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14. August 2018


ENGWe are back from our road trip through Italy and are currently enjoying our time in Hamburg.  We have been back in the country since Thursday and went to the Justin Timberlake concert alongside my parents the same night, which was unbelievably great and had an incredible atmosphere. We then went back home on Friday for just a short trip to rewatch the video and the photos of our wedding. The atmosphere was so wonderful, and everyone was back in full wedding mode straight away and we all would have loved to just turn back time and be back at July 7th.
Saturday Lauri celebrated her 30th birthday in Hamburg, for which Karin came from Salzburg and then stayed at our place for the night. The party was amazing, everyone gave everything and we danced until the break of dawn. We therefore spent the sunday rather relaxed on the sofa.

Favorites of the Week: 

To Do: We will be in Hamburg almost all week, which I am really excited for, because we will be able to attend a few meetings with clients. I will take you on those over my Instagram account during the next few days, there are definitely some very exciting ones coming up. In addition to that, I will publish a blogpost on our Italy trip in the next few days, too. I received so many questions from you guys, which is why I want to focus on the particular spots and stops and my personal highlights in the upcoming post again.
This weekend I will be going to the Dockville Festival in Hamburg with my guys Pascal & David, which was a birthday gift from a while ago. I am looking forward to the weekend with the two so much, before I am headed to Berlin for a big project this Saturday.
I can tell you this much already: we are shooting for four days with Desenio for a new campaign, which I am so excited for. I hope that I can tell you more next week!

Favorite post of the week: Lucca | blue maxi dress & DIOR saddle bag

New InThe new fall collection from EDITED is online and I have already ordered a few really nice pieces.  Amongst others this pink checkered blazer, a short checkered skirt, a white pullover and a light jacket in dark green moved in with me. In addition to that, Luisaviaroma designed a small capsule collection called ‘Porto Cervo’ for UNICEF in collaboration with Alberta Ferretti, which is now available online. 100% of the proceeds go to UNICEF, and therefore into the development of support for children worldwide. It is definitely a great and sustainable project!

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weekly focus 32 | 18

8. August 2018

ENGCiao! We are still in Bella Italia. Our spontaneous road trip was such a great idea and I am already excited to write a detailed post about it soon. We are currently in Rapallo, since from here we are able to take the ferry towards Portofino and Cinque Terre. We have spent the last couple of days in the beautiful Forte Dei Marmi, at the Tuscany coast, where many Italians spend their summers. It is absolutely dreamy here, but as I said: More to come about this trip and the different stops soon.

Favorites of the Week: 

To Do: We will be in Italy until Wednesday, before going back home to Hamburg. My parents are coming to our house on Thursday night, since the four of us are going to the Justin Timberlake concert, which we have been looking forward to for weeks now.
Unfortunately I won’t be able to take part in this season’s Copenhagen Fashion Week, but I hope that everyone who is going will have an amazing time. We are starting our Fashion Week Season in New York this September.
On Friday we are going back to my childhood home in Bremen, where my mom will be hosting the entire family to look at the photos and watch the wedding video, to relive our wedding.
Crazy to think that is has been an entire month of being married already!
The on Saturday we are celebrating Lauri’s ‘Dirty Thirty’ in style in Hamburg, and we are already looking forward to the reunion with many dear friends and of course to a spectacular party – I have high expectations. ;-)

Favorite post of the week: What´s in my bag for Italy

New InI have been a really good girl in terms of shopping here in Italy, and really only bought the pair of Balenciaga Boots at the designer outlet ‘The Mall’, which I had been wanting for such a long time – and they were on an -80% sale!
Even though my colour combination is from the last season, it was always out of stock, which is why I am even happier now to have them. You can find here the new autumn/winter color combination. I was obviously tempted to buy an entirely new closet at the designer outlet near florence or in the many boutiques in Forte Dei Marmi, but just being able to get so much inspiration for new stylings is already worth so much. :-)
I hope you all have a wonderful week and I am sending you love from Bella Italia!

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weekly focus 31 | 18

31. Juli 2018

ENG: Bongiorno from Bella Italia! At the moment we’re staying at the wonderful Lake Garda in Italy. This is the first stop of our current road trip through Italy with Verona and Florence as next stations. One week ago we stayed at the amazing Ritz-Carlton Vienna and were allowed to spend three great days in this luxury hotel. During our stay we could take advantage of all the hotel’s amenities like the rooftop bar with an amazing view over Vienna, the cocktail bar on the ground floor and an incredible steakhouse called ‚District‘ with the best steaks and cheesecake in town.
For us it was the first stay in the Austrian capital and one thing is definitely clear: we will come back as soon as possible. Almost every building, corner and spot in this city is impressive and suited for taking photos. We made a city tour with a local blogger and got some insights about the culture and history of Vienna. From my point of view the perfect spot for an unforgettable city stay in Europe and the Ritz-Carlton with its central location, the luxury interior and the great service is the perfect starting point for your next Vienna adventure.
Back in Hamburg we had a very interesting meeting with the Pandora family. We’ve spoken about new collections and campaigns this year and one thing is already clear: the new jewelry is awesome and you can already looking forward to the launch of the autumn and winter collection. Since Sunday we’re on our way through Italy with some great impressions from our first stay here at Lake Garda. :-)

Favorites of the Week: 

To Do: The actual reason for our current Italy road trip is our Jaguar collaboration with our new E-PACE SUV. From tomorrow on we will go on to Verona, Florence and the Toscana until the middle of next week. I already got several requests about our stay and plans in Italy, therefore I will write a very detailed travel post about the whole road trip and the vibrant Jaguar SUV afterwards. During the next days you can follow me via Instagram Stories. :-)

Favorite post of the week: weekly focus 30 | 18

New In: Here in Italy we’re shooting a very exciting project for luxury retailer MyTheresa. For this collaboration I was allowed to pick two amazing dresses, one in royal blue and the other one in white, that I’ve already shared on my latest Instagram post and your interest on this item was huge.
Last but not least I’ve made a new order at Edited with the following pieces: this knitted sweater, a white colored skirt, a checked dress as well as this classical trench coat.

