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Renaissance Republique Paris – Travel Diary

24. Juni 2016


ENG: What was actually the reason heading to Paris last week? We were invited from the Marriott Hotel group to the opening party of the five star Renaissance Republique Hotel in the city of love. Of course we were very interested in exploring the local conditions and to take a closer look at the different parts of the hotel next to the Place de la Republique.
From the outside the hotel seems to be rather inconspicuous on first sight but when entering the lobby it is promptly apparent, that the hotel is designed with a lot of style and love. As room we have got a junior suite on the seventh floor with a beautiful view on the Parisian rooftops as well as the Sacré Coeur church, especially during the night the panorama is pretty impressive.
The suite is really great with an open bathroom area offering a nice view on Paris as well. The bath room itself corresponded exactly to my expectations as a bright and generous room with several marble details. The living area of the junior suite is characterized by a very comfortable kingsize bed, the establishment consists furthermore of a big flat screen, a cozy sitting area being integrated in the window shutters as well as a mini bar with diverse snacks and drinks.
The breakfast area is really inviting based on the living room character, the local and international breakfast offer à la carte is very delicious. The selection is plentiful and multifaceted, in addition to that you can expect lots of different and fresh juices – yummy.

Let us see what the pictures speak… See you soon Paris. ♥

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Greco Philia – Mykonos

6. Mai 2016


ENG: At the moment we are still staying on Mykonos, nevertheless I would like to tell you my impressions of the impressive boutique hotel „Greco Philia“. My boyfriend an me were allowed to spend four nights in this beautiful hotel next to Elia bay and we were very enthusiastic about the design, the fabulous view over the Aegean as well as the anytime polite and helpful staff, so that I can really recommend this hotel.
The „Greco Philia“ is the perfect destination for newly-weds looking for honeymoon in a romantic hotel in Europe. Situated on a hill with the view to the nearby Elia bay, the stylish boutique hotel is the perfect place for recovery and togetherness. Each room is not only set up individually and elegant but also promises a fantastic view. We were allowed to sleep in the so called „Warhol“ Deluxe Suite with a huge terrace and a separate balcony, even the king size bed as well as the additional sitting area have contributed to a special comfort and cosiness, therefore we have spent a pretty relaxing time there.
Every morning we looked forward to the breakfast based on the varied and delicious selection. You can chose between Avocado and French toast, country-specific bread variations, fresh fruits, omelettes and pancakes, everything is freshly and lovely prepared. At this point I would really like to mention the staff for doing a great job, always friendly, helpful and very courteous.
My personal highlight is the pool area with white as the predominant color through comfortable sun beds and sitting areas. As you can already imagine even from here you have a great view on the Aegean and the best conditions for having a romantic time with your partner.

What else can I say?! A picture is worth a thousand words, so see for yourselves. :-)

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Palma de Mallorca – the white cube via Holidu

1. April 2016


ENG: As I have already promised, I would now like to introduce our beautiful apartment on Mallorca, a dream in white! For some time I have a fondness for minimalistic design, e.g. concerning the choice of my clothes as well as regarding the embodiment of my flat. Therefore Laura and me were pretty happy as we have found this dreamful holiday flat in the heart of Palma via The whole handling was very pleasant, even the flat handover passed off without complications. As we have entered the flat for the first time, we were so glad about the light-flooded, generous, clean and lovingly furnished apartment, almost a copy of my dream flat in Hamburg. A further highlight is the view from spacious roof-deck direct to the harbor and the cathedral of Palma. Via you get the opportunity to find the holiday flat of your choice in numerous countries worldwide. Continue Reading…


Travel Diary – Shangri-La Paris

12. März 2016


ENG: How can I start with this post… Somehow or other I have felt during the last days, when thinking about the todays‘ post. I am still reminiscing about the dreamful hotel in the middle of Paris, the city of love, with one of the best views on the Eiffel Tower. As some of you have already noticed, Laura and I got the chance to stay for some nights in the dreamy Shangri-La Paris during the Fashion Week and could hardly believe our fortune as we have entered our room. This is our accommodation for the next nights?! Two princess beds with a view on the town’s landmark and an incredible silence. A bathroom similar to a ballroom and above all the employees‘ geniality, all that was hard to believe and therefore we have really enjoyed each second like two little girls.
Everything in the hotel was so imposing and leaves nothing to be desired, each detail tells its own and traditional history. Paris definitely belongs to one of my favorite cities, even if it can be loud, bustling and very exhausting sometimes, the Shangri-La Paris is the perfect resort in order to get new energy and to recharge your batteries. I hope you can adumbrate my enthusiasm based on my chosen words because even the dinner as part of an individual invitation was just amazing. In the morning we got breakfast, that definitely belongs to the best ones I have ever got so far in my life. :-)
We greeted with some scrumptious delicacy from the Shangri-La like macarons, oranges and drinks. Even a huge package from Jules Mumm was already waiting for us because Laura and I got the chance to enjoy our stay in Paris with Jules Mumm and I was very happy about it. We have used this circumstance for mixing the new Jules Mumm „La Parisienne“ cocktail in dependence on the Parisian chic. This cocktail is really delicious and brings a summery excursion on the Seine in mind, so that this drink will be a new part on my preferred cocktail list, the preparation is simple and done quickly.

