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black & grey | soft pink Chanel bag

16. November 2017

ENGSunny and warm days are very rare in Hamburg at the moment, and the grey, rainy and wet weather has spread all over the country. Not that it´s a problem for me though – because I am finally able to wear big, stylish and warm winter coats. I picked a coat like that today as well, more specifically a grey fake-fur coat that I was able to get from ASOS last year. This particular model is not available anymore unfortunately, but there is a very similar model, which looks comfortable and cosy – so just my taste.
Regarding today’s look I chose to style a turtleneck sweater, black vinyl pants and black Converse shoes. The colorful highlight probably isn’t hard to find –  it’s a light blush colored Chanel bag. As always I am excited for your feedback, so:

How do you like the look?

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pink & red | Edited oversized coat

8. November 2017


ENGGood morning from Munich, which is where I am for the Press Days at the moment. I arrived yesterday and was able to give you some impressions of what my next few days are going to look like, which I will – of course – do the next couple of days too. I still want to take the chance to show you another fall-look, that immediately puts me in a great mood due to its color combination. Even though I’m a fan of wearing earthy colors in fall and winter, the combination of red and pink is lovely and super trendy. I am specifically talking about the combination of a pink Edited the Label coat with red Gucci shoes, which probably sounds a bit daring at first, but to me makes a great connection. In order to make the look not too wild, I styled it with black vinyl pants and a black hoodie from Broken System. To finish this look I added a Chanel bag, that fits perfectly to the color of the coat and adds a bit of glamour to it.

Of course I am excited for your feedback, so -how do you like the look and color combination?

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Favorite Looks, Outfit

Max Mara teddy coat | Self-Portrait dress

5. November 2017

ENG: I’ve fallen in love with a new piece, that I wouldn’t like to miss any more: the Max Mara teddy coat. This item is just predestined for me based on its fantastic oversized cut and the ‚on point‘ design. On Instagram I’ve already posted my look with the Max Mara coat for today’s blog post but your feedback during the week was positive in such a way, that I would now like to go into details.
The outfit itself consists of a dark blue Self-Portrait dress being converted in a skirt through the combination with a short knitted sweater and a Gucci belt. Furthermore I’m wearing my beloved ankle boots and the small backpack from Louis Vuitton, everything connected with the Max Mara teddy coat ensures that certain something within in this look and guarantees an incredibly high wearing comfort. For sure the individual prices of this outfit are relatively high but the combination of boots with oversized coats in general is very trendy this season and with the appropriate jeans you’re dressed in a stylish and suitable for everyday life manner from my point of view.

What do you think about this look? Enjoy your Sunday!

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black & beige | Fendi slides with socks

31. Oktober 2017

ENG: Today I would like to introduce a look, that is able to divide my user’s opinions based on the interaction of slipper with socks. Even last season I was a big fan of this combination, therefore I was even happier as my new Fendi slides arrived yesterday. I have already several variation possibilities in my mind but let us start from the very first beginning with the following outfit.
In detail it is all about the connection of the Fendi slipper with slightly transparent and black colored socks, even the combination with thick wool socks would be likewise suited. Furthermore I have decided for a cloth pants in black, a loose knitted sweater and an oversized, beige colored coat. The whole look is combined in matching colors with the slipper, just the small Prada bag ensures a certain spot of color. From my point of view this outfit is the perfect mix of style and protection against the cold temperatures outside.

What do you think about this look? Wish all of you happy Halloween!

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bag talk with

25. Oktober 2017


ENG: Some of you may have already seen on my Instagram-Stories that the Online-Shop for Designer Handbags called “Fashionette” did a video production with me in our home a couple of weeks ago. We shot small clips that day, in which I wore four different outfits with different bags for made-up events. Do you even know Fashionette? If not, you should definitely check out their website, because the variety of designer handbags and high-end brands is huge, and they also offer great deals on delivery and payment, too! By the way, the first and so far only Fashionette-Store has opened in Düsseldorf where you can shop the bags in the store straight away. If you go to you can find a lengthy interview with me, where I reveal what my first designer handbag was and what city has the most fashion-flair to me. You are more than welcome to take a look!
But let’s talk about my look today, where everything is about the new Burberry Canvas Sling-Bag, that you can  – of course – also find on When I think about the british cult label, I immediately associate it with a classic trench coat, which is why I am wearing the bag with my favorite coat with shoulder pads. The sling bag has so mch space which is why I think it’s the best everyday business bag. I kept the look in minimalist colors and went – for the first time in a while – for my Chloé Susanna boots. You can find those and more high-end shoes and accessories that go perfectly with your favorite bag on too. :-)

How do you like the look and the bag?

