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feel good | Elasten

25. Mai 2017


ENG: „Beauty to drink“, with this slogan ELASTEN is promoting the own collagen drinking ampoules. Even several months ago, I got the request to test this miracle weapon and of course I did not hesitate one second to confirm for getting an own idea, if the regular intake of the drinking ampoules would lead to a tighter skin.
As pre information it should be mentioned, that human bodies are loosing their physical efficiency slowly but regularly from 25 years on. For sure there are differences from human to human concerning the aging process, even though I am 27 and I would not like to make me older, than my true age, I am recognizing more and more small laugh lines, dry skin areas as well as my frown line being more visible by now, appears to be very comfortable on my skin. The request had the perfect timing, so since already four months I am drinking every morning a small ampoule and I can definitely confirm, that my complexion is much better, than in the past. What is so special about ELASTEN?
The drinking ampoules consist of a combination of specific collagen peptides, the acerol fruit extract, vitamins and zink. Collagen itself gives the skin more structure and stability, vitamin C in turn contributes to the normal collagen formation in the deeper skin layer. Biotin and zinc preserve the healthy skin appearance. Thus the collagen peptides in ELASTEN support an attractive and younger outward appearance of the skin, what I can definitely confirm with a clear conscience. A few weeks ago, a reader asked me via Instagram-Direct, that my skin would seem to be well-proportioned and healthier, even if I had not referred to ELASTEN. Collagen is part in many cremes and masks but the liquid variation in terms of the drinking ampoules, being available in common pharmacies, is absolutely recommendable.

Enjoy your public holidays!

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Rodeo Drive | Dolce & Gabbana bag

14. Mai 2017


ENG: Now we are almost one week back from L.A. and I still think about the nice time almost every day and miss the continuous pleasant weather, the sun and ocean as well as the positive attitude of the Californian people. We felt very comfortable in Beverly Hills at the Rodeo Drive, where we spent a lot of our time and even shot today’s look being one of my personal favorites during the three weeks in L.A.
I am wearing an easy summer dress from a collection of the last year but I am still so in love with it during the warmer months, therefore it still belongs to my preferred dresses this season. I have combined the dress with especially red colored accessories, in detail it is about the Miu Miu sandals, my beloved Dolce & Gabbana bag as well as a Fendi scarf being converted to a hairband.

What do you think about this look? Within my „L.A. focus“ this week, I have not only introduced the most popular Instagram outfits but also published my first „Follow Me Around“ movie on YouTube for giving you more personal insights from our experiences. Take a look inside and leave your feedback.

I wish all of you a sunny and relaxed Sunday!

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Los Angeles focus 18 | 17

12. Mai 2017


ENG: We are back from Los Angeles and have spent the first nights in our flat. I love to travel, discovering new places, being on the move but also to come home after every trip. L.A. is definitely an impressive and multifaceted city, whose contrast between wealth and poverty is huge in many places, so there will remain memories with mixed feelings for me. Within my last „weekly focus“ I have already told about my favored places in this city, therefore we just had to drive to Santa Monica once again during the last week for enjoying the sun and ocean. In addition to that we have visited the Universal Studios due to my last weeks‘ birthday and it was really excited to get behind the scenes impressions from big Hollywood productions and to discover the Harry Potter attractions. ;-)

Favorites of the week

To Do: After a longer time of traveling there are tasks and obligations, that were left behind and have to be dealt with during the next days. Nevertheless there are already some new, promising events and projects, to which I will tell you more about pretty soon. :-)

Your favorite post of the week: Girls Day in LA | Melrose Avenue

New In: Oh well, I felt totally in love with the latest adidas Originals collection, so that I had to buy this shirt in rose and baby blue in Los Angeles. In this context I have also ordered the appropriate adidas hoodies in the same color (rose & blue), you know my preference for oversized hoodies in any variation. Even in L.A. I fell victim to this passion and have ordered the red and pastel-colored hoodie from the brand Champion based on a much cheaper price, than in Germany. Last but not least I could also find suited Gucci sneaker after a long search at the Heathrow airport in London and even here I could save more than 200€ towards the price in Germany for the same model. All in all I am very happy with my new achievements.

I have tried to capture our time in Los Angeles in small film sequences and have already „produced“ a video for getting a personal impression of our experiences and feelings. Take a look inside and leave your honest feedback about positive, negative or even missing things, you would connect with such a film.

Have a lovely week!

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Lifestyle, Outfit

Girls Day in LA | Melrose Avenue

5. Mai 2017


ENG: Maybe you have already recognized, that I am a birthday girl this week and that I was allowed to spend my great day in Los Angeles with friends. I could start the day in the early morning with a laid birthday table and a good mood, at lunchtime we stopped at Gracias Madre and combined it with a relaxed coffee break at Alfred Coffee Melrose Avenue. The culmination this day was a delicious dinner at the Mama Shelter Hotel, on whose rooftop we could let a wonderful day come to the end with refreshing drinks and a beautiful L.A. panorama view.
At this special day Laura and me decided for a beauty look in collaboration with Catrice Cosmetics. Laura made a decision for soft Rosé tones and a special accentuation of the eye area, whereas I highlighted my look with a conspicuous lipstick color. Hereinafter I would like to introduce my approach concerning the product usage.