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weekly focus 30 | 18

26. Juli 2018

ENGEven though it is a little later than usually, I still wanted to keep you updated on past and upcoming projects. Let’s begin with the last week, which was very eventful, since I spent two days in Munich with the Westwing Team, to produce a video – but I am only allowed to tell you more about this in August In addition to that we used the last week to get back into our daily grind, which was especially hard on me. I had to fight tiredness, exhaustion and missing motivation, even though I didn’t feel ill at all. It was probably the remains of the wedding parties lingering on us and the subconscious stress, but luckily everything is back in balance now. I would still love to post photos of the wedding daily, but I want to give you guys some air to breathe. ;-)
On Friday we met with th PR Agency of Dior Fashion at the new ‘The Fontenay’ hotel in Hamburg, which I can only recommend for a lunch date or a cocktail at the breathtaking rooftop. As you have probably noticed, we spent the beginning of this week in Vienna, but I want to go into more detail about the trip with the next ‘weekly focus’.

Favorites of the Week: 

To Do: Back from Vienna we immediately met with the dear Pandora team today, to talk about the fall/winter campaign and I can promise you guys one thing: you will LOVE the collection! Unfortunately I am not allowed to tell you any more details, but as we all know, excitement is the best kind of happiness. :-)
We are also really excited, that from tomorrow own we will be provided with the new Jaguar SUV E-Pace and are spontaneously planning a little road trip through Italy. It is supposed to start this weekend, and we got so many tipps and recommendations from you guys, which I want to thank you for again. We have the following stops on the agenda: Lake Garda, Florence, Verona and Tuscany. We are so excited and a little nervous, since everything is a little unplanned and spontaneous, but that is what road trips are for! You can come with us on the trip via my Instagram stories starting Sunday.

Favorite post of the week: Q&A about our wedding in Palma de Mallorca

New InLast week’s focus definitely as the #DiorSaddle Bag, which has been reinterpreted after 18 years and is now available on-and offline in the new version. After I had been desperately searching for a vintage Saddle bag for months and couldn’t find one, I am even more excited to have gotten the mini-version. I am also really happy to have gotten this Jacquemus blouse on sale. In cooperation with MyTheresa I am also really excited for the arrival of my Balenciaga Slingback heels and stylish Fendi socks. We will of course shoot the whole look for you in Italy. :-)

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Q&A about our wedding in Palma de Mallorca

22. Juli 2018

E: Since we had a lot of questions regarding our wedding lately, I wanted to give you an overview of all partners we had in Mallorca in this post. As you can probably imagine, the planning of a wedding in Spain is pretty detailed and extensive, which is why time to organize is essential. My recommendation at this point: Invest the money in a wedding planner, who is at the location all the time, speaks the language and knows all the details and partners.

DE: Da in letzter Zeit vermehrt Fragen zu unserer Hochzeit auf Mallorca aufkamen, möchte ich euch heute mit diesem Beitrag eine kleinen Überblick unserer wichtigsten Dienstleister geben. Wie ihr euch sicherlich vorstellen könnt, ist die Planung einer Hochzeit in Spanien relativ aufwendig und kleinteilig, daher bedarf es auf jeden Fall einiges an Vorlaufzeit und Organisation. Mein Tipp an dieser Stelle: Investiert das Geld in einen Hochzeitsplaner, der rund um die Uhr vor Ort ist, die Sprache spricht und vor allem mit Gegebenheiten und Dienstleistern vertraut ist.


ENG: Karin and Georg recommended dear Katja to us about a year ago and we are still so happy to have had her by our side. Without her, the wedding would not have been even close to being possible the way it was. We looked at numerous locations last June, drove across the island together and were so happy with her positive energy every single time. Overall we met four times in Mallorca during the course of the organization, went to the decoration service company together, the location of the pre-event, the trial dinners at the caterer. The day of the wedding she and her assistant really did an amazing job, and we are so thankful for it from the bottom of our hearts.

DE: Karin und Georg haben uns vor gut einem Jahr die liebe Katja von Mallorca Boutique Weddings empfohlen und noch immer sind wir so glücklich und dankbar Katja an unserer Seite gehabt zu haben. Ohne sie wäre die Hochzeit nicht mal ansatzweise in dieser Form möglich gewesen. Wir haben uns im Juni letzten Jahres unzählige Locations angeschaut, sind gemeinsam über die gesamte Insel gefahren und haben uns jedes Mal von ihrer positiven Energie anstecken lassen. Insgesamt vier Mal haben wir uns in der Vorbereitungszeit auf Mallorca getroffen, sind gemeinsam zur Dekorationsfirma, zur Location vom Pre-Event oder auch zum Probeessen  beim Catering gefahren. Am Tag der Hochzeit hat sie dann gemeinsam mit ihrer Assistentin einen überragenden Job gemacht, wofür wir ihr von Herzen dankbar sind.

Wedding location

ENG: So many questions regarding our wedding locations got to us, which we don’t want to keep from you. The location is right next to the harbour of Palma. We looked at so many incredible places on the island, but had specific ideas and notions in mind from the start: the ceremony should have an ocean view, the wedding itself should be in one place, and the most important thing: being able to celebrate as long and as loud as we wanted to, right under the stars. Unfortunately there is now a law in place in Mallorca that parties have to be taken inside after midnight. Our location, the Castillo de San Carlos, which is actually a military museum, does not have immediate neighbours and is therefore perfect for any wedding party.
It is still important to mention that the process is relatively complicated and long, since the place is kind of ‘naked’ and has to be provided with everything: chairs, tables, decoration, lights, dance floor, cables… Everything had to be decided beforehand and transported, too. Regardless of the  extensive and partially nerve wracking planning we would do it exactly like this again.

