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trend report | CAPES

19. Oktober 2018

ENG: Colder days are just about to begin and which piece would be better suited than an oversized cape? It can be worn at any occasion and the current selection of capes is really amazing. My first cape this season is from Fendi with the typical F logo and I love it so much. The special aspect about this garment is the fact, that capes can even be worn as oversized scarfs and in general the combination opportunities are so diverse without a dusty or boring appearance.
Due to my increasing cape wish list with this ACNE Studios version or this rather simple model from COS, I have made a selection with my favorite models from the different online shops below. I don’t know, if you connect a cape with a modern it-piece or an outdated image but I’m sure, that capes belong to the must haves this season.

Have fun going through the selection and maybe there’s also a suited model for you! Continue Reading…

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trend report | puffer jackets

14. Oktober 2018

ENG: This season there will be a big focus on puffer jackets due to their wide range of shapes, patterns and the increasing visibility in fashion magazines. Even if we can still enjoy a ‚Golden October‘, colder days will probably appear faster than intended and then all of us have the desire for a comfortable jacket. No matter if it’s a short or long version, puffer jackets are available in so many different versions and colors. A few days ago I’ve introduced my new puffer jacket from the brand Baum & Pferdgarten on Instagram and your feedback on the post was incredible. For this reason I decided to collect my current favorites of this jacket type from various brands and price categories below. Maybe there’s also a suited version for you and don’t forget: the winter is coming! ;-)

Happy Sunday to all of you!

DE: Diese Saison kommen wir wohl nicht an „Steppjacken“ vorbei, da diese in vielen verschiedenen Varianten verfügbar sind und auch in Modemagazinen immer häufiger thematisiert werden. Trotz der aktuell noch sommerlichen Temperaturen, werden die kälteren Tage vermutlich wieder schneller kommen, als gedacht und dann kuscheln wir uns doch alle gerne in eine komfortable Jacke.
Egal, ob kurz oder lang, Steppjacken gibt es in unzähligen Schnittmustern und Farben. Vor einigen Tage habe ich euch bereits meine neue Jacke von Baum und Pferdgarten auf Instagram vorgestellt und ihr scheint ebenso begeistert gewesen zu sein, wie ich. Aus diesem Grund möchte ich euch heute meine aktuellen Lieblinge verschiedener Marken und Preisklassen vorstellen. Viel Spaß beim Stöbern und denkt dran: der Winter naht! ;-)

Habt alle einen schönen und erholsamen Sonntag!

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wedding guest outfit inspiration

6. Mai 2018

ENGAs you all probably know by now, our wedding is just around the corner now. The excitement is growing, but I’m also slowly getting a little nervous thinking about the big day.
We are taking another trip to Mallorca for a couple of day this month to add the finishing touches and plan the last few details, which I am really excited for already. Counting our own big day as well we are taking part in four weddings over the next couple of months – the wedding season is really in full swing. Still, being a wedding guest also means dressing appropriately – and I have gotten so many messages lately regarding that topic.
This is why I wanted to show you some of my favorite looks here, that I find perfect for every wedding. Even though some brides are not big fans, I think that classy black dresses are a great fit for a wedding. If the wedding is outdoors though, or even a destination wedding like in our case, fabrics like lace, chiffon, silk or satin belong to my favourites. The dresses by Self Portrait are so stylish and timeless, which I find really important when buying elegant dresses. Additionally, brands like Temperley London, Preen Line or even H&M oftentimes have beautiful, flowy dresses in their collections.

Are you invited to many weddings this year? And do you have one specific outfit that is your go-to-pick?

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Trend Report | spring two-pieces

25. März 2018

ENGAfter I got so many requests and questions on Instagram regarding my suit, I immediately knew what the next trend report topic had to be. This season we definitely won’t get around two-pieces, which can be worn in any kind, color and form. My special H&M two-piece got amazing feedback in Paris already, and my newest addition in pink has been praised just as much.
I think that blazers can easily be worn with shoulder pads to achieve a certain ‘coolness’ and individuality. In my case the trousers are relatively tight around the ankle, whereas its otherwise loosely fitted. To me this suit is absolutely business-like as well as it is stylish and fashionable at the same time. In my freetime I prefer to wear a lace bra underneath the blazer and combine it with either slippers or sneakers. In case of a business occasion, I would wear my blazer with pumps or high heels.
I have put together a couple of photos of my own two-piece as well as current online shop examples. These of course are only a few of the current models that are available online, but I think these are very appealing! But what about you guys: Do you have such colorful combinations in your closet too?