My Make-Up Step by Step

I started with the new Prime and Fine Nude Glow Primer, that takes care for a perfect priming and a nice face glow. After that I chose the Liquid Camouflage Concealer for the elimination of eye contours, the Liquid Luminizer Strobing Pen in turn could ensure highlights on the cheekbones, under the brow bones, on my nasal bridge as well as at my chin. One of my preferred products is the classical eyebrows pen based on my preference for the accentuation of eyebrows in general, this time I could also fix them with the Eyebrow Filler. With regard to my birthday I even decided for a glossy eyeshadow shade from the Copper Eyeshadow palette, that I am using regularly in the meantime. For creating a rather natural look, I decided furthermore for the Multi Matt Blush 010, the lower eyelashes are the result of the Lash Dresser Comb Mascara. Last but not least and as indicated above, I made a decision for a strong lipstick in terms of my favored color Pinker Bell in order to get the perfect L.A. make-up from my perspective.

What do you think about this make-up look? You can find more information about Laura on her blog.

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Rodeo Drive | Pink Prada Mules

30. April 2017


ENG: We are already two weeks in the USA and have spent most of the time in Los Angeles. One of the most impressive spots is definitely the Rodeo Drive with its beautiful boutiques and the luxury cars competing with each other relating to PS and design. Especially before and at sunset the light between the palms, boutiques and streets is fantastic and perfectly suited to photo shootings, so we just had to take the opportunity for capturing a new look.
A few weeks ago I got these gorgeous, pink colored Prada mules and now I am pretty happy, that I could wear them for the first time. I have combined the shoes with a simple jeans, an embroidered hoodie in grey, my Valentino bag as well as with an appropriate strap from Fendi. As matching completion I decided for the Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses and I have to say, that I am just loving those summery outfits. For me a chick and casual look with a high comfort factor likewise.

What do you think about this look? I wish all of you a nice Sunday.

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weekly focus 16 | 17

24. April 2017


ENG: We are back in Los Angeles! As you have maybe already recognized, we were only two days in L.A. in the beginning of last week before we headed to Dallas for an Affiliate Marketing conference. Since yesterday we are back in the Californian sun and we are already looking forward to having a great time here. The conference in Dallas was hosted by Rewardstyle and dealt with trends and developments in the context of influencer marketing. For me it was especially interested to get insights in the American market, in addition to that I had some interesting strategy workshops, brand meetings as well as cool parties in the evening.

Favorites of the week

To Do: After our short stay in L.A. last week, we are now willing to get to know the city at the west coast and find nice spots between Hollywood and Santa Monica. The lifestyle here is contagious in a positive way and very relaxed, so the city definitely invites to a longer stay and high comfort factor. As you can probably imagine, we have already planned several day trips and you are very welcome to follow us via Instagram and Instagram Stories here in and around Los Angeles. :-)

Your favorite post of the week: Los Angeles Rooftop w/ Paula´s Choice

New In: To be honest there was no time so far for shopping here in the USA, so that I can only report from my new Edited achievements, that I got before we started our trip to the States: a cute off shoulder dress, a cool two tones jeans as well as a white colored maxi dress with laces.

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Downtown Dallas | MAX&Co

23. April 2017


ENG: At the moment I am in the final stage of this year’s Rewardstyle conference in Dallas and as you can probably imagine, the humidity and temperatures in the federal state Texas are pretty high. For this reason I have worn most of the time casual and cool summer clothes during the last days and would now like to introduce my preferred outfit.
It is about a look, that completely consists of MAX&Co. products, in detail there is a dark blue off shoulder top, a white blue striped linen pants as well as the the white colored and spacious bag. Especially the bag was perfectly suited for the preceding conference days in order to take electronic devices, a notepad and the typical female things with me. MAX&Co. is an Italian fashion brand combining creativity and openness with the perfect balance between the latest trends and timeless must haves. The brand’s style is primarily casual, fresh and dynamic, exact these positive associations are also expressed and reflected within the products. A further positive aspect and my personal highlight about the brand is the minimalistic cut being used in many items.  Create your own picture, I can absolutely recommend the brand and products.

What do you think about this look? Sunny regard from Dallas, Texas.