Recipe for Jules Mumm – „La Parisienne“

  • ice cube
  • 1 cl Creme de Mure
  • 1 cl rose syrup
  • 3-4 brambles
  • splash of lemon juice
  • filling up with Jules Mumm Fruity & Sweet

As all of you know pictures speak louder than words – so I would like to take you with me to my stay in the wonderful Shangri-La Paris. Continue Reading…


Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin

27. Januar 2016


entrance area

ENG: Do you know that unique feeling of suddenly getting to another world?! Exact that feeling came up last week during our stay in the dreamful Hotel Adlon Kempinski next to the Brandenburg Gate. This is probably one of the best-known and most legendary hotels in Germany with a magical flair and an incomparable service. Already before our stay we only heard positive things and therefore we were very curios about the local circumstances. You can definitely believe me one thing… Our expectations were more than exceeded.
Even in the foyer the hotel is pretty impressive, the whole staff is always kind and helpful. After a long first day at the Fashion Week we had a pleasant and relaxing arrival, the doorman grabbed our baggage, so that we got the chance to enjoy a short timeout in the lounge. Actually the whole interior is probably not comparable with a modern design hotel but exactly this traditional charm and the classical ambience have such a fascinating effect. Continue Reading…


Istanbul – my second home and love

5. Oktober 2015

IMG_1411 KopieIMG_1577 Kopie

Wie soll ich bloß anfangen?! Sicherlich verbinden viele von euch bestimmte Bilder und Vorstellungen mit der Metropole Istanbul oder haben sich selbst schon ein Bild vor Ort machen können. Auch wir werden jedes Mal wieder mit etlichen neuen und alt bekannten Eindrücken konfrontiert und verlieben uns dabei stets aufs Neue in diese unglaubliche Stadt, die sicherlich nicht perfekt ist und einigen vielleicht sogar unheimlich erscheinen mag aber einmal „angekommen“, kann man sich ihrem Flair einfach nicht entziehen. Es war mittlerweile unser fünfter Aufenthalt in Istanbul und es gibt noch immer Plätze und Sehenswürdigkeiten, die wir nicht besucht bzw. besichtigt haben, sodass es sicherlich nicht unser letzter Besuch in dieser chaotischen aber doch liebevollen Stadt war.
Gerne möchte ich euch im Folgenden die Stadt als Fashion-Metropole näher vorstellen und euch von Eindrücken abseits der Touristenpfade berichten, die dem Einen oder Anderen vielleicht noch nicht so bekannt sind und damit die Lust auf einen unvergesslichen Städtetrip zusätzlich steigern. Natürlich sollte bei einem Aufenthalt in dieser Stadt der Besuch großer Sehenswürdigkeiten, wie der Blauen Moschee, Hagia Sophia oder dem Topkapı-Palast nicht fehlen aber mein Fokus soll auf dem neuen und jungen Istanbul mit einem Altersdurchschnitt unter 30 Jahren liegen. Continue Reading…

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Hurricane 2015 x H&M

24. Juli 2015

Bloggers_HIGH_0009Hallo meine Lieben,

es ist zwar mittlerweile schon einige Wochen her, trotzdem möchte ich euch nicht länger die Bilder von unserem Trip zum Hurricane Festival vorenthalten. Für meine Mädels und mich ging es im Juni in Kooperation mit H&M zum Hurricane Festival nach Scheeßel – als Festival-Laie bin ich ohne große Erwartungen an das Wochenende herangegangen und habe zwei tolle Tage erlebt, was auf den Bildern hoffentlich auch zum Ausdruck kommt. Vermutlich liegt meine Euphorie darin begründet, dass wir durch die Kooperation mit UBER Taxi in den Genuss kamen, nach dem ersten Festival-Tag im eigenen Bett zu schlafen und dadurch auch für den Sonntag bestens erholt und vorbereitet waren. Klingt im ersten Moment sicherlich ein bisschen klischeemäßig aber eine solche Kooperation nimmt man natürlich dankend an. :)

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#MBFWB Juli ´15 diary

14. Juli 2015


Heute möchte ich mit euch meine Eindrücke und Erfahrungen aus der vergangenen Woche teilen, da diese für mich sehr aufschluss- und hilfreich waren. Für mich ging es zum zweiten Mal zur Fashion Week nach Berlin, dieses Mal jedoch mit meinem Liebsten, der mich nicht nur die kompletten fünf Tage begleitet, sondern auch den gesamten Hype miterlebt hat. Ich will dabei vor allem auf die positiven Erlebnisse eingehen, da in den letzten Tagen viel Unmut bei anderen Bloggern geäußert wurde, welchen ich leider auch zustimmen muss. Sicherlich ist gerade die Modebranche auf den ersten Blick sehr oberflächlich und kalt, trotzdem haben wir viele interessante und sympathische Menschen aus dem Fashion-Umfeld kennenlernen dürfen, die nicht nur selbst mit Begeisterung ihrer Arbeit nachgehen, sondern auch mich in meinen Aktivitäten als Bloggerin bestärkt haben. Das obige Bild wurde von Manuel von Hyped-Vision mit den lieben Mädels: Nina, Sandra, Nina, Lisa, Vicky, Katharina und Storm geschossen.

Dieses Mal war unser Zeitplan in Berlin ziemlich straff, sodass wir teilweise von Event zu Event hechten mussten – oftmals hatten wir nur im Taxi eine kurze Pause, um neue Energie für die nächste Veranstaltung zu tanken. Ich habe mich dabei über jede einzelne Einladung wirklich sehr gefreut und möchte euch nun endlich von den Geschehnissen vor Ort berichten. Continue Reading…