Have fun looking through all of these and happy Sunday!

DE: Nachdem ich auf Instagram so wahnsinnig viele An- und Rückfragen bezüglich meines Hosenanzugs bekommen habe, stand für mich das Thema des nächsten Trendreports sofort fest. Diese Saison kommen wir offensichtlich an Zweiteilern nicht vorbei, die in jeglicher Ausprägung, Farbe und Form getragen werden dürfen. Schon in Paris kam mein ausgefallener Zweiteiler von H&M Trend erstaunlicherweise sehr gut an, meine neueste Errungenschaft in der Farbe Pink reiht sich in das bisherige positive Feedback direkt ein.
Blazer dürfen meiner Meinung nach gerne mit Schulterpolstern versehen werden, um eine gewisse „Coolness“ und Individualität zu erreichen, in meinem Fall liegt die Hose am Knöchel enger an, weist aber ansonsten ein doch eher weiteres Bein auf. Für mich bietet der Hosenanzug eine tolle Möglichkeit sowohl businesstauglich, als auch stylisch und angesagt in der Freizeit unterwegs zu sein. In freien Zeiten bevorzuge ich dabei die Variante einen Spitzen-BH unter dem Blazer zu tragen und dazu Sneaker oder Slipper zu kombinieren. Ich habe euch ein paar Bilder von meinem Zweiteiler in Pink sowie aktuelle Exemplare aus diversen Online-Shops zusammengetragen. Natürlich handelt es sich hierbei nur um einen Ausschnitt der aktuellen Modelle, die für mich jedenfalls sehr ansprechend daherkommen. Wie sieht es bei euch aus: Habt ihr ebenfalls eine bunte Kombination bei euch im Kleiderschrank?

Viel Spaß beim Stöbern und habt alle einen schönen Sonntag!

Aylin ♥


Some of my favorites


Photocredit: Tobias Freund ♥

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Trend Report: Yellow Spring

18. März 2018

ENGSince there haven’t been any terndreports up on the blog in a while, I wanted to get back to it with full spring-energy! None of us will get away from today’s topic in the near future, because it’s the trend color of spring: YELLOW! To me, yellow has an incredibly positive vibrancy around it, that i immediately connect to warm summer days and fresh flowers.
I have added a number of yellow pieces to my wardrobe already this year, which include a blazer, a cardigan and a blouson by Nobi Talai. There are so many ways of combining yellow pieces, and they all seem very fresh and vivid after the long winter. Some people still avoid the color, but all I can say is: Dare to wear it! Especially with white or light blue pieces some wearable and definitely every-day-looks can be created. I am sure that my closet will go in the yellow-direction a but more soon!
Long story short: I have picked my current favorites from various online shops and hope that  you find some pieces as well. Have fun rummaging through them and especially trying them on! :-)

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trend report | home love

7. Februar 2018

ENG Every time I show our apartment on Instagram Stories I get asked if I don’t want to show more from our four walls. We are indeed planning a couple of new projects for our home which would also include a short video: Would you generally be interested in something like that? Maybe you have also seen that I have my own, little interior-shop at, where all of the products we currently have at home are linked to.
There is nothing better, than coming home after an event or a longer trip to a beautiful home, where with the right bits and pieces I can create an oasis of well-being. Following this I have put together a couple of pieces from our apartment and I hope you enjoy browsing through them. Maybe some of you will even find something fitting for themselves.

DE: Jedes Mal, wenn ich unsere Wohnung auf Instagram Stories zeige, erreichen mich wahnsinnig viele Nachrichten, ob ich nicht mehr aus unseren eigenen vier Wänden zeigen möchte. Tatsächlich planen wir für die Zukunft neue Projekte rund um unsere Wohnung, wozu auch ein kleines Video gehören würde: Hättet ihr hieran grundsätzlich Interesse? Vielleicht habt ihr auch schon mitbekommen, dass ich auf der Startseite von einen eigenen, kleinen Interior-Shop besitze, wo all unsere Produkte, die wir aktuell zuhause besitzen, verlinkt sind.
Für mich gibt es nichts Schöneres, als nach einem Event oder einer längeren Reise nach hause zu kommen und mir mit den richtigen Produkten eine kleine Wohlfühl-Oase zu schaffen. Im Folgenden habe ich euch ein paar Teile aus unserer Wohnung zusammengestellt und wünsche euch viel Spaß beim Stöbern. Vielleicht ist ja für den einen oder anderen etwas dabei.