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Los Angeles rooftop time with Paula’s Choice

20. April 2017


ENG: After several weeks of preparation for our first stay in Los Angeles, we are finally arrived in West Hollywood since the beginning of this week. It is our first stay at the west coast and it is an adventure and experience in a positive manner likewise, especially the people’s open-minded and relaxed character is very contagious. For getting attention you should have a well-trained body or a special dress style, nevertheless with regard to the Californian sun everything is focused on the motto: Less is more! My own outfit consists of a casual off shoulder top in white as well as a striped shorts but this should not be the central point this time because today I would like to introduce a set of skincare products from Paula’s Choice for the right protection against and care for strong solar radiation. The philosophy at Paula’s Choice is especially aligned with a fair price-performance ratio and the highest quality claims of the single products. I could create my own picture and would now like to  enlarge on some of my personal favorites. I have tested the a sun protection spray called „SUNSCREEN Spray Broad Spectrum SPF 43“, that combines not only protection components but also a soft feeling and gloss on the skin. In addition to that I am very addicted to the „RESIST Youth-Extending Daily Hydrating Fluid SPF 50“ as product against the sun with anti aging aspects rolled into one. In order to reach a regular clear, fresh and younger looking skin tone, you should try the „RESIST Daily Pore-Refining Treatment With 2% BHA“, that fights against all signs of aging and is suited for daily use.

The best thing: With the voucher code „AYLIN15“ you can get 15% off on everything between the 20th until the 25th April 2017 without a minimum order value (this code cannot be combined with other promotions). Get to the shop and draw a picture on your own of these very recommendable products from my point of view.

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Amari Havodda Maldives | Travel

19. April 2017


ENG: How can I start, when I am so stunned from a resort and the stay like this time. For some time I have not published a detailed travel post but in this case it is more than indicated to report from our experiences at the Amari Havodda on the Maldives.
Certainly there were and there are lots of reports dealing with the fascination and beauty of the Maldives, for me there remains one thing in special memory: the exceeding hospitality and the unique service. Each day from anew we were greeted with such a big warmth and therefore we felt incredibly comfortable the whole time. Within my „weekly focus“ I already introduced some local conditions: we were allowed to sleep in an overwater villa with own terrace and direct entrance to the ocean as well as with an open air bathroom. In addition to that the Amari shelters a majority of beach villas, all of them offer a high protection of privacy and the perfect position between the palms, beach and ocean. Furthermore the resort offers a big infinity pool, a charming and stylish bar close to the pool, a spacious restaurant with specialties from all over the world, a beneficial SPA area as well as a modern water sports center with diving and snorkeling equipment. One of our highlights was definitely the BBQ at the beach in an awesome atmosphere, that is hosted several times per week in the evening, in addition to that we got a great and individual massage, always according to one’s needs and it is absolutely recommendable.
It was our first time on the Maldives and we knew all the impressive pictures and views from diverse destinations but there are always certain details, that characterize the particular resort. In the course of interesting talks we learnt a lot about the conception of the Amari, only opened in the beginning of 2016. The whole facility is aligned to the nature of the Maldives: the multifaceted underwater world and the breathtaking starry sky at night. From each seating on the island it is proposed to grant a view to the sky in order to admire the freedom and width of the stars. The villas are generously arranged and located in a manner, that only a „jump“ is necessary to get in the ocean and fascinating underwater world. With regard to diving and snorkeling it is all about being one part of this fascination, so why a further underwater restaurant, that is actually more typical for the city character of Dubai or?!
For us the first stay at the Amari Havodda is an impressive and one-time experience, not least because of my boyfriend’s marriage proposal at this dreamful scenery, even the staff gave me a self-picked bouquet of flowers for our engagement. Make your own mind and dip into the dream of Paradise on Earth! Continue Reading…


weekly focus 14 | 17

10. April 2017


ENG: Welcome back Germany! After a long journey we are finally back in Hamburg and start the Easter week with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. We spent the second part of our beautiful Maldives holiday in the awesome Park Hyatt, an oasis of calm and relaxation. Even in this resort we enjoyed every day to the fullest and could also see some smaller sharks at our guided house reef tour. On Instagram I have already published some pictures from this time, within a short time even here on the blog there will follow more detailed reports from our experiences and adventures.

Favorites of the week

To Do: Next week we will head to Los Angeles for staying at the west coast of the United States for the first time. Together with friends we will be there for three weeks, even if we will also travel to Dallas for a couple of days in order to attend the RewardStyle conference, where blogger and influencer from all over the world get together for talking about trends and themes within the digital industry. Until it is ready I have to deal with several administrative things and preparations for the time in LA, in addition to that there are some exciting projects this weeks, among other things a TV production in Munich and I am already looking forward to being part of it. As you know it from previous events, I will take you with me via my different Social Media channels.

Your favorite post of the week: weekly focus 13 | 17

New In: Edited was once again my preferred online shop last week because I could not resist to order a black and striped one shoulder top. In addition to that I ordered a nice blouse, a white colored jeans as well as a striped playsuit there. At Asos in turn I have found new pieces in terms of a lovely white colored bathing suite and a plaid dress as well.

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