Ibiza Must-do‘s

8. Juni 2019

My loves, as you have probably seen in my Instagram stories, Tobi and I were in one of our favorite places: Ibiza! A special highlight is that we got to spend time with friends this time around, since Karin from constantly_k and her husband were here too. As always this time was very special to us and we liked to use it to talk about work, but also recharge before the Fashion Week season will kick off with Berlin FW in July.
Now I want to talk a little bit about the highlights of this trip. As always we spent a lot of time with shooting new content but without missing all the assets of the island. The sun, the Mediterranean flair and the beautiful old town are only a few of the characteristics that make Ibiza one of my absolute favorites.
Since I got a lot of requests on Instagram about where I like to spend my time on the island, I have put together a small list with my personal highlights – and as always I am so happy to read your messages with recommendations and the small jewels of the island that I might have not discovered yet.



We oftentimes have our regular hotels that we go during travels around the world, but in Ibiza is a great choice of beautiful places to stay.
The Nobu has been one of our absolute favorites for a long time and it tops anything in terms of quality and luxury. The large pool area, the modern rooms and the location is a dream. Even though the 5-star hotel isn’t quiet cheap you live in a dreamy flair and definitely get your money’s worth.

Sir Joan

The Sie Joan is the perfect spot if you are looking to reach the highlights of the island by foot. Another plus is also that the most popular club of the island, the Pascha is very close by. Still, the hotel is a great place to relax too!

Na Xamena

The Hacienda Na Xamena is a 5-Star resort which fulfills any wish in terms of luxury, quality, service and design. Besides the many athletic activities you can pursue all day long, you can also take extensive sunbathes on the private terraces. The modern rooms aren’t only stylish but also offer private swimming areas with a pool, sun lounges and your own private dream-view.

Seven Pines

Another highlight is the Seven Pines, which is perfect for families, couples and even friends traveling together. With the large pool area it offers so much space to swim and relax, but the best thing about the hotel is it’s location: right by the impressive cliffs of the island it offers a breathtaking panorama.


La Granja

Culinarily you will definitely be satisfied. Even though I have my personal favorites – you have guessed it, Spaghetti Bolognese – I love trying new small and large restaurants and test local specialities. The Farmer’s Table is very famous for the ability to transform the farms biodynamic bounty into slow food for the communal table. 


Located right by the Harbour of Ibiza the Calma Bistro doesn’t only offer a beautiful view but also the perfect vacation atmosphere. The Mediterranean kitchen is completely recommendable, and the price-performance ratio is also really great. The Calma convinces both during the day but especially at night with the view over the Harbour of the old town.


One of my favorite restaurants in Hamburg is the Izakaya, and lucky me – there has been one in Ibiza for a while now too. The restaurant combines the best Asian kitchen with South American influences. Even though it may be a little more expensive it is definitely worth trying the extensive menu!

La Oliva

At the top end of Ibiza in one of the small streets of the old town there is my restaurant highlight: the La Oliva. The small and intimate restaurant is surrounded by local boutiques and captures the magic of the narrow streets perfectly. The menu offers something for anyone – you will love this place for its atmosphere and the Burratina spaghetti!

La Brasa

In the midst of the old town is one of my absolute favorite restaurants: the La Brasa. The beautiful backyard and the lengthy wine menu as well as the romantic ambience make for the perfect end to a long day in the sun. The price-performance ratio is absolut alright too. But be careful – the restaurant is so popular amongst tourists and locals that you should make a reservation!

Beach clubs:

El Chiringuito

This Beach Club is the perfect location for a morning by the beach. In the morning you can have a relaxed breakfast in the lounge area, and move to a lounge afterwords or a daybed by the beach, where you can just soak in the sun. There’s not only fresh Sangria for lunch, but also iberian ham and ailoli, while the live DJ plays tunes, and you can enjoy the mediterranean flair in the restaurant area of the beach club fully. In addition to that there are sales ladies by the beach that present light summer dresses and swimwear – you will find everything you need here.

Experimental Beachclub

This Beach Club convinces with its beautiful lounge area and the panoramic view. You can reach the water through a specific spot and there is no immediate connection from the beach to the water. Still, there is a special flair, and you can have your food and drink orders brought to the sun lounges and shop the Ibiza-typical sundresses in a separate area alongside the bar. It is smaller than the El Chiringuito, but there is definitely a relaxed atmosphere.

Sa Trinxa

The ‘Sa Trinxa’ is a beach bar at the beach of Salinas, and doesn’t have its own dance floor. The bar is best described with words such as traditional, relaxed and colorful, there is live music from the DJ and very interesting people. It is less about the luxury, but much more about the character of the island and the typical Ibiza-vibe of the people. The beach offers sun lounges and there is a huge area to relax, which creates the perfect mix of a modern, minimalist lounge bar and a wide beach.

Amante Beach Club

This Beach Club is my favorite one. It’s located in a cliff direct to the beach with several grounds for the guests. The day beds guarantee a very high comfort, the lunch area is also very cozy and idyllic. Everything at Amante is connected with a great service and pure relaxation.

To Do:

Visiting the old town Eivissa

Even though I am an absolute lover of the sun, I also like exploring my surroundings when I travel. Even though we have been to Ibiza many times before and it feels as though I know most of the island, visiting the old town is a highlight every time. The narrow streets, boutiques and bars that are spread along the cobble streets make any vacationing heart skip a beat. At the highest point right by the fortress you have a breathtaking view over the island and the ocean – so the exhaustion of the climb is definitely worth it.

Es Vedra

The rocky island that rises from the ocean on the west coast of Ibiza is absolutely worth seeing. If you’d like to explore the small island further, visiting the beach Cala d’Hort is a great idea to watch it from there or take a small boat tour.

Las Dalias

Las Dalias makes any shopping fan heart skip a beat. The hippie market is one of my absolute must-do’s in Ibiza. The colorful market booths are the perfect location on Saturday’s and in the high season even during the week to dive into the island’s hippie culture, and during the night it has a special charm too. The many handmade souvenirs, dresses and jewelry that you can buy here aren’t only beautiful keepsakes, but oftentimes completely unique too. As you can tell, I am a huge fan.


Another must-do for all fans of Ibiza and Mallorca is a trip to Formentera. Time seems to have stopped at this balearic island and especially nature lovers will not be disappointed here. Simply the ferry trip is a highlight in itself and if you like it sporty you can explore the island on a bicycle. We love spending a day here when we are in the area – and I can really only recommend it to anyone. 



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