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pink oversized knit | Edited & Chanel sneaker

18. Oktober 2017


ENG: Bonjour from Paris – at the moment I’m staying in the city of love with Cartier in order to learn more about the new ‚OSNI‘ perfume at the Palais de Tokyo. Nevertheless I would now like to introduce a further look for the current transition period from Hamburg, for me the perfect combination of chick and casual elements as the ideal foundation for daily use.
In detail it’s about a really nice and comfortable oversized knitted sweater from the latest Edited the label autumn collection. The knitted sweater has not only an amazing color but also a soft material, an appealing cut and is therefore ideally suitable for the cold season. I’ve decided for the combination with a grey colored satin skirt and my greatly loved Chanel sneaker based on their matching colors fit. Concerning the accessories I’ve consciously made my choice for black colored pieces for creating a smooth and harmonious feeling within this look.

What do you think about this look? Do you like the combination with the knitted sweater?

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Favorite Looks, Outfit

casual Edited coat & Chanel sneaker

11. Oktober 2017



ENG: Back in Hamburg I would now like to introduce my first autumn look being very causal and suitable for everyday life. The autumn in Northern Germany is meanwhile in full swing, therefore I’m no longer afraid of wearing long and warm coats. One of my current favorites is this plaid oversized coat from Edited, that I’ve also ordered in rose. From my point of view the coat has the perfect overall package of cut, pattern and length, in addition to that the price-performance ration is more than fair. As appropriate combination I’ve decided for a cozy hoodie and a vinyl pants in black as well as for my beloved Chanel sneaker, that I haven’t worn for a long time. The Prada velvet bag ensures a certain spot of color within this look, I wouldn’t like to miss it anymore.

What do you think about the look? Do you like autumn and a hopefully ‚Golden October‘ as well?

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Fashion Weeks, Outfit

#PFW Street Style Looks

8. Oktober 2017

IMG_8428ENG: Now we’re already one week back in Germany with the exception of the event in Verona, and I’m still looking back to the last September week in Paris with pleasure. Even if I’m always happy to come home after a journey, we had really some nice days and exciting moments in the French capital. Not only during Fashion Week, even in general Paris belongs to my favorite cities and most popular destinations, that I’ve seen until now.
For this reason I would like to introduce my preferred looks from that time, similar to the articles of the previous Fashion Weeks. We spent one week in Paris and tried to shoot as much as possible outfits for you, some of them are already posted on Instagram. Should you have questions concerning single pieces, you can gladly leave your feedback below. In this sense:

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Fashion Weeks, Favorite Looks, Outfit

New York Special – My favorite #NYFW Looks

17. September 2017


ENG: It’s‘ Sunday morning and we’re already in London for visiting shows and events in regards to the first European Fashion Week. Nevertheless I would now like to introduce my favorite New York City looks of recent days. For me New York is one of the most inspiring cities worldwide, on my previous journeys I’ve only rarely experienced such a charm, character and tolerance like in NYC. Based on the warm weather, you will find rather summery outfits below but I can already promise, that autumn looks wont’t be long in coming – promised! :-)

Which look is your favorite one? Enjoy your Sunday!

DE: Es ist Sonntagmorgen und wir befinden uns bereits in London, um Shows und Events im Rahmen der 1. Europäischen Fashion Week zu besuchen. Dennoch möchte ich euch heute gerne meine favorisierten Looks aus New York zeigen. Für mich ist New York eine der inspirierendsten Städte der Welt, so viel Charm, Charakter und Toleranz habe ich auf meinen bisherigen Reisen kaum woanders erlebt. Da es in NYC wieder einmal sehr warm war, sind einige sehr sommerliche Looks dabei, die ersten Herbst-Outfits werden aber bestimmt bald folgen – versprochen! :-)

Welcher Look gefällt euch persönlich am besten? Genießt euren Sonntag!

Aylin  ♥

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Glam Rock dress in London | Just Cavalli

8. September 2017



ENG: As we’ve been in London last week, I’ve directly used the chance in order to shoot this look for you. This year I’ve gained a preference for the English capital, it’s the perfect place to express yourself with self-confident and fancy outfits. Most of the time I decide for rather casual pieces within my outfit combinations for maintaining a certain suitability for daily use.
However this time I took a different path and made my choice for a Glam Rock dress being sensual and feminine at once. It’s about a short dress from the brand Just Cavalli, that is especially characterized by its black and gold color combination as expression for the joy of life. Glam Rock combines classical elements of glamour but with a certain self-confidence. I’ve decided for the combination with rough boots and dark sunglasses as suited accessories of this expressive dress. The whole shooting was a lot of fun, even the dress itself implicates a certain manner of vitality.

What do you think about this look? You can find more information about my dressing preferences and the upcoming autumn trends within my interview for the online edition of the Glamour magazine.

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