DE: Uns haben so viele Fragen nach unserer Hochzeitslocation erreicht, was ich euch natürlich nicht vorenthalten möchte. Die Location befindet sich direkt in Palma am Hafen. Wir haben uns so viele tolle Orte auf der Insel angeschaut, wobei wir von Anfang an auch bestimmte Vorstellungen und Erwartungen an die Location hatten: Die Trauung sollte mit Meerblick stattfinden, die Hochzeit selbst an einem Ort umgesetzt werden können und das  Allerwichtigste, dass wir unter freiem Himmel so ausgelassen und laut feiern können, wie wir es möchten. Leider ist es auf Mallorca inzwischen so, dass Feiern und Partys nach 24 Uhr in geschlossenen Räumen fortgesetzt werden müssen. Unsere Location, das Castillo de San Carlos, bei dem es sich eigentlich um ein Militärmuseum handelt, hat keine unmittelbaren Nachbarn und eignet sich daher ideal für eine Hochzeitsgesellschaft. Jedoch muss auch erwähnt werden, dass der Aufwand relativ groß bei dieser Location ist, da diese quasi „nackt“ ist und mit allem versorgt werden muss. Stühle, Tische, Deko, Licht, Tanzboden, Stromkabel… alles musste im Vorfeld entschieden und transportiert werden. Trotz der umfangreichen und zum Teil sehr nervenaufreibenden Planung würden wir es exakt noch einmal so machen.



ENG: On Friday we hosted a little get together, where our wedding guests could meet and get to know each other. We decided to host this event at the Puro Beach Club in Palma, which does not only offer an exclusive rooftop, but the location is wonderful and offers a beautiful sunset. I am big fan of the clean design of the Puro, everything is white and also the Canapea are truly delicious. We can only recommend a pre-event, since the atmosphere is relaxed and you have even more time to spend with your guests; and they are able to get to know each other even before the wedding.

DE: Am Freitag gab es ein kleines get together, bei dem sich die Hochzeitsgesellschaft schon einmal kennenlernen konnte. Wir haben uns entschieden dieses Event im Puro Beach Club Palma zu organisieren, das nicht nur eine exklusive Dachterrasse zum Feiern bereithält, sondern auch von der Lage her einen wunderschönen Sonnenuntergang bietet. Ich bin ein großes Befürworter des cleanen Designs des Puro, alles ist in Weiß gehalten und auch die Canapes sind ein wahrer Festschmaus. Wir können euch ein Pre-Event wirklich nur ans Herz legen, da die Stimmung ausgelassen ist, ihr mehr Zeit mit und für eure Gäste habt und sich viele bei der eigentlichen Hochzeit schon kennengelernt haben.

Pre-event dress

ENG: I am still speechless that I was able to wear the beautiful Dior dress at the pre event. I think that Dior always creates the most beautiful ‘Ready to wear collection’ and is always on point. That I was able to slip into an Haute Couture dress by Dior for my special occasion fills me with pride and pure happiness.

DE: Ich bin noch immer sprachlos, dass ich bei unserem Pre-Event ein wunderschönes Dior Kleid tragen durfte. Für mich persönlich macht Dior die schönste „Ready to wear collection“ und ist dabei immer auf den Punkt. Dass ich zu diesem ganz besonderen Anlass das erste Mal in ein Haute Couture Kleid von Dior schlüpfen durfte, erfüllt mich mit großem Stolz und purer Freude.

Wedding dress

ENG: What can I say? The endless search in countless bridal boutiques never ended with me finding a dress. Honestly saying I had a completely different dress in mind beforehand, but oftentimes THE ONE is just a different kind. I found my perfect dream dress at the bridal boutique of Galia Lahav in Hamburg. I took my mom and my best men to the first trial and when I got out of the dressing room, we all had tears in our eyes. There it was, the magical moments that so many brides speak of. It was decided right there and then, that this was the dress for me.

DE: Was soll ich sagen? Endloses Suchen in zig verschiedenen Boutiquen und Städten, nie habe ich das EINE Kleid gefunden. Ehrlich gesagt hatte ich auch eine ganz andere Vorstellung meines Brautkleides aber wie es oftmals so ist, kommt es am Ende ganz anders. Ich habe mein Traumkleid in Hamburg in der wunderschönen Galia Lahav Boutique gefunden. Bei der ersten Anprobe waren meine Mama und die beiden Trauzeugen dabei, als ich aus der Umkleidekabine kam, schossen uns allen direkt die Tränen in die Augen. Da war er also, dieser eine magische Moment, von dem so viele Bräute sprechen. Natürlich stand sofort fest, dass es dieses Kleid werden sollte.

Party dress

ENG: I obviously liked my party dress just as much as the wedding dress. I am so thankful, that the dear team of Iam Yours made this dress possible I felt so comfortable in it, the cut, colour and the way it fit were just so wonderful, that I would love to post pictures of it every day – but I don’t want to bore you either. ;-) The dreamy dress is from the Australian label ‘Chosen by one day’ and can be bought at ‘Iam Yours’.

DE: Offensichtlich hat euch mein Partykleid genauso gut gefallen, wie mir. Ich bin so unendlich dankbar, dass das liebe Team von Iam Yours mir dieses Kleid noch ermöglichen konnte. Ich habe mich unfassbar wohl darin gefühlt, der Schnitt, die Farbe aber auch die Passform haben es mir derart angetan, dass ich am liebsten täglich Bilder damit veröffentlichen würde aber langweilen möchte ich euch natürlich auch nicht. ;-) Das traumhafte Kleid ist übrigens von dem australischen Label „Chosen by one day“ und kann bei „Iam Yours“ ergattert werden.


ENG: Our wedding planner Katja had put together a list with all the different catering options for us. Eventually we decided to go with the star-caterer Fosh, who did an amazing job. We had great feedback from our guests and the service, canapes for the aperitif, and the dinner itself were fantastic. While the starters and the desert were brought to the table, the main course was in form of a buffet, in order to please every guest and give them the chance to choose. We would do it exactly like this again and can only recommend Fosh Catering.

DE: Unsere Hochzeitsplanerin Katja hat uns vier verschiedene Catering-Optionen mit unterschiedlichen Angeboten zusammengefasst. Schlussendlich haben wir uns dann für den Sterne-Caterer Fosh entschieden, der einen fabelhaften Job gemacht hat. Auch von unseren Hochzeitsgästen haben wir durchweg Positives gehört, der Service, die Canapes zum Aperitif und das Dinner selbst waren einfach fantastisch. Während die Vorspeise und das Dessert am Tisch serviert wurden, gab es den Hauptgang in Buffetform, um wirklich jedem Gast gerecht werden zu können. Wir würden es exakt wieder so machen und können Fosh Catering definitiv empfehlen.


