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Escada Fiesta Carioca | Tenerife

22. März 2017


ENG: A couple of weeks ago, I was invited by Escada to celebrate the latest limited summer fragrance „Escada Fiesta Carioca“ and their 25th anniversary. Together with Sofia, Farina, and a few journalists, we learned a lot about the creation and developement of the fragrance. Did you know that Escada launches a new limited summer fragrance every year? It is always different to the last, while still smelling fresh, summery, fruity, and joyful each time. The anniversary fragrance is inspired by Carioca from Brazil. The unique love for life and colorful festivities is mirrored in the sweet and fresh fragrance, with elements of passionfruit, raspberry, and orange. The flacon has a different colorful design every year, that screams for summer and holiday.

Since our trip, the fragrance is close to me at all times and reminds me of the five days in Tenerife and all the positive aspects I experienced like great weather, delicious food, fantastics conversations, and lots of fun. During the last two days, our group was joined by the girls of Eyecandy Berlin for a few photo shoots at the best spots on the island. You can see the results further down or on Farina and Sofias website.

For you to have the opportunity to experience this lovely trip, we organized a wonderful competition. The lucky winner has a chance of winning a fully packed suitcase (with a total value of more than 800€) with cool summer essentials for the next holiday. You can win a big pineapple air mattress, a letter charm necklace from NA-KD, a lovely round beach towel, a sleeping mask, a gorgeous Escada clutch in red, that wore during the shooting, and of course our Escada Fiesta Carioca fragrance. In addition to these amazing prizes, a few other great products are included. Get ready to be surprised!

Conditions of participation in the Instagram competition

Toi, Toi, Toi ♥

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Amsterdam #Imperfect Event with Esprit

31. Oktober 2016

: A few days ago I have been to Amsterdam with Esprit in order to be part of the collection launch from the #Imperfect campaign. Maybe you have already recognized via Instagram, Facebook or even here on the blog, that I am collaborating with Esprit for introducing the new autumn and winter collection. In this context Esprit has invited all influencer/blogger to a common lunch in Amsterdam to get to know each other. The framework program consisted of a styling session as well as a canals tour through this lovely Dutch city.
The international blogger Gala Gonzalez and Miguel Carrizo are the official faces of the #Imperfect campaign and have also attended the event. The campaign’s focus is the „not perfect moment“ being an essential part of our daily life. Especially these moments belong frequently to the best and funniest memories in retrospect, so that everyone should more think about, whether the pursuit of perfection is always the right decision. Even for me anybody should not take oneself too serious and give more attention to the small things and incomplete situations in life. In this sense try to enjoy your next #Imperfect moment and see the positive aspects in the situation. :-)

DE: Vor einigen Tagen war ich gemeinsam mit Esprit beim Kollektionslaunch der #Imperfect Kampagne in Amsterdam. Vielleicht habt ihr auf Instagram, Facebook oder auch hier auf dem Blog schon von meiner Zusammenarbeit mit Esprit gelesen, bei der ich euch verschiedene Herbst- und Winterlooks vorgestellt habe. Esprit hat in diesem Zusammenhang alle Influencer/Blogger eingeladen sich beim gemeinsamen Lunchen in Amsterdam kennenzulernen. Dabei wurde eine Styling-Session eingelegt, den Abschluss bildete eine Grachtenfahrt durch die zahlreichen Kanäle dieser tollen Stadt.
Die internationalen Blogger Gala Gonzalez und Miguel Carrizo sind die Gesichter der #Imperfect Kampagne und waren beim Event ebenfalls vor Ort. Der Fokus dieser Kampagne liegt in den „nicht perfekten Momenten“, die rückblickend häufig dennoch zu den schönsten und lustigsten Erinnerungen zählen. Wir sollten uns auch meiner Meinung nach selbst nicht zu ernst nehmen und vor allem den kleinen Dingen und unvollkommenen Situation im Leben mehr Beachtung schenken. In diesem Sinne, genießt beim nächsten Mal euren #Imperfect Moment und versucht das Positive darin zu sehen. :-)

Aylin   ♥

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red oversized knit in Paris

30. Oktober 2016


ENG: Crazy, how fast time is running at the moment. I have still some looks left from my time in Paris during this year’s Fashion Week and today I would like introduce such an outfit. This look belongs definitely to my favorites based on its high comfort, style factor and protection against the bad autumn weather.
In general I am not a person with lots of different colors in an outfit, unless it is about pink and rose. ;-) With regard to this red colored Oversized sweater I could not resist and just had to go for it. Under the sweater I am wearing a long, plaid blouse in black and white as well as a Levi’s jeans. My footwear is a black leather version with an open heel, it is the perfect outfit rounding from my point of view based its matching color with the further accessories: sunglasses and bag.

What do you think about this look? Enjoy your Sunday!

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off shoulder & balenciaga boots #PFW ´16

9. Oktober 2016


ENG: Already one week is over since coming back from Paris and I am still thinking every day back of the wonderful and funny time. Lena and me have complemented one another very well while the shootings, so that I would now like to introduce a further look from the time of the Parisian Fashion Week, that also belongs to one of my personal favorites.
Off shoulder blouses were unconsciously neglected by myself in recent times until this charming piece has arrived me. I really love this blouse and have combined it in this case with a very comfortable Levi’s jeans as well as the rough Balenciaga boots. As spot of color I have furthermore decided for the Gucci Marmont made of velvet and I still have to say, that the purchase of this bag was definitely a good decision.
BTW – I have fallen in love with a further velvet bag. Can you already imagine, which one I mean? ;-)

What do you think about this outfit?