Aylin ♥

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Trend report | filigree jewelry

14. Januar 2018

ENG: With regard to your ongoing inquiries concerning my ear jewelry and rings, I thought it’s time for a new trend report. For me filigree jewelry is an essential part of my everyday life, especially my wrists and fingers are covered with various pieces of jewelry. No matter if you choose stylish rings, elegant charms, gentle necklaces or characteristic earrings, jewelry has the power to upgrade every kind of look in a highly directed and effective way. Especially my ear cuffs generate so much attention and feedback on Instagram, so I decided to use this trend report for a selection of my preferred jewelry at the moment. Most of the pieces belong to Loren Stewart, Pandora, Cartier and the lovely Ariane Ernst. I’m totally convinced of the following selection, in case of inquiries or further information, you can gladly leave your feedback below.

Have fun looking and rummaging. Maybe there’s also a suited piece for you! Continue Reading…

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Trend report | Sneaker

29. November 2017

ENG: Sneakers are absolute Must-Haves for every season. During summer with a light tulle skirt, in fall with ripped jeans, or during winter with an Oversized-Coat –  I am an absolute Sneaker-Lover and wear them with all kinds of different outfits. They loosen up every outfit and add a cool touch – and sincere there are so many different varieties, I have picked some of my favorites for you. As you have probably seen, I am wearing white Gucci Sneaker with studs in one of my last Instagram photos. They look great with a plissé skirt, or even with denim. Not as versatile as those, but instead an absolute statement piece are the Balenciaga Triple S Sneaker, that I like to wear with a simple pair of jeans and a cosy knitted jumper – add a shoulder bag (here you can find a trend report to shoulder bags) – and voila! The perfect outfit for colder days is done. 

As a great sneaker fan I own pairs in all different colors and shapes – from the peculiar Balenciaga Tripple S to the Adidas Originals or Nike Air Max – and that is why I have put together some of my favorites. I hope that you will find something you like there! Have fun shopping!  

Aylin  ♥

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pre Black Friday codes

23. November 2017

ENGReady, steady, go… the big pre-Christmas shopping has started right now with the current and official ‘cyber week’. Lots of well-known online shops have great discounts and sale promotions, an established marketing idea for the whole e-commerce from America. As I’ve recognized several ‘pre Black Friday codes’ this morning within my mail account, I immediately decided to share some of these great discounts with you, being valid from today on. One day before the official ‘Black Friday’ some online retailer like Mango, Zalando, ASOS, Farfetch and many more offer great price reductions and discounts on single collections.
For giving you a clear and structured overview, I’ve collected the most important and relevant codes below. And of course, even tomorrow you will find further codes with great savings from famous online shops. Stay tuned, it’s worth it.

Happy shopping to all of you!

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trend report | bag shoulder strap

19. November 2017

ENG: Based on several requests concerning my shoulder straps for bags, I’ve decided to use this topic as today’s trend report. There are lots of different straps, that can be adapted individually and have the potential to upgrade any kind of outfit. My first strap was a Fendi model being one of my most preferred accessories for a long time, even today I’m regularly using it based on its ability to add that certain something within my outfits. For sure this Fendi version is rather expensive, so that I’ve made a wide-ranging selection in different price categories. Especially the current straps from Aigner belong to my favorites, I’m owning a model in red and a nude one with gold colored studs. I’m really a huge fan of shoulder straps as their specifications regarding the particular design, color and material mix are able to be the perfect outfit add-on. Especially during the cold and dark season straps ensure a certain portion of color and guarantee a trendy style and of course individualism. Below you can find a selection of my current favorites and I hope, that even for you is an appropriate model available. Enjoy rummaging!

What do you think about straps? Do you share my enthusiasm for this trend? Happy Sunday to all of you!

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