ENG: You have no idea how happy I was about our flower decoration. Dear Brigitta from floresmallorca created a masterpiece and exceed our expectations by far. We went with peonies and blue eucalyptus mostly, and then added some beautiful white flowers in the mix. My bridal bouquet and the bridesmaids’ bouquets were only peonies and eucalyptus twigs.

DE: Ihr glaubt nicht, wie glücklich ich über unsere Blumendekoration war. Die liebe Brigitta von floresmallorca hat ein Meisterwerk abgeliefert und unsere Erwartungen bei weitem übertroffen. Wir haben uns hauptsächlich für weiße Pfingstrosen mit blauem Eukalyptus entschieden, diese wurden dann um weitere, wunderschöne weiße Blumen ergänzt. Auch mein Brautstrauß und der Strauß meiner Brautjungfern bestand lediglich aus weißen Pfingstrosen und Eukalyptus-Zweigen.

Tali Photography

ENG: As you have probably seen on Instagram, the dear Tali took our wedding photos and I couldn’t be happier about it. She has so much talent to catch the right moments and put them in the perfect spotlight, which is why I have been posting so many of her photos lately. We are great fans of the atmosphere in her pictures and look at the photos almost daily still. Wedding pictures especially can seem really cheesy fast, but Tali has the perfect strategy and angle and is therefore in my opinion the perfect wedding photographer.

DE: Wie ihr auf Instagram sicherlich mitbekommen habt, hat die liebe Tali unsere Hochzeitsbilder geschossen und wir könnten nicht glücklicher sein. Nicht umsonst habe ich so viele Hochzeitsbilder von ihr auf Instagram veröffentlicht, sie hat einfach das Talent die richtigen Momente einzufangen und diese perfekt in Szene zu setzen. Wir sind große Fans ihrer Bildsprache und schauen uns noch immer beinahe täglich ihre Bilder an. Vor allem Hochzeitsbilder können schnell kitschig wirken aber Tali hat wirklich den perfekten Dreh raus und ist meiner Meinung nach die ideale Hochzeitsfotografin.


ENG: Besides Tali we are also incredibly happy that Patrick was by our side and filmed the entire day for us. He has sent us some great snippets already, and we start crying every time, since so many moments were incredibly special and emotional. As soon as we have a social media version of our wedding, we will publish it of course and I am so excited to see the finished video already.

DE: Neben Tali sind wir auch super glücklich, dass Patrick an unserer Seite war, der den gesamten Tag für uns filmte. Wir haben schon tolle Ausschnitte von ihm zugeschickt bekommen und jedes Mal fangen wir erneut an zu weinen, da so viele Momente für uns einfach sehr besonders und emotional waren. Sobald wir eine Social-Media-Version unserer Hochzeit haben, werden wir diese natürlich veröffentlichen und ich freue mich schon jetzt so sehr auf das Video.


ENG: Jo Laureys has one of the best voices I’ve ever heard in my life! We are so grateful, that one of my reader has recommended Jo as suited wedding singer and the moments during the ceremony were just amazing. You just have to follow him – I’m sure, that we will hear a lot from him in the future. As first song we decided for Ed Sheeran’s ‚Perfect due to Jo’s incredible guitar skills. During the ceremony he has played ‚All of me‘ from John Legend, ‚Stand by me‘ and ‚I am Yours‘, he could sing all of them with such a feeling and emotion, that I had tears in my eyes the whole time.

DE: Jo Laureys gehört zu einer der schönsten Stimmen, die ich seit Ewigkeiten live hören durfte! Wir sind so unendlich dankbar, dass uns eine Leserin Jo empfohlen hat und uns die schönsten Momente während der Trauung beschert hat. Ihr müsst ihm unbedingt folgen – ich bin mir sicher, dass wir in Zukunft noch ganz viel von ihm hören werden. Als Einlauflied hat er „Perfect von Ed Sheeran“ mit seiner Gitarre gespielt. Während der Zeremonie haben wir uns noch für „All of me von John Legend“, „Stand by Me von Ben E. King“ & „I am Yours von Jason Mraz“ entschieden und diese Lieder hat er ebenfalls wahnsinnig gut performed.


ENG: We listened to the recommendation by Tali and went with the austrian DJ Lukas by Face ll Face, who we met in Mallorca in March already. Lukas went with our wished completely, and the dance floor was not empty for even a minute. We even missed the midnight snack, since we were only on the dancefloor. :-)

DE: Wir haben uns auf Empfehlung von Tali für den österreichischen DJ Lukas von Face II Face entschieden, den wir im März schon auf Mallorca kennengelernt haben. Lukas ist komplett auf unsere Wünsche eingegangen, es gab zu keinem Zeitpunkt eine leere Tanzfläche. Wir haben sogar unseren Mitternachtssnack verpasst, da wir uns ausschließlich auf der Tanzfläche bewegt haben. :-)


ENG: Luckily Givenchy Beauty was part of my big day and Nevil, the national makeup artist was flown to Mallorca. Nevil did an amazing job too, and took care of our mothers, my bridesmaids and me and made this wonderful day even more beautiful. So many questions came up regarding my lipstick and I want to give the official name of it again here: the colour number is ‘317’ corail signature. I love the colour on tanned skin – a dream!

DE: Glücklicherweise hat mich Givenchy Beauty an meinem großen Tag begleitet und Nevil, den National Make-Up Artist, einfliegen lassen. Auch Nevil hat wirklich grandiose Arbeit geleistet und sowohl unsere Mütter, meine Brautjungfern als auch mich für diesen besonderen Tag verschönert. Da so unendlich viele Fragen nach meinem orangenen Lippenstift aufkamen, möchte ich euch hier nochmal die offizielle Bezeichnung geben: Es handelt sich um die Farbnummer „317“ corail signature. Ich liebe die Farbe auf gebräunter Haut – ein Traum!

Jewelry and Shoes

ENG: At this point I would like to thank Cartier again, who lend me some beautiful pieces for the wedding. In the luxury segment, Cartier is definitely my number one, which is why I am so thankful for their support. Another big thank you to Christian Louboutin, who definitely made my Cinderella-moment happen.

