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weekly focus 16 | 18

9. April 2018


ENGHello from Abu Dhabi, where we are arrived yesterday. After five days in Dubai it now took us to Abu Dhabi. We wanted to get our own impressions of the city, after friends and family had very varying opinions on it. While some prefer Dubai, many are convinced of Abu Dhabi being the more beautiful emirat, so we are very excited for the next couple of days and the direct comparison of the two.
I am getting many messages on Instagram asking if I will be writing a more detailed travel report on our stay in Dubai, and I can definitely say YES! We will definitely put together a blogpost on our stay in the emirates, with all my impressions and tips and recommendations for when you are planning a trip to the United Arab Emirates too. I don’t want to give away too much, but so far we’ve had an amazing time, so stay tuned. ;-)

Favorites of the Week: 

To Do: We are currently in the beautiful Shangri-La Hotel in Abu Dhabi with a direct view of the breathtaking Sheikh Zayed Mosque, which we want to visit today straight away. The hotel doesn’t only have a beautiful pool area and a great section of the beach, but also their own little wharf, to go on canal trip to the nearby ‘Souk’ (traditional market). Our first impression of the hotel is absolutely positive, but more on this will follow after we are back. :-)
Once we are back in Germany we are immediately off to an event on Thursday in Hamburg, which will be at the H&M Showroom, where the new ‘Conscious Collection’ will be presented. I will take you there via my Instagram Stories of course, and I have also fixated my stories from Dubai on my account. Please feel free to take a look.

Favorite post of the weektrend report | white summer dresses

New In: After I had been out off in Milan, Paris and a number of German cities while looking for the DIOR Tote Bag, I finally found it in Dubai. One last bag was available at ‘The Mall Dubai’ and I just couldn’t resist. The new Edited the Label collection is online too, and I immediately fell in love with this One-Shoulder dress, which is available in brown and orange. In addition to that an oversized blouse in white and a casual pair of jeans landed in my basket. Last but not least and as I have mentioned on Instagram, we have decided to get a Leica camera, since our Canon reflex camera was just too large and heavy for our travels. First impressions? We are so, so happy that we decided to go for the Leica Q, the quality of the pictures, the handling of the camera and the functionality are absolutely positive and has more than convinced us already.

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