Best of the Year 2015

1. Januar 2016


ENG: WOW… How can I start with my personal review about the last 12 months?! 2015 was an incredible year with lots of exciting events and an amazing development of the blog in general.
In the beginning of 2015 the blog was rather a pastime without any concrete thoughts or requirements for being more than a part time blogger who loves to share her passion for fashion and lifestyle themes. 12 months ago my blog was named StyleByAylin with less and irregular posts as well as photos being products of a compact camera. Based on your lovely comments and the good encouragement, we wanted to professionalize our activities in the blog context and have bought a Full frame camera last summer. The picture quality was much higher and your positive feedback on outfit posts or concerning interesting events and journeys has continuously increased so that we have gradually intensified our blog activities. Based on my gut instinct I have cancelled my original job for getting a full time blogger and to live my current dream. By means of my new blog layout I am so motivated for 2016 sharing new impressions of fashion and lifestyle related themes with you. I am really looking forward realizing exciting projects in 2016.

I wish all of you a nice and healthy New Year!

Based on my blog focus, I have composed my favorite looks and events from 2015. Click on the picture and you will get to the correspondent post.

DE: WOW… wie fange ich bloß mit meinem persönlichen Jahresrückblick an?! Bei mir ist in 2015 einfach unwahrscheinlich viel passiert, womit ich vor 12 Monaten überhaupt noch nicht rechnen konnte.
Anfang des Jahres erschien mir der Blog lediglich als schöner Ausgleich und sicherlich nicht als das, was es im Jahresverlauf für mich werden sollte… mein neuer Lebensmittelpunkt! Meine Homepage, die zunächst StyleByAylin hieß, wurde die ersten Monate des Jahres nicht besonders häufig mit Beiträgen gefüttert, während die Fotos lediglich aus einer Kompaktkamera resultierten. Doch schnell wurde Tobi und mir, dank eurer vielen lieben Kommentare und dem guten Zuspruch, klar, dass wir das Ganze ein bisschen spezifischer und professioneller angehen sollten. Gesagt, getan… im Juni kam die erste größere Anschaffung, eine Vollformat-Kamera von Canon, die wir auf keinen Fall mehr missen möchten. Schlussendlich bin ich rasend schnell von einem Hobby-Blog zu meiner heutigen Berufung gekommen, dem Bloggen in Vollzeit! Ich habe einfach meinem Bauchgefühl vertraut und im November meinen ursprünglichen Job an den Nagel gehangen, sodass ich nun, dank euch, meinen Traum verwirklichen darf und mich unglaublich auf die weitere Entwicklung und spannende Projekte in 2016 freue.

Auf ein tolles und wunderbares Jahr 2016! <3

Da es auf Aylin König hauptsächlich um Fashion und Lifestyle geht, kommen nun meine Lieblingslooks und Events aus dem Jahr 2015! Klickt lediglich auf das Bild, um zu den entsprechenden Beiträgen der jeweiligen Looks zu gelangen.

my favorite personal Pieces in 2015


One of my first bigger blogger events with Douglas in April. I was really excited what would be happened. Just crazy how fast time is running. IMG_5590IMG_4933


One of my personal highlights in 2015 was my first encounter with Laura during the Berlin Fashion Week. We have developed an amazing friendship I will never want to miss. In Mai we have spend a great holiday together with our boyfriends on Fuerteventura.
IMG_5814 IMG_6656


In June we have started taking pictures with our Full frame camera. It feels like yesterday that we have explored suited settings for ambitious pictures. Since this time taking pictures is much more fun than before but conflicts between Tobi and me about the right settings will probably never end. ;-)

IMG_1637 IMG_1667 IMG_1774 IMG_1962 IMG_2211


In the beginning of July we were heading to Berlin in order to be part of the Fashion Week. It was an interesting time with lots of lovely people and exciting impressions from the fashion and lifestyle environment.

In addition to that we got the chance being part of the Hurricane festival sponsored by H&M. An unforgettable and funny weekend with really cool girls.


Favorite looks in July
IMG_2537 IMG_2707 IMG_2911 IMG_2590 IMG_3071 IMG_3126 IMG_3228 IMG_3419 IMG_3369 IMG_3635 IMG_3751


Happy Birthday to myself… Aylin König was one year old and it was just a great moment. I am still so happy about growing further and getting older. ;-)

IMG_3990IMG_3896 IMG_4043 Kopie IMG_4543 IMG_4643 IMG_3070 IMG_5397 IMG_5347



Favorite looks in September

image10 IMG_6402
IMG_0964 IMG_1031 IMG_1151 IMG_1238 Kopie



This months Tobi and I have visited Istanbul once again. It is kind of our second home because we both love this incredible city with the lovely contrast between modern spirit and antiquity.

IMG_1590 IMG_1530 Kopie

Favorite looks in OctoberIMG_1723 Chanel-Burberry Modeblogger-Hamburg Chanel-Boy-Bag-Large BloggerBoy-Bag-Chanel



Favorite looks in Novemberdrew-bag-chloé

streetstyle-blogger1 Blogger-Streetstyle Aylin-Koenig-Blogger Converse-Schwarz



In December my dream came true and I have started my blog activities as a full time blogger. This month was really exciting and I do not regret my decision for canceling my original job. I am looking forward to an exciting year 2016 with new projects and outfit posts. Once again… Thanks a lot for your support and feedback. This is the best motivation for everything I can and would like to do with this blog. Tobi, Summer and I will keep you posted. Merci ♥

casual-sytle fake-fur-H&M-trend Aylun-Summer Fashion-Blogger- Aylin-König-Bloggerin Fashionblogger-Hamburg Chloé-Drew-Bag-Cement-Pink Streetstyle-Blogger-Winter





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