DE: An dieser Stelle möchte ich auch noch einmal ein riesiges Dankeschön an Cartier sagen, die mir zauberhafte Schmuckstücke für die Hochzeit geliehen haben. Im hochpreisigen Schmuck Segment ist Cartier für mich die absolute Nummer 1, weshalb ich für die Unterstützung auch unendlich dankbar bin. Zudem gilt ein großes Dankeschön dem Team von Christian Louboutin, die mir meinen Cinderella-Moment definitiv erfüllt haben.

Photocredit: All pictures by Tali ♥

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weekly focus 29 | 18

16. Juli 2018

ENGI still don’t know how to deal with all these feelings of joy, but one thing is for sure: The past two weeks were the most beautiful of my life. It might sound cheesy, but we had the most fun and emotional time in Mallorca, and I posted a little recap of my thoughts and feelings yesterday.
This week another post with all your questions regarding the wedding will be published; for example who our wedding planner was, what catering and florist we worked with and so on. Unfortunately we only spent three days in the beautiful Cap Rocat Hotel after our wedding, which is by far one of the most beautiful hotels I had the privilege to stay in. The plan is to book another little honeymoon trip soon and then have a proper honeymoon at the end of the year, and hopefully the feelings we currently have will still be as present by then. :-)
After our return on Thursday we were invited to a wedding in Aachen on the following day to celebrate that Tobi’s friend from school married his long-term girlfriend, which we celebrated accordingly of course.

Favorites of the Week: 

To Do: Unfortunately lots of things had to be put on hold lately, which is why we will have to use the coming days to work on our to-do list. I will be in Munich as of tomorrow to produce a video shoot alongside some amazing bloggers together with Westwing. I am so excited for this project and will definitely take you on the trip via Instagram stories.
Then on Thursday there is another exciting meeting in Hamburg and to be honest: I am a little happy to be back in the ‘Daily Business’, which came a bit short lately.

Favorite post of the week: #AylinundTobi

New InYou know that I am a Vintage lover and couldn’t resist: I had to get this beautiful Chanel necklace and even more because I wasn’t able to get it a couple of weeks ago, I am even happier now to call it my own. :-) 
Who of you saw my NA-KD Haul in my IG Stories yesterday? Here I introduced you to this red and dark blue dress by Gestuz. A few other products of the haul were a pair of  Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses, a bast bag, a pair of destroyed jeans and an oversized blouse in khaki. The best of it: With the code Aylink20 you can get 20% of the entire product range. Have fun shopping! :-)

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15. Juli 2018

ENGWhere do I begin and where do I finish? I had to let a couple of days pass, in order to relive and capture everything. We have been working on and thinking about the wedding in Mallorca for 13 months overall, and there were ups and downs but our excitement was always there. We could have never imagined the wedding to be this amazing, but let’s go back to the beginning.
We flew to Mallorca with our best man and maid of honour last Wednesday, and slept at the wonderful Es Princep Hotel, which is in walking distance from the cathedral of Palma and therefore the perfect starting point. The atmosphere amongst us friends was amazing right from the start, and we spent the two days almost exclusively by the pool and on the rooftop of our hotel. Right from the start our closest friends were with us and we had so much fun. Thursday and Friday many more friends checked into the hotel. You can’t imagine how amazing it feels that so many friends took out the time to fly to Spain to share these special moments with us.

DEWo fange ich nur an und wo soll ich aufhören?! Ich musste erst einmal ein paar Tage vergehen lassen, um all das Geschehene für mich einzuordnen und festzuhalten. Insgesamt 13 Monate haben wir uns mit der Hochzeitsfeier auf Mallorca beschäftigt, es gab immer wieder Höhen und Tiefen, dennoch war die Vorfreude stets ungebrochen. Wir hätten uns im Nachhinein niemals eine solch traumhafte Hochzeit ausmalen können aber fangen wir von vorne an.
Wir flogen am letzten Mittwoch mit unseren Trauzeugen nach Mallorca und nächtigten im wundervollen Es Princep Hotel, das fußläufig zur Kathedrale in Palma liegt und damit der ideale Ausgangspunkt für uns war. Schon bei der Ankunft war die Stimmung unter unseren Freunden einmalig positiv, die ersten zwei Tage verbrachten wir fast ausschließlich am Pool auf der Dachterrasse unseres Hotels. Von Beginn an waren unsere engsten Freunde dabei, mit denen wir in der gesamten Zeit unglaublich viel Spaß hatten. Sowohl am Donnerstag, als auch am Freitag haben dann nach und nach weitere Freunde bei uns im Hotel eingecheckt. Ihr könnt euch nicht vorstellen, wie toll dieses Gefühl ist, zu wissen, dass all eure Liebsten sich die Zeit nehmen und nach Mallorca fliegen, um gemeinsam mit euch diese besonderen Momente zu teilen.

Friday, 06. July 2018 | ‚get together evening’


ENG: Before we had the official part of the wedding on Saturday, we held a little ‘get together’ with almost all wedding guests the night before at the beautiful Puro Beach Club in Palma. It was really important to us that that friends and family could have some time to themselves the day before and get to know each other. The kick-off was at 8.30pm with canapes and drinks, surrounded by one of the most beautiful sunsets Mallorca has to offer. Everyone was filled with positive energy that night already. We left the location absolutely happy at midnight, and just as after the civil wedding, we were overwhelmed with emotion and could barely believe our luck.

DEBevor es am Samstag mit dem offiziellen Part der Hochzeit losging, gab es am Vorabend noch ein kleines ‚get together’ mit beinahe allen Hochzeitsgästen im wunderschönen Puro Beach Club in Palma. Uns war es in der gesamten Vorbereitungszeit extrem wichtig, dass sich Freunde und Familie schon vorab auf der Insel sehen und  sich Zeit füreinander nehmen können. Um 20:30 Uhr ging es mit einem Cocktail-Empfang und leckeren Canapes los, eingebettet in einen der wohl schönsten Sonnenuntergänge, die Mallorca zu bieten hat. Alle versprühten bereits an diesem Abend ausschließlich positive Energie und Lebensfreude. Um 24:00 Uhr verließen wir glückselig die Eventlocation, nach dem Standesamt überkamen uns hier wieder die Gefühle und Emotionen, da wir unser Glück einfach noch nicht fassen konnten. 