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In the streets of Istanbul

7. Oktober 2016


ENG: Hello from Istanbul! Based on the fact, that in this city European weather is predominated, it is rather mild at the moment and therefore the perfect initial situation for exploring the Turkish destination. For this purpose I have decided for a casual, comfortable but also stylish look. Just before the Fashion Week in Paris started, I have searched extensively at the Boohoo online shop and could find this lovely dress being used as wide top in this case. Furthermore I am wearing a simple jeans with my favored Gucci combination in terms of the Dionysus bag as well as the suited loafer, both are made of velvet and purple.
In addition to that I have ordered this lace blouse, that I would like to introduce soon as well. How beautiful is this blouse or?! Do you actually know the online shop Boohoo? The choice is huge and the price-performance ratio very attractive, you should definitely take a look at it. Much love from Istanbul!

What do you think about the combination?

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Paris Fashion Week – Pink and Grey -PFW

2. Oktober 2016


ENG: How much I love this city! Paris is every time again an insane inspiration and joy based on its incredible pleasant, open-minded and stylistically confident people, rounded off the dreamful city core with impressive buildings. This is even nicer because I can spend this time with the cute Lena, so we can share our impressions together.
For today’s look I have chosen, similar to New York, my beloved pleated skirt in combination this thick oversized cardigan in pink. The colors pink and grey fit so well with each other from my point of view, so that I have also grabbed the matching color Chloé Faye bag. The Gucci Princetown loafer cares for a certain coolness within this look, thus the Fashion Week is more than comfortable for me with this outfit combination. ;-)

Do you like this combination?

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Calvin Klein & Gucci Princetown Loafer

28. September 2016


ENG: Before I will head to Paris tomorrow, I would now like to introduce a further casual look from New York, that we have shot during the exploration of the lovely district „Soho“. I just adore comfortable and wide tops, therefore I was very happy about my new Calvin Klein sweater in this sensational autumn color. Furthermore I have decided to wear a short jeans skirt as well as my beloved Gucci Princetown loafer, being indispensable within my wardrobe and one of the best investments in the recent past. :-)
Now I have to pack my staff for Paris, via Instagram and Snapchat (@Aylin_Koenig) you can be with me during the next days.

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weekly focus #38

26. September 2016


ENG: Last week was affected by the blog and completion of some exciting projects. In addition to that I could achieve a positive result with regard to my accounting matters, even if I have studied Business Administration this topic is rather annoying, than exciting for me. :-D
Thursday evening ECCO had invited to the new collection launch in a beautiful scenery close to the Inner Alster. The highlight during that event was definitely the collection presentation, the female German champion in synchronized swimming has realized a great performance within the cold Inner Alster.

Favorites of the week

To Do: Next Thursday Lena and me will take a flight to Paris for the Fashion Week, the pleasant anticipation is already huge. I am loving the French capital, its people and the feeling on-the-spot. On Saturday I will do a take-over of the @Catrice_Makeup Instagram account in order to give you live and backstage insights from the probably amazing Kaviar Gauche show – turn on your accounts. :-)

Your favorite post of the weekweekly focus #37

New In: Maybe some of new have already spotted my new achievement on Instagram. You know, how much I love my Gucci Marmont velvet bag and the Gucci fur loafer, now I have decided to nominate a new favorite being a combination of both products. Last week I have received the Gucci fur loafer in purple colored velvet, that harmonizes so well with the bag. Furthermore I have got a so cute bag with a „LOVE“ Lego emblem on it, at Edited I could find a green skirt, a colorful cardigan, a simple leather leggings as well as a Calvin Klein shirt

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blue dress & balenciaga ceinture boots

25. September 2016


ENG: As I have seen this dress in the store, it happened right around me! You know, how much I love oversized dresses and then this incredible nice color. I knew immediately, that I would combine this beautiful dress with my Balenciaga boots in order to create kind of an edgy look. As suited bag to the dress and boots I have decided for the Chloé Faye as appropriate color contrast from my point of view.
In Hamburg we have some lovely and sunny days at the moment, nevertheless I am a bit sad, that I will probably not get the chance again for wearing the dress this year because all in all it is just too cold meanwhile. Even more I am considering the look from this year’s New York Fashion Week in a positive way and already look forward to the next, suited occasion for wearing the dress again. :-)

Do you like the combination and dress color?

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blushes tones & Chloé Faye bag

21. September 2016


ENG: Shortly before my trip to the New York Fashion Week, Laura from Designdschungel, Franziska from Zuckermaedchen and me were invited by ECCO shoes to Rotterdam. We have visited the brand own leather factory and have taken a deeper look at the manufacturing process, an unforgettable and very important experience for me. Everyone of us should be aware of the fact, how natural products are processed and where the origin of a shoe, bag or jacket is located. One thing is definitely sure, the ECCO leather factory is clean without exceptions and has high quality standards with regard to the material treatment. The atmosphere was great, working conditions on-the-spot were flawless. So far I was unaware of the fact, that the ECCO tannery is also producing for premium customer like Louis Vuitton, Prada or Apple, all in all it was very exciting and a really instructive and interesting experience likewise.
Of course I have used the chance to wear my new ECCO bootees during the trip. In this case I am wearing a whole oversized look in rose and nude with a cashmere sweater and a rose colored dress underneath. Within my latest outfits I have decided several times for the Chloé Faye bag and even regarding this look it is the perfect rounding from my point of view.

What do you think about this look? What do you think about the leather handling and process?

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