Saturday, 07. July | ‚big wedding day’

ENG: The start of the day could not have been much worse for me to be honest, since my body was suddenly going crazy. I am usually not someone to be nervous a lot, and even this time I was relatively relaxed, but my body said differently than my brain. The official part of the preparations with my bridesmaids was supposed to start at 1pm, but as you can imagine it was postponed a couple of time since I had to throw up numerous times and was barely able to leave the bed.
I started to panic, since I had been a wreck for a couple of hours by then, and my wonderful groomsmen (Pascal, David and Adri) tried everything to get me back on my feet. Eventually I felt as though I had to cancel the wedding. One thing beforehand though: I am not pregnant… haha.
David then called a doctor who came from Palma straight into my hotel room to give me a proper injection. Until today I have no idea what that injection actually was, but it worked wonders and after a couple of minutes I was back on my feet and felt relatively fit for the first time in a while.
When I came back to my suite to welcome my girls, they were in best company already and were getting pampered by Nevil (Make-Up Artist from Givenchy Beauty) and Kathleen. We got into our Agent Provocateur robes and enjoyed the calm before the storm.
The ceremony was planned for 6pm, even though it got serious at around 5pm already. My girls got the wedding dress and helped me get into my Galia Lahav dress, and this was the moment I suddenly felt incredibly nervous. The first, very emotional part of the day happened right in front of the hotel in a small alley, where my dad saw me in my wedding dress for the first time, and we both had tears in our eyes immediately. Alongside my parents, bridesmaids and groomsmen we then left, and my heart was beating like crazy and wouldn’t calm down anymore.

DEDer Start in den Tag hätte für mich ehrlicherweise nicht schlimmer starten können, da mein Körper schlagartig komplett verrückt spielte. Eigentlich bin ich kein Mensch, der häufig aufgeregt und nervös ist, auch dieses Mal war ich vom Kopf her relativ entspannt, nur mein Körper hat plötzlich einfach versagt. Um 13:00 Uhr sollte der offizielle Teil der Vorbereitung mit meinen Brautjungfern starten, wie ihr euch vorstellen könnt, hat sich dieser Moment doch um einige Zeit verzögert, da ich mich noch immer regelmäßig übergeben musste und keine Kraft hatte das Bett zu verlassen. Panik schlug in mir auf, ich lag bereits mehrere Stunden flach und meine wundervollen Trauzeugen (Pascal, David und Adri) haben wirklich alles versucht, um mich wieder auf die Beine zu bringen. Schließlich war ich an einem Punkt, wo ich einfach keine Kraft mehr hatte und kurz davor war die Hochzeit absagen zu müssen. Eines vorab: ich bin nicht schwanger… haha
Kurzerhand rief David einen Notarzt, der direkt aus Palma in unser Hotelzimmer kam und mir eine ordentliche Spritze verpasste. Ich habe bis heute keine Ahnung, was sich in dieser Spritze befand, allerdings bewirkte sie Wunder und ich war nach einigen Minuten wieder auf den Beinen und fühlte mich das erste Mal einigermaßen fit.
Als ich in unsere kleine Suite zurückkehrte, um meine Mädels in Empfang zu nehmen, waren diese schon in bester Gesellschaft und ließen sich von Nevil (Make-Up Artist von Givenchy Beauty) und Kathleen zurechtmachen. Wir schlüpften alle in unsere Agent Provocateur Morgenmäntel und genossen die Ruhe vor dem Sturm. Um 18 Uhr war die Trauung angesetzt, wobei es bereits gegen 17 Uhr richtig ernst für mich wurde. Meine Mädels holten das Brautkleid und halfen mir beim Einstieg meines Galia Lahav Kleides, in diesem Moment kam plötzlich eine positive Nervosität in mir auf. Der erste, sehr emotionale Part an diesem Tag fand direkt vor dem Hotel in einer wunderschönen, alten Gasse von Palma statt, wo mich mein Papa zum allerersten Mal in meinem Brautkleid sah, uns beiden schossen direkt die Tränen in die Augen. Gemeinsam mit meinen Eltern, Brautjungfern und Trauzeugen fuhren wir los, mein Herz pochte und wollte sich nicht mehr beruhigen.

The ceremony

ENG: The most emotional part of the post is coming now, and I immediately have tears in my eyes again. Once we had arrived at the location, which was by the way a military fortress from the middle ages, it got serious. Our wedding planner Katja had waited at the entrance and told me that all guests are impatiently waiting in their chairs and that Tobi was waiting for me. By girls adjusted my dress one last time, before our singer Jo Laureys started to sing the song ‘Perfect’ by Ed Sheeran, and of course I had tears in my eyes straight away, too. My two best men David and Pascal were the first ones up, followed by my four bridesmaids Laura, Julia, Vanessa and Nina. Shortly after my dad took my hand, to give me to Tobi at the wedding arch.
I can’t tell or describe to you how emotional this moment was, when I looked into Tobi’s eyes for the first time, having the dreamy view of the ocean on top, a breathtaking singer and very emotional wedding guests. Our wedding speaker Michaela made the ceremony incredibly personal and calm, which made it impossible to stop our emotions – so we have been giving the tissues around in a circle. :-)
Even though we have been together for many years, I don’t think I have cried as much as I have in the last two weeks – it is a magical feeling, which is indescribably beautiful and touching. I am sure many of you know the feeling and it is so strong, that all of the work and dedication beforehand was totally worth it.
The night was perfect – you know that a wedding can be planned to the last detail, but if the wedding guests are not in the right mood or don’t engage properly, the best organized wedding can be disappointing. We had the best friends there BY FAR, and really EVERYONE gave 200% and went along with the entire wedding. When we started planning 13 months ago, it became clear relatively quickly that we wanted to get married in the South, somewhere with a view of the ocean and dance under the sky full of stars. Our idea was received well by our guests and that we really went through with everything and everyone  in the end is just positively crazy.
I can remember the very emotional moment when I was on the dancefloor at four in the morning and looked at my friends and how happy I was to be with this group. Everybody danced, got along with everyone and that feeling can’t be bought with any money in the world. We speak about the moments every day and I cry almost daily too, when I think about these wonderful moments and how thankful I am for them. We danced until the sun came back up and could have doe even more, but as you know you’re supposed to stop when the party is at its peak.

I gave you an, as I think, very personal insight on our wedding and even if not everyone is ‘d’accord’ with it, you guys give me so much love, encouragement and courage, that I wanted to share my feelings with you. I have never gotten as many private messages (5000) and also the comments under the photos #AylinundTobi are overwhelming. I am so sorry that I can’t reply to everyone and I hope you understand. You can definitely believe me when I say: I am soooooo happy about my readers and I could not imagine better followers. Thank you SO MUCH for everything. :-)

DEDer emotionalste Teil dieses Beitrages folgt wohl exakt jetzt, da ich zur Sekunde wieder Tränen in den Augen habe. An der Location angekommen, bei der es sich übrigens um eine alte Militärfestung direkt am Wasser in Palma handelt, wurde es ernst. Unsere Hochzeitsplanerin Katja hatte schon am Eingang auf uns gewartet und verriet mir, dass bereits alle Gäste gespannt auf ihren Stühlen sitzen und Tobi oben auf mich wartet. Meine Mädels rückten noch ein letztes Mal mein Kleid zurecht, bevor unser Sänger Jo Laureys das Lied „Perfect“ von Ed Sheeran anstimmte, natürlich kamen mir auch in diesem Moment wieder direkt die Tränen. Meine beiden Trauzeugen, David und Pascal, machten den Anfang, gefolgt von meinen vier Brautjungfern Laura, Julia, Vanessa und Nina. Kurz danach nahm mich mein Papa an die Hand, um mich vor dem Traubogen an Tobi zu übergeben. Ich kann euch nicht sagen, geschweige denn beschreiben, wie emotional dieser Moment war, als ich das erste Mal in die Augen von Tobi schaute, dazu noch dieser traumhafte Blick aufs Meer, ein atemberaubender Sänger und eine ebenfalls emotionale Hochzeitsgesellschaft. Unsere freie Rednerin Michaela hat die Zeremonie so wahnsinnig persönlich und mit einer Ruhe vorgetragen, dass wir unsere Emotionen nicht mehr stoppen konnten, ständig schoben wir uns die Taschentücher von links nach rechts.
Auch wenn wir schon seit vielen Jahren zusammen sind, so viel, wie in den letzten zwei Wochen, haben wir vermutlich noch nie geweint – es ist einfach ein magisches Gefühl, das einfach unbeschreiblich schön und ergreifend ist. Sicherlich kennen einige von euch dieses Gefühl und es ist so stark, dass sich all die Mühen und der Aufwand vorweg mehr als gelohnt haben.
Der Abend war rundum perfekt, wisst ihr, eine Hochzeit kann noch so gut bis ins kleinste Detail geplant sein aber wenn die Hochzeitsgäste nicht in der richtigen Stimmung sind oder sich auf das Ganze einlassen, dann kann auch die organisatorisch beste Hochzeit enttäuschend werden. Wir hatten mit ABSTAND die besten Freunde und Familie vor Ort, wirklich JEDER hat 200% gegeben und sich auf die komplette Hochzeit eingelassen. Als wir vor 13 Monaten anfingen zu planen, war eigentlich schnell klar, dass wir im Süden heiraten möchte, am liebsten mit Blick aufs Meer und unter freiem Sternenhimmel tanzen möchten. Unsere Idee kam zwar schon damals bei den Hochzeitsgästen sehr gut an aber das wir es am Ende mit allen gemeinsam auch wirklich so umgesetzt haben, ist nach wie vor einfach im positiven Sinne gestört.
Ich kann mich noch an diesen für mich sehr emotionalen Moment erinnern, als ich um vier Uhr morgens auf der Tanzfläche stand, mich meine Freunde anschauten und ich einfach nur glücklich über unsere Truppe war. Jeder hat getanzt, sich mit Jedem gut verstanden und genau dieses Gefühl ist mit keinem Geld der Welt zu bezahlen. Wir reden noch immer täglich über diese Momente und ich weine auch noch täglich weil ich für diese unbezahlbaren Momente wahnsinnig dankbar bin.
Wir tanzten bis zum Morgengrauen und hätten noch Stunden weitermachen können aber man soll ja bekanntlich aufhören, wenn es am schönsten ist.

Auf Instagram habe ich euch einen, wie ich finde, sehr persönlichen Einblick in unsere Hochzeit gegeben und sicherlich ist nicht jeder ‚d’accord’ damit aber ihr gebt mir jeden Tag so viel Liebe, Zuspruch und Mut, so dass ich euch an meinen Gefühlen einfach teilhaben lassen möchte. Ich habe noch NIE so viele private Nachrichten bekommen (über 5.000), auch die Kommentare unter unseren Bildern #AylinunTobi sind überwältigend. Mir tut es vom Herzen weh, dass ich nicht Jedem antworten kann und bitte um euer Verständnis. Eines könnt ihr mir auf jeden Fall glauben: ich bin sooooo glücklich über meine Leserschaft und könnte mir keine besser vorstellen. Vielen lieben Dank für ALLES!


Photocredit: Tali ♥

Weekly Focus

weekly focus 28 | 18

2. Juli 2018

ENGWhere do I even start? This past week has just been crazily intense, emotional and unforgettable. Before we celebrated our civil wedding, we went to Berlin on Thursday to see the Bexoncé x Jaz-Z concert. Alongside my best men (Pascal & David), Laura, Julian and my husband we had a beautiful night and could barely believe the amazing atmosphere at the Olympia Stadium. We went back in the middle of the night and I was finally in bed by 3.30am, just before we had our appointment at 9.30am the next morning. Kathleen came to our house to get my hair wedding ready, and afterwards I made my way to ‘the beautery’ to get the perfect wedding make-up. At 1.30pm it was finally time for our big day. Our loved ones were part of this day and created an unbelievably emotional and indescribable atmosphere at the civil wedding venue. We are still incredibly touched by how much love so many people invested in making this day so perfect. After the ceremony we took about 40 if our guests on a boat tour on the Alster, to ship through the various channels of the river. The weather wa Andrang and the atmosphere amazing! We danced until 3 in the morning at our home and had the time of our lives. The next day we celebrated the beautiful wedding of friends at the Fairmont 4 Seasons, so it was an eventful and emotional week for us.

Favorites of the Week: 

To Do: Today and tomorrow are really busy days, before we’re making our way to Mallorca on Wednesday. Unbelievable, that an entire year of planning is coming to an end. Our hearts are definitely beating for the ceremony in Spain, which will be over the weekend.
We are already overwhelmed that all of our loved ones are coming to Mallorca with us to share this exciting time and celebrate. I am soooooo excited, and I am becoming too nervous to even describe. More about this will follow next week…

Favorite post of the week: weekly focus 27 | 18

New InLast week a dreamy package by Revolve arrived at my home. I fell in love with this offneres dress with the deep neckline and a maxi dress in blue. In addition to this I also got this dreamy white dress and this amazing body. The rest of my news are in regards to the wedding, so I will show you all of those plans next week on the blog.

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Weekly Focus

weekly focus 27 | 18

25. Juni 2018

ENGThis will be my last ‘weekly focus’ as an unmarried woman, how exciting. And then Friday it’s finally time: We will have our civil wedding in Hamburg, before flying to Mallorca next week. But let’s go back to last week, which was quite eventful.
I went to Frankfurt right at the start of the week, to celebrate the opening of the NARS Cosmetics Counter at Douglas together with Nina. NARS is finally available in Germany too, and the products are really great – take a look at for all the products. Then on Wednesday I had my test make-up done with Givenchy Beauty, who will be by my side in Mallorca for two days. You can probably imagine how excited I am for them to take care of my bridesmaids and me. Afterwards I had my first and very exciting meeting with Dior, and I would have loved to just get locked up in their showroom. Dior is my absolute number one in the ‘ready-to-wear’ segment and I am not lying when I say that I would love to purchase the entire collection. The day after I held a little presentation at in Hamburg and tried to give a little advice to my colleagues there. Do you follow me on the app? You can shop all my looks with one click or just get some inspiration.
By the end of the week, on Friday, Laura, Mandy, Riccardo and me went to London for a night to see the Taylor Swift concert together with Universal Music.
The atmosphere at the Wembley Stadium was amazing, and even if I am not Taylor Swift’s biggest fan I still had goosebumps all the time. Back from London we watched the dramatic German match Saturday night. What a week, even though this upcoming one will be even more exciting and emotional. :-)

Favorites of the Week: 

To Do: We are very much looking forward to Friday, but our focus clearly lies on the big celebration in Palma, where we will have the ceremony and therefore probably also the most emotional moments. We still can’t believe that no one we invited had to cancel and we will be an amazing crew in Mallorca.
We very consciously tried not to have any more projects coming up this week, so we can get the last bits and pieces for the wedding done. I will also pick up my wedding dress today and take it home – unbelievable. One more thing before the wedding though, haha. We will be going to Berlin on Thursday with friends, to see Beyonce and Jay-Z. The last event as unmarried people, so to say.

Favorite post of the week: weekly focus 26 | 18

New InI ordered another, golden chain belt by Chanel at Vite-Envogue and with the CODE: aylin2X18 you can get 15% off on all products until the 30th of June. I bought this wonderful Dodo Bar Or skirt that was on sale in London, a pink dress by Maggie Marilyn as well as an oversized knitted sweater by Free People. I also didn’t get around this dreamy Chanel ring, since I had been looking for a similar model for ages.

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Lifestyle, Weekly Focus

weekly focus 26 | 18

19. Juni 2018


ENGIt’s crazy how time flies – the countdown to our wedding is running, which is why we spent every free minute on the last preparations. Last week Laura and I were in Berlin for a night with the Axel Springer Publishing House, before we hosted the opening of the bridal boutique IamYours  from our dear friends. You can shop wonderful wedding dresses in the Anita Hass location in Eppendorf, Hamburg, and get inspired by wedding accessories. Not only the dresses and the interior are fantastic, but the team is so helpful and kind. I can only recommend IamYours to all brides-to-be. I also had my own final fitting and am jut so happy and excited for what the feedback from friends and family is going to be. Please excuse the wedding spam, but the topic just rules my every day and my thoughts. :-)

Favorites of the Week: 

To Do: Yesterday, Nina Suess and me went on a short trip to Frankfurt, to celebrate the NARS Cosmetics Counter at Douglas. After opening a counter at the Oberpollinger in Munich at the beginning of the year, you can now shop the high quality makeup products of the American brand in Frankfurt-Zeil, too.
I will be spending all afternoon with my dear Kathleen, who will get my hair wedding-ready. Tomorrow I will get my test-make-up done and am already so excited, that Givenchy Beauty will be a part of this special occasion.
Thursday I will be interviewed for the Rewardstyle Masterclass, which will take place in Hamburg. I am very excited for the event and the discussion afterwards. Lastly, Laura, Mandy and I are flying to London for a night to see the Taylor Swift concert at the Wembley Stadium. I am looking forward to seeing the concert and the stadium, since so far I’ve only seen as a soccer stadium when my fiance was watching – who, by the way, is pretty jealous. ;-) Where my head will be from Sunday onward you can probably imagine.

Favorite post of the weekIbiza & Formentera – my favorite places

New InDo you remember my leopard bikini by Sommer Swim? I wore it about two weeks ago in Formentera and also posted it around that time. I love the way it fits and have now bought another bikini in bordeaux red. Take a look at the Sommer Swim shop, the EU Online-Shop has now been online for a while, and especially the leopard bathing suit has caught my eye. Other than that I finally found the Chanel Beach Bag with gold elements, which I had been searching for for a long time, since I only ever saw the silver version.
I also got a new, rose coloured Stine Goya dress, which I had found on Instagram, and there has been so much positive feedback. Especially during the summer this dress is perfect and definitely an eye-